Will summons like mortar trap benefit from IEE's conversion?

No. What username said was wrong. Bonus to all pets just affects pet scaled pets.

Also, idk everything about flat damage and player scaled pets bit pretty sure they don’t get your weapon damage. I think that was shown in one of Dashiv’s builds. Hoowever, auras that grant flat dmg should affect them like Blood of Dreeg.

Now that you’ve replied me, I remember having asked you this question before.

I poo out microorganisms with better memory spans than mine. :stuck_out_tongue:

So will these pets also scale off things like flame touched, and field command?

Some people say that player pets only benefit from damage the player has, while my Deathstalker died to poison when I had low poison resist and after I bumped it up to 80 with overcap it stopped dying from it.

You can’t know everything unless the developers tell you or you experience it by yourself. I just follow the logic of bonus to all pets because it states “all”. Wonder if I am wrong, though.

At the risk of sounding derisive, was this poison resist under the pet section of the sheet data? Or the player section?

They gain gain the bonuses from your stats if they are player scaled, or added to their stats (including the flat damage) if they are pet scaled.

Player scaled pets benefit from most player stats. “bonus to all pets” refers to pets that scale on pet damage.


That’s the Dashiv post I was referencing. Player scaled pets isn’t affected by auras like IEE or BoD. But still not so clear if they get your own flat damage bonuses. However, with what Valinov says, I’m inclined tonsay yesm

We can see two up-arrows on Living Shadows while Field Command is up. Judging on visual effect, thay are affected by Field Command, but in fact it’s totally unclear

Yes i’ve been curious if certain player scaled pets are able to double dip into auras in such a manner. I am inclined to think no, and the visual is just a redundant effect.

To clarify, abilities that scale with player damage do not gain flat damage bonuses to their abilities. As they do not have a weapon damage aspect. To quote Dashiv “Unfortunately, that’s no longer the case. With Raise the Dead skeletons in its current state as player-scaled pets without any %WD bonuses”.

Pets based on pet stats will gain flat damage from IEE, flametouch, stormspirit, and so on because their attacks have a base weapon damage.

Not saying my word is law or that im 100% right, but from my testing and from what i’ve read elsewhere this seems to be the case.

My guess is that mortar trap in particular, and any similar skill tagged as “scales off player damage bonuses” which deals phys damage, will benefit from the IEE damage conversion.

AFAIK skills like Mortar are considered likely as “totems”, hence share all, with no exceptions, damage modifiers innate to the player.

But in relation to certain game mechanics and rules, some modifiers may not apply - for ex. flat damage when there’s no %WD. Or ADCTH, or RR, or any mechanic which requires WD to work.
But conversions IMO should. IEE doesn’t add “additional extra damage of an element” when converting, it just partially converts one to another.

In my opinion, mortar will benefit from the conversion (as skill has phys damage portion), wouldn’t gain the flat elemental damage from IEE.
May be wrong, though. Don’t count on it.

IEE: “This ability must be toggled to maintain its effect. The damage conversion only applies to the caster.

I know the wording of the skill.

My logic is: as long as the conversion is innate to the player, and some skills are considered “a byproduct” of the player, the conversion should probably work.

But as I said, can’t bet on it. Never tested it, just a wild guess.

Imagine that a player scaling pet is an extension of the player. When it attacks, it’s as if the player cast the skill.

Which is why Living Shadow attack damage converted to health heals the player.

Likewise, while IEE benefits the player and thus by extension any player-scaling pets, the pets themselves do not double dip into the auras. The visual effect is just the nature of auras applying their visuals to all nearby allies.

However, Player-scaling pets have their own health/defenses, so increasing your Poison Resist to help the Deathstalker survive is purely placebo. Those kind of pets already have about 90% resistance to all damage. What can wreck them is resist reduction effects. Most other player-scaling pets (such as Mortar Trap, Wind Devils and Thermite Mines) are invincible and generate no threat in combat.

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Another question on pseudo-pets: if they have own health and resistances, other parameters are inherited from player? Especially I’m interested in OA and DA

That goes into this “Imagine that a player scaling pet is an extension of the player. When it attacks, it’s as if the player cast the skill.”

The player’s OA is used.

I just tested this using a defiler, and I can definitively say that player-scaled pets benefit from player damage conversion. Here’s how I tested it:

I used Thermite mines to test because it only deals one type of damage for the purposes of conversion: fire/burn damage. Accordingly, it’s easy to see how the damage changes with conversion.

Thermite mines is a player-skilled pet as evidenced by the fact that it has a summon limit and has both health and energy. Player-scaled pets also display 0 damage per hit and 0 DPS in the character tab and can be moved or triggered to attack using the pet attack command.

I equipped as much fire to vitality as possible using two Corruption of Gargabol guns and a Lifeblaze Mantle. This gave me over 100% conversion of fire to vitality. I also overcapped Harbinger of souls because it boosts vitality and vit decay damage but not fire/burn damage. Unconverted Thermite Mines (pure fire/burn) made the distinct fire sound effects when it hit the target dummy and the damage was unaffected when I toggled Harbinger of Souls on and off (as predicted). Converted Thermite Mines, on the other hand, no longer makes the fire sound effect but instead makes the vitality sound effect when it hits a target dummy. Furthermore, toggling Harbinger of Souls on and off caused a change in damage upwards or downwards in the expected direction, which would only occur if Thermite Mines was dealing vitality and vit decay damage. Therefore, player-based pets are affected by damage conversion.

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I feel like an idiot asking but are you certain on this? I remember reading that others have seen/experienced Mortars/Thermites pulling aggro or getting destroyed in this topic (6th and 7th post respectively).

As far as I experienced it they die to AOE but don’t get focussed for direct attacks.

After watching this clip, I’m not sure anymore :rolleyes:. It was from a few years back so things likely have changed since then.

So I don’t quite understand how did my Deathstalker, few patches ago, die instantly from Ugdenbog plants when I had less than 40% poison resist, and after I almost died, I went to increase my poison res and even my Deathstalker did not get any damage from the poison. And I am sure I didn’t fight any boss or hero, only trash mobs. The same thing happened to my Nemesis a bit before the Ancient Grove patch. Must’ve been a weird bug or implementation issue, but how do I know.