[question] graphics shader

Hi all - got another question :slight_smile:

please take a short look at this grim dawn video at e.g. 30:09 to 30:10

(-> link: https://youtu.be/5Zvz1GBN0Dc?t=1809)

When I compare my screenshot with this, I thought WTF this looks really crisp and sharp. I believe it is a modded grim dawn, does anyone know, how can I reproduce this amazing nice looking graphics?

I tried the endless wonderfull looking diablo2 mod reign of terror - I love it - the graphic looks really nice, so I hope I can change something in grim dawn itself to have this cool crips graphics too, hope someone can help.
I maxed everything in the options but my grim dawn looks not so sharp and crisp.

thank you ;D

Haven’t looked at the video, but maybe this?

Post processing.

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Post Processing, in combination with very high particles, would be responsible for the bright shine, yes. Screenshot of your settings would, as always, help ofc.

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thank you all, I am at work. I will try that as soon I am back at home :slight_smile:

Maybe he has some sharpening enabled in his GPU’s control panel.

You think that´s not vanilla graphics?

I ran to that position to compare these blue plants on my two computers - one is an IPS panel and the other a TN Panel, both looked not that way. Both monis had these blurring plants

here is my screenshot of the IPS panel - hope this works`?

the difference of my screenshot to the video is huge. I will try the pp=off and will report if it looks similar.

Enable Deferred Rendering in GD’s options then after that step enable Very High for Reflections and Particles.

Other than that - Post-processing as mentioned for deeper color.

I followed your instructions, seems that screenshot looks a lot sharper now. Thanks for your help.
Let me say at least one thing: WOOOOOW !!! Amazing. That’s what I want.

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The referenced video was made months before Deferred Rendering became available for GD. Enjoy it nevertheless.

It could be that the person in the video had a monitor with a higher refresh rate. In my experience running GD at higher refresh rates than 60 BOTH sharpens and deepens the colors.

My monitor is capable of being over clocked from 60Hz up to 75Hz and whenever I run it at 75 GD always looks a lot crisper.

I may try that too. My AOC is capable working on 75 Hz

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The playthrough was made by a professional streamer / YT-er, so he probably has a very powerful gaming machine. Details are in the video description.

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comparing last file with the yt video, you see there is a difference, but I stay with these options for now, it helped me a little.

Yeah, give that a go. It makes a big difference.

After changing your monitor to run at 75Hz you may have to manually edit GD’s options.txt file…

Go to C:\Users\YOUR USERNAME\Documents\My Games\Grim Dawn\Settings

Simply change the 60000 on that line to 75000, save the file, fire up the game and that’s it.

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75 Hz :slight_smile: cool - well thanks again. There exists still a remarkable difference, if you look at the cool yt video but it is by far better than before. I love it. When I think now of that graphics and of the diablo mod…Dude… this is real HOT :smiley:

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