Questions about pants and rings for Blademaster

Hey guys! Sorry if this was already asked, but I have couple of questions about some of the items and effects, and their chance to be found/acquired.

Ring of Orissia

  • This one drops in Tomb of Morgoneth from Orissia (one of the two Magi bosses that spawn randomly out of 7 different Magis in the 1st boss room)?
  • Is it better just to go to two Magis, kill them and relog to repeat, or is it “worth it” to simply continue and clear the whole dungeon once I’m already inside and spent the key?
  • What is the ring’s drop chance? I’ve read 0.25% and I’ve read 10% as well?
  • Already got one ring from one of the Magis, and got ring from Morgoneth. Is there a way to “transmute” it to other ring?
  • I see that Orissia’s effect has 10% chance to proc on attack, is it the same kind of skill that “replaces” default attack? Will it reduce chances for other such skills to proc such as Execution, Markovian’s Advantage, and so on?
  • Is this ring even worth it for piercing Blademaster build, next to the Belgothian’s Sigil? I’ve seen people use Ring of Orissia, Bladetwister Signet and Blackwatch Seal. Seal doesn’t have any skill, however if the Blademaster build is with Cadence and Shattered Set instead of Belgo, I assume Blackwatch Seal is the best? But which one of these 3 should be best for Belgothian Piercing Blademaster?

Really Great Pants

  • I have finally found the blueprint and made these. Before them I used Mythical Chausses of Barbaros and I am seeing that most Blade master builds are running either of those. A very nice guy (mad lee) that helped me a lot in my other thread regarding build suggetions has shown me also Mythical Arcane Harmony Leggings. I don’t have those Harmony leggings for now, and I will make them tho I cannot recognize which of the three would be the best, 140 attribute bonus and higher resistances, dodge and movement speed of Great Pants, or dmg bonus and DA from Harmony?

Also are Mythical Will of the Blade and Mythical Direwolf Crest random drops? I assume Shattered Realm and Crucible are the best ways to farm them?

Thanks a lot!

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I personally love really great pants!

Do not drop from the Magis that Morgo spawns, only from the two in the other room in the previous level

Depends on what you wanna do. For pure Magi ring farming no its not worth it

and then factor in that each session has 2/7 chance to spawn Magi Orissia. (2/7)*3 = 0,85%

No, because it does not read “can activate from default attacks”

I don’t think so, why should it be better?

yes because they are not Monster Infrequents (MI’s) you can see this in Grim Tools too, there is an MI icon in the upper right corner. If it has such icon, there will be a list below the item where it can drop.

Yes SR and Crucible is nice for farming both random items and most green MI’s

On pierce blademaster?

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Hell yeah man, on anything, those pants are splendid! Particularly for the dodge boost!

There are many pants that has dodge, and from say 36% to 40% is just 10% extra RNG dmg reduction. It is still a RNG defense. The confuse proc is terrible for Crucible and useless against bosses. Still they offer good stats.

Thanks a lot for all the info!

But Really Great Pants also have insane attribute stats up to 136 for cunning and 136 for spirit (which again translates into cunning or physique), pretty decent resistances and quite large health gain… which ones would be better in your opinion? Those Arcane Harmony ones or Chausses of Barbaros?

And by looking at all the stats, pierce dmg bonus and additional skill that seems decent enough (certainly better than say no skill at all from Blackwatch Seal that I see many use) Ring of Orissia did seem pretty good to me, and I’ve seen couple of endgame Blademaster builds using it. Which would be the best of three (Blackwatch Seal, Bladetwister Signet, Ring of Orissia)? If any of those… are there alternatives? How would 2nd Belgothian’s Sigil do? Would both skills from both Sigils work or one “overwrites” the other?

Also if you’d have time and will to comment a bit on the build I use ( currently it would be greatly appreciated! What should I change, add and so on… any comments and suggestions are very welcome! Thanks a lot again :slight_smile:

Their chance to proc will “add” up multiplicatively like chance to proc = 1-(1-p)^2 where p is chance to proc.

in regards to the pants, it depends how you want to play. Do you want to be a smooth operator, fleet-footed, and dashingly handsome? Do you want to silently stalk the battlefield, like a whisper of death, seemingly untouchable by enemy blows? Do you want to get all the ladies, and does the fear of RNG bounce off of your impenetrable will? Then Really Great Pants are the way to go.

Or you could just be boring and climb into a standardized box, and choose barbaros or Arcane Harmony.

Second Belgo ring, usually. Or Orissa.

Not so great, just ok. No phys res, no cc res, no ranks. It depends how much +x% cunning you stack and how many points it saves you on spirit.

Thanks guys! For now I rolled pretty good Great Pants with Armor bonus from Devil’s Crossing Blacksmith, so I will keep using them until some really good Chausses drop or I find Arcane Harmony blueprint.

Also what do you think of Shattered set vs Belgothian set pierce blademasters? Which one would be stronger in your opinion? I am seeing more Belgothians but some Shattered ones too around, and stats seem fairly similar with Belgo maybe having more dps but shattered more resistances and armor?

Be a chad and roll double rare affixes on those Kuba’s Chausses.

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ring of orissia is a bit overrated for pierce bm build, when i tested it over belgothian ring it didnt improve my kill time at all and actually seemed worse because you lose the nice bonuses on the belgo ring and the physique. But if you want a tiny bit more aoe then i guess you could farm for it.

Really great pants are by far my favourite, i reach the same or more sheet dps using really great pants compared to barbaros pants during proc. allows you go 0 physique and spirit and dump everything into cunning. Plus they give nice resists, dodge, more hp etc. only annoying thing is the proc which makes enemies run away.

