[Question] No dispels mods?

Ive been trying out the Path of Grim Dawn mod and i really like the removal of dispels to player buffs. Are there any mods that have this without other extensive modifications to vanilla balance?

no but it should be pretty easy to do yourself

Ok so i started the modding tools for the first time and looked up the skills database:

Changing this parameter to TRUE for each toogle skill would do the trick?

That would be one way, but I think there’s probably way more buffs than dispels. If you wanted to adjust all buffs there would be quite a few, but to rework the dispels requires changing maybe 10 spells at the most (that is all that comes up when I do a search, some of these may be unused though). I am not sure if they all function the same way, but changing the template to attackprojectile or something should remove the dispel effect from the spell while retaining it’s functionality.

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