question about converted damage


How it’s works?

for exemple, if i have one:

Mythical Edge of Death
70 Vitality Damage to Reaping Strike
100% Physical Damage converted to Vitality Damage to Reaping Strike
70 Vitality Damage to Markovian’s Advantage
100% Physical Damage converted to Vitality Damage to Markovian’s Advantage

and :
Mythical Gladiator’s Distinction
100% Vitality Damage converted to Physical Damage

Do both effects cancel each other out? Or is there an order in the effects?

Thank you!

(all appologies, if the question has been already ask)

No, all types are converted in one step. Basically every physical damage you deal becomes Vitality damage and any Vitality damage you deal becomes physical.

Example: you deal 100 physical, 50 vitality before conversion, this is turned into 100 vitality, 50 physical (assuming the conversion to vitality applies, as it is limited to two skills)

Do both effects cancel each other out? Or is there an order in the effects?

First thing to understand is damage can only be converted once. Converted damage cannot be converted again.

What mamba has said is the basic way of understanding conversion but it goes slightly deeper than that:

[spoiler]Yes there is an order to conversion but it is in terms of where that conversion is found. According to the Game Guide, it goes as follows:

Base Skill > Skill Modifiers > Conversion on the Skill or Transmuter > Conversion on Equipment and Buffs > Equipment, Auras and Passives

Within every step, each individual conversion that falls into that step is tallied up and executed at the same time. This is what mamba means.

In your example, the Physical to Vitality to Reaping Strike/Markovian’s Advantage conversion on Mythical Edge of Death are Skill Modifier’s whereas the conversion on Mythical Gladiator’s Distinction is a source of conversion on equipment.

It can be important to note when conversions occur at different stages. One reason being that every step considers the pool of damage as a total out of 100%. For example, if I were to take the transmuter for Grenado that converts 80% of it’s Physical to Lightning, the remaining 20% after this step would be treated as 100% for things like Stormcaller’s Pact (15% Physical to Lightning) or Seal of Corruption (10% Physical to Lightning) etc.

As another example, since Mythical Edge of Sanity does 100% Physical->x conversion to Reaping Strike, this means that any conversion in subsequent steps that is Physical->x that would apply to Reaping Strike does nothing as there is no more Physical left to convert. If another Skill Modifier that did Physical->y to Reaping Strike was introduced, it would be worked out at the same time as the conversion on Mythical Edge of Sanity and compete with it by following a weighted system as conversions do normally.

That’s how I’ve come to understand it from others on the board anyway. You might be interested in looking over Halcyon’s topic on conversion as well. It goes over a few other things like armour piercing.

thank you :slight_smile:

Have to recall it, Mythical Soulcatcher has acid -> chaos dmg to ravenous earth, but RE doesnt have any acid dmg (only poison), so what’s the purpose of it? Or I have to add some flat acid dmg from gears to RE to make it viable?

you can do, but is not mandatory

build [] The unlikely hero - Chaos Ravenous Earth/Mines Defiler but does not use any of those items, instead uses off-hand that converts the vitality to chaos :slight_smile:

Dont think I have seen chaos ravenous with the helm and glove I listed

Dude [] Chaos Ravenous Earth / Oblivion Apostate | Crucible of the Stars 5:27
Ain’t no 5:27 without those items :damage_chaos:


ah sorry dude, you have so many oblivion builds so this one kinda flew me by ;(

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I think it also has another function - tones down Vitality RE.
You cannot make an OP Vitality RE build (add Chaos and Acid damages at the same time) because of it

The real question about conversion i never figured out is: does it affect DoTs like internal trauma electrocute and so on?. So for example i have 100 electrocute over 2s if have 100% lightning to aether does it mean it does 100 aethercute over 2s? Since there is increased duration modifier for electrocute but not for aethercure (i really don’t know if aether over time name exists) it makes no sense to scale dots if you do aether conversion right.

Also does conversion work on devotions on the %wep damage and the flat damage values?

Yes, the DoT variant is converted with its immediate damage version. BUT Aether and Chaos do not have DoT variants. So, in your example Lightning is converted to Aether, but you still deal Electrocute damage.

And while Bleeding is thematically the DoT for Piercing damage, these are separate damage types. AFAIK nothing converts from or to Bleeding.