Question on inquisitor wps and flat damage on default attacks

Say you have a fire strike purifier. Fire strike deals % weapon damage and some flat fire damage, right. When you have Inq WPS, most notably Storm Spread, it’s pretty clear that the total WD equals (WD of Fire Strike)*(WD of storm spread). How about the non WD flat damage in the main skill itself? Will each Storm Spread projectile receive full damage from that source?

Yes it should apply to al WPS. My guess is same for Brimstone and Static (just WPS in this case not FS). That’s why wps purifier is so strong

I see. Thanks. I guess this also means that Arcanum Sigillis is possibly the BiS for DW Purifier and not Dagallon.

Actually no. For DW 2x Lightning dagallon with lvl 22 Static strike and lvl 20 storm spread storm spread is incredibly brutal!

You could get 22/12 static strike with dagallon? I guess you’re going full demo on the all skills slot instead of going Ignaffar Relic. Didn’t know it’s worth it so didn’t try that route.

edit: How does skill mod conversion work with WPS. Say you have Korba Hood, ranged weapon and Storm Spread. Will Storm Spread also be full cold?

Yes. Use 2x astral rumination rings and ulzuin shouders. You get to use ignaffar relic too :slight_smile: best way, no contest. With combustion it’s lvl 21 static actually but it’s worth it

Double Dagallon sounds like a lot of fun. I have been leveling a character painfully slowly to try it, except it’s cold/lightning and will use the mighty pierce-through-targets ABB.

I’m curious actually would ABB make a chain reaction with pierce?

Tried it in Grimtools. Looks so sweet. That last point in Static tho, 20 flat damage.

It should. Even Upheaval does it. But Torrent doesn’t work anymore with that.

Weapon attack should have over 11.1K Lightning dmg in GT

I never even got this amazing idea :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
How I can be so stupid…

:rolleyes: :stuck_out_tongue:

Now imagine Cindertouch in the set and capped brimstone :wink: 6 min clear is real deal :stuck_out_tongue:

I tried Static Strike Dagallon but never with Cindertouch, are you sure about this? The AS loss looks pretty bad to me

Astral Ruminations were definitely better than glyphs but I am not so sure about Combustion being better than Eye for relic

I tried Static Strike Dagallon but never with Cindertouch, are you sure about this? The AS loss looks pretty bad to me

2 seals of the Void - 8% IAS. Astral Ruminations - 18% IAS. 2 guns - 24% IAS. You can live with 190% IAS, but 30% fire dmg converted to lightning is HUGE.

2 seals of void, don’t tell me ghoul + Toad life steal is all you have? Hmm, I haven’t used that setup in ages might try it if I get the chance.

Ofc cindertouch. it’s amazing how this setup has over 200% AS even with cindertouch. It’s insane

@Chthon. No way no seals

Ghoul+Revenant . If you don’t pick Revenant you`re doing something wrong.

Hmm I never considered cindertouch due to AS problems and used LD gloves. But it seems AS capping is possible, I might sneak in DG to get any missing speed


And Dying god…
Brimstone is meh, too many skill points for small output.