Question about Pets - "Scales with Player Damage Bonus"

Hello,Dev team.
I hope you will be able to provide the information.

Pets (“Scales with Player Damage Bonus”) uses Player’s OA directly as it is.

I heard that many players said that, is that correct ?

(I am asking this question because I want to know the official information and confirm it clearly.)

No need for an official audience with the dev team because there’s already been a response from a designer


I’m sorry I couldn’t search this well :cold_face:
Much thanks for letting me know, @tqFan :blush:
I will write this down prominently in our country wiki so that other players will not be confused.

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Alright so OA/DA is used. What about damage bonuses like All Damage? Mainly curious if an item that has +30% All Damage and +10% pet damage is equal to a +40% pet damage item.

Player scaled pets damage scales from the player’s % damage. Obviously % pet damage doesn’t affect player scaled pets, only pets that scale with pet damage.

How can I tell the difference between a player scaled let and a pet scaled pet? For reference I’m playing an occultist/shaman.

It specifically states in the description if it’s a player scaled pet (scales with player bonuses). It will do the same for pet scaled pets by stating that they scale from pet bonuses.

Also using if there are some further doubts

So based on that, does a regular pet not inherit player all damage % increase? This seems unnecessarily confusing.

No it doesn’t

I really appreciate it that this game hasn’t been dumbed down so that newbies are not confused.

It’s meant to be a choice whether you go into pets or the player in regards to itemization. You can still make a player pet build if you want though. If all pets were scaled with player, there would be no such choice and every character could have any pet without any gear changes and sacrifices. The game would probably be also harder to balance as now you can balance pet and player items more or less separately, without regard to each other. I don’t mind this system at all but I haven’t played pets much and I don’t know how pro pet players would like the system to be/what’s the community opinion on this topic.

There is a difference between dumbing down and making it so players can’t figure out the system intuitively. A stat literally called all damage increased that doesn’t raise the damage of the most important build characteristic (pets) is that. However I totally get what you’re saying about build decisions. Thanks for the info!

This game has a complicated system, but the official explanation is not very detailed.

If you have any questions about the system other than pets,
That thread explains the basic system for beginners, so it might be helpful to read it.