QoL Requests

I have a short list of quality of life requests to improve gameplay:

  1. Quarter Turns - the ability to turn buildings 45 degrees instead of the full 90 degrees.
  2. Snap to road - the ability to snap buildings to a road that are laid at a diagonal.
  3. Hot Key to Forts - the ability to pull up the fort without have to physically move to it and select it.
  4. New Troop Deployment - having newly recruited troops who replace fallen troops move to the fort and remain there until ordered to move. I have seen replacement troops deploy directly into a battle without weapons or armor. They should, at least, seek weapons and armor before deploying to battle.

I agree with the troop deployment, complete waste of those villagers that just run out unarmed to be slaughtered and the gold to recruit them. Yes, having to scroll to the forts to issue commands is extremely cumbersome.

  1. A mini-map would be great to facilitate quick movement across large maps.
  2. Terrain altering tools that actually let you alter the terrain.
  3. Laying walls and fences at a diagonal would be helpful.

I think the biggest improvement that can be made would be the ability to tell villagers to pick up and item off the ground and bring it to storage.

The other thing I would love is for the maps and save files to load in paused. While I have not crashed since the recent updates my computer does still stutter and freeze a bit loading in saves or new maps.

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…“save files to load in paused”: YES ! +1

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I’m enjoying the game so far but would like to have a larger resource icon option.

If you mean on top right of main screen ( wood, clay, bricks, stone etc… I agrea ! Iron and steel would be great, and choosing icons… heaven.