QOL change for Quests

Hi there.

I’ve been playing this game for years now and have finished it dozens of times. Even though I’ve played it dozens of times I still get lost doing quest objectives. That’s because maps are created to be obfuscated and confusing and difficult to navigate – especially Malmouth.

This was fun the first time around but your 30th time playing the game it’s just a chore.

Could we have a QOL update please for where quest markers for quest objectives appear on the edges of the minimap so you know where to go and it’s easier to get to them? To preserve the experience for first time players it’s fine to have this as an “unlockable” option after you have finished the game once on Ultimate.

I would just rather be able to run through the game without having to second guess where to go all the time, on your 30th character it’s less about exploring the game and more about leveling up quickly, going through the quests quickly, and getting to Ultimate difficulty ASAP to play with a new build slaughtering enemies and bosses.

Thank you for your consideration.

GD doesn’t hold your hand re finding quests and some have random spawn points anyway so it wouldn’t work.

Right exactly it doesn’t. That’s why I’m asking for an option for it to do so. I have finished the game more times than I care to count.

Random Spawns aren’t an issue because the quest marker (star) will show up on the periphery of the minimap wherever the objective is.

I get that there are hardcore people who hate handholding, but when you’re running the main quest for the 30th time it gets old. Especially since the maps are always the same and aren’t procedurally generated. I get some want to sweat it out each time or prefer looking up the quest location in the wiki or who are so good with their memory they know exactly where everything is. But some people aren’t like that.

Just asking for a little QOL here. If it is so abhorrent to Crate’s design vision that’s fine. Just throwing out an idea here that I would really like to see in the game.

No, they don’t. Random quest spawn locations don’t show on the map.

This :smiley: … seriously, have a look at Design decisions you might disagree with and expand Quest markers are only shown, if you are close to your objective.

Also: disclaimer to avoid potential confusion

I get your point, but I guess implementing your idea is more demanding than it might seem. It would also be for a small subset of the audience that keeps replaying it, but cannot memorize quest objectives.

Actually I think there are two benefits, if you need to search a little longer:

  • You gain more reputation and infamy… at least as long as there is still stuff to kill
  • You might find secrets you have so far missed

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