QoL Devotion suggestion

Amount of Constellations still makes it hard to find what you need, even with search
What if:

  1. You could right click any constellation and completely fade it out, may be replace it with some kind of picture indicating you’ve marked this constellation as unwanted
  2. Right clicking it again would restore it
  3. Add a button to restore all marked constellations

This way you can actually sort out those constellations you’re sure will not use with current character and make view “clearer”

probably in a hidden state user would like to see complete constellation bonuses and amount of stars in it as tooltip

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I recently made the suggestion to do the zooming like in Grim Tools. On my relatively small screen, zooming out is very limited. In this way I have absolutely no overview of the given constellations.

There have been no reactions so far and it has ignored the topic.

I welcome your suggestion, maybe that can be combined …


I am not sure this could be implemented. Regarding QoL about Devotions, good thing is that now you have search ability inside the map, so you can find what you want.

I think things are fine as of now with the search function.

It’s not like the devotion map is going to change massively either - give it time and you’ll start to piece it together and learn what the constellations do and how they fit together like a puzzle. Before you know it, navigating around will be second nature as it is to many long-time players on here.

I’m pretty happy with how things are right now, too; still, the ability to zoom out a little further might make it a little easier for newer/less frequet players (which is the majority, after all) to keep track of things.

But I’m not sure something with this small of an impact should rate high on the list of priorities regarding changes…

Adding an option to blend out certain constellations sounds difficult to do & might even hamper the creativity of devotion pathing, since you could much easier overlook the benefits of certain ones, so I’d tend to vote against doing this.