Question about converted physical damage ignores armor

This question has been resolved.
This is not a Bug.
Thanks to everyone who gave me the information.

Hi,ppl :smiley:

Currently, it’s known that damage converted to physical from other types ignores armor.

This is strange because this is the only thing that behaves out of system about armor.

Is this the behavior as intended by the dev team?
Or is it a bug (= not intended)?

I have searched within the forum,but I can’t find any official information about this.
If anyone knows about this, I would be happy to let me know.
(Responses from the dev team in the past, etc.)

Thank you for your help!

It works even when you convert physical damage to physical.
The appearance of conversion itself breaks any interaction with armor.

Oh,Is it possible to convert physical damage to physical damage?
That’s new to me.
Apparently, when I looked into it, there doesn’t seem to be any equipment with such a conversion feature…

Well. What I want to know is whether those behaviors are intended.

Because,If it’s intended behavior, and it’s not going to be fixed,
I can use this behavior without worrying.

  1. No physical to physical, it’s just grey’s modded items

  2. It’s most probably not going to be fixed at this point; rather game’s going to be balanced around that

  3. Use it without worrying. Grim Dawn is for relaxing not worrying.


Well, Maybe so. :smiley:

However, it’s kind of funny that the physical damage converted from another type is more beneficial to me than pure physical damage, as the damage can ignore the armor. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

And Thanks for your reply.

Hi. :blush:

Today I was told by a kind person about a past thread
that seems to have been replied to by the deve team that this is not a BUG.
As it became clear that it wasn’t clear, Thanks to him !

Whether it’s regarded as bug or not doesn’t change absolutely anything :wink:
I’ve been considering it an oversight not a bug tbh.

Lets blame it on TQ mechanics :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But it makes very often physical damage to be either hit or miss. For long time, before conversion to physical was that common, builds were focusing a lot on internal trauma stacking. Now converting spells is proven to be more effective.

I’m the type of person who isn’t willing to use it until I know it’s clearly not a BUG.

There are people like that in the world sometimes,
Like me. :laughing: