Question regarding damage conversion and skill visuals


This might be a somewhat odd question but while browsing for a build to play here, I found this Heart of the Storm Doombolt lightning conversion build by Armored-Otter and I noticed the MI sword he has in this converts doombolt to 100% lightning.

In his youtube video I see no RED doombolt. In fact I see no red at all. It’s all blue-white lightning, even the doom bolt.

Now my question is, is this a ‘special effect’ from the MI sword he is using or does conversion generally change skill visuals at some % thresholds?

I may be dreaming of a screen full of red lightning once I find a blood orb of ch’ton. :crazy_face:

Usually skill visual is changed when you apply item with skill conversion or take transmuter.

Global conversion doesn’t change skill’s visuals.

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Awww. That’s a pity. Thanks for clarifying though. Saves me from chasing the blood orb like a mad nut for a big disappointment.

Any FX change from conversion is effectively hardcoded between the item/skill in question. The vast majority of conversions (generally 100% X converted to Y) change the visuals but there are some here and there that don’t due to limitations (e.g. BWC/DEE) or that they felt the original visual still fits (like Scion of Celestial Portents for Wind Devil).

Hm. Is the Blood Rites skill from Blood Orb of Ch’ton subject to the 100% idea there then?

Generally my hope here is that the celestial powers Reckless Tempest and Hand of Ultos become red.

I know it’s silly, but if you play a chaos build, it ought to look like one, right?

This player here actually has Aether visuals by the looks of it.

Guess I won’t find out until I got that orb. More grinding needed!

Devotion skills don’t get new FX from any type of conversion.

Not all, Sacred Harmony dual-wield swords have %100 chaos>Cold conversion on Fire Strike, however only Brimstone node on Fire Strike line has chaos conversion and technically, the modifier converts that chaos damage to cold. Yet brimstone still throws a dark red chaos bolt(if ranged it would have fragments but in melee only one bolt launches from you to an enemy like ice spike/fireball etc). I would expect it to be ice blue but no. Hell in first I really tried to figure out what skill is that bolts comes from. It looks odd in a fire-cold build.

Sorry I should correct myself on that comment, I meant for skill modifiers. Pretty much any skill modifier that features 100% X to Y conversion to an castable ability will change a mastery skill’s visuals.

Edit: I forgot above as well but secondary modifiers aren’t effected by 100% X to Y skill modifier conversion so don’t get changed either I believe. Examples being Torrent, Explosive Strike and Nightfall.

If I had to guess, either an oversight, Brimstone’s shards specifically cannot be altered by a skill modifier (most logical reason) or:

Do they still feel this way? :wink: I can tell you haven’t used the item since

[actually I’m not sure whether Aether WD was present before].
Maybe it came with Acid WD

He probably did use the item, his point is that the devs didn’t think the visual needed changing; nowhere did he imply that he didn’t think the visual needed changing.

I don’t get what you’re saying. Where did I say anything about Evil_Baka thinking anything?
The point is @Evil_Baka hasn’t realized WD has Aether visual. Not sure how one can understand it differently.
But I’m not a native speaker so maybe I’m wrong.

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Oh, I misunderstood then, nevermind

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Might be true because it is the last node of a skill line.

Interesting, Zantai commented on it specifically during a stream before the Totem update released that the old visual for it still made sense as it still had Lightning damage. Guess with the Aether visual changes for other skills like Storm Totem or Stun Jacks, they didn’t want to leave it out either, glad to see it happened eventually :smiley:.

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Not sure if it adds anything to the topic (because I cannot really tell the difference but)

Does it mean that Brimstone cannot be altered (i.e. converted) by skill modifier and Vile Eruption can?

Fire strike isn’t actually a projectile skill. Projectile skill can not be altered even with melee weapons, they still launch projectiles, this is not the case with Fire Strike. However, brimstone definitely adds a projectile to the FS even with melee weapons. And can be modified with Blazeheart and Mythical Nex(might be other items too), when you put points into brimstone your fire strike disintegration on character window doesn’t show any chaos damage with those items because they convert it.

Edit: You can see there,

only with activated brimstone it does show projectile fragments on the skill which is the same amount that writes on brimstone

btw shhh :stuck_out_tongue: this is a secret build, haven’t finishing testing. Just getting the last skill point from SR 25, I’ll post it in a few days.

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