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shattered set is the go to for dw reaver claw cadence blademaster. its alot tankier but doesnt mow stuff down like a belgo.

Yeah realized… I use one Belgo’s Sigil, however I am not sure about 2nd ring. Currently going with Mythical Blackwatch Seal: gives best stats, 4 skill points and quite a bit of offensive ability. However I was thinking about Bladetwister Signet as well. Isn’t skill on Bladetwister worth it over Blackwatch? Seeing builds with either of these two rings and some say one is better, some say the other. Skill seems pretty significant to me, -10% resistance might mean literally 30% dmg more (if enemy has 80% resistance, -10% will make 30% more dmg to it?).

For now I feel the same, using them atm and rolled fairly decent pair (made like 5 of them already). Rolled pretty decent ones:

However, I do wonder if Mythical Harmony Leggings might be a bit better? Seem to have more DA and more dmg, as well as better skill from what I can see, especially in Shattered and Crucible, and that skill disruption protection (not even sure what’s that? I never get distrupted I believe)… Still, Really Great Pants it is until i get blueprint and try those Harmony ones

I tried swithing to Shattered, however somehow I didn’t actually have more DA, just higher resistances and even that was not that much higher except those stun/slow/freeze. 29% physical resistance as of now, and I had like 30 something with Shattered. And I already got all resistances at least 30% over capped 84%. Even got reduced that maximum to 83% (which is 5% of all dmg I take) with Shattered set… idk what I did wrong but somehow I don’t even feel tanker, and dmg was incomparably lower

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unless if you plan on fighting superbosses or something you dont need that much DA on a pierce blademaster. ive done sr 75-76 multiple times on mine fine with 2700 da because of softcapped veil of shadow, good physical resist, armor, and high dodge. the version i use for crucible when i can be bothered to do it has even less DA, under 2600.

You really just need to experiment with different items and find what seems to produce the best results for you, all people here can give you is recommendations of what worked well for them and suited their style etc.

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As I see from other build guides, Ring of Orissia is mostly used for blade arc builds. for dual wield builds people mostly use Belgo ring + Blackwatch… Bladetwister’s stats are not bad but It lacks useful bonus skills for commonly used builds. And also - I’ve never tried myself - but I guess it’s proc doesn’t work with commonly used resistance lowering masteries and devotions.

For pants, I’ve tried all three, As I experiment in game, Chauses does not worth spirit + physique dump or using veterancy, also caused me resist problems.

I prefer Really great pants over Arcane harmony myself, because mostly skill distruption never caused me noticable problem. Cunning bonus on averagely rolled RGP gives roughly 100 hit points, 50 OA, +%50 pierce, physical, and bleeding damage.

RGP gives 50 OA, +1000-1200 Hit points, %10 melee avoidence, and average +%40 chaos resist contributes hugely on resist pool, over AHL.

AHL gives you 100 DA, +%15-20 dmg, and good skill distruption protection, but according to some post i saw on forums it does protect you from the distruption caused by filthy stuff on the floor.

I’m using slightly modified version of Mad_Lee’s luminari god killer blademaster. I kinda wanna post a guide about it but It’s not that different from original. Here it is:

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I finally got today Mythical Arcane Harmony Leggings blueprint, and had enough materials to make 3. Best out of those 3 cannot compare in my opinion to Really Great Pants (especially very lucky roll I got):

Literally 132 base cunning difference (which translates into a lot more cos of % bonuses), and a lot of health, more resistances, etc. Due to that much cunning less, I even have less dps with Harmony, even tho they do have dmg bonus as a stat.

Basically for 100 DA that AHL gives over Really Great Pants and somewhat better skill (not sure?), I lose 100 OA, 1800 hp, a bit of DPS, losing 12% dodge, and losing resistances (I have highly overcapped Aether and not as much Chaos, so Chaos on Really pants means a lot more than Aether on AHL.

Anyways, I would love myself a bit more DA tbh, still feeling sort of like a glass cannon, but I suppose that 12% dodge from Really Great Pants mean at least as much as 100 DA.

Also for now due to so much OA and base pierce DMG I did settle with better of my two Mythical Blackwatch Seal over Bladetwisters Signet or 2nd Belgo Signet. Got Orissia’s ring after like 6-7 hours of Tomb farming and it does seem a bit underwhelming.

As for Amulet… I do have a single Will of the Blade and I am not sure how good roll it is, however I did find Mythical Avenger of Cairn making me take 20% less dmg of all the damage I take (4% maximum resistances is 20% of 20% that I take assuming I am capped to 80%) and it just made me clear for the 1st time Shard 70, and will probably go noticeably higher today looking at how easy it was.

With Will of the Blade I barely managed to clear 65 to unlock Celestial Waystone. Died 3 times… I also had exceptionally good roll on Avenger of Cairn with just 5 of them made:

Checking your build atm! Seems it has insane dmg :slight_smile:

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I use 2 belgo signet and also windshear greaves btw. second belgo gives better stats than blackwatch imho, especially for my setup. also windshear is superior to final march by huge margain.

You’ll get lower slow resist in the end, but my build is overcapped on both attack speed and movement speed by good margain, I can live with %20-30 overall slow debuff.

Also belgo signets can proc at the same time, or one by one. And with windshear procc, you became like Drizzt from Forgotten Realms. :slight_smile: Except RGP i got above average stats on all my gear. So specs are little bit better than what grimtools shows.

Btw i saw you’re using redeemer of malmouth, with perfectly rolled will of the blade, bonus from belgo set and blades of nadaan you convert %87.6 of its dmg to pierce.

Here are my in game stats with all buffs, no procs (I get 187k with fighting spirit and ulzaad’s (on a side note, bind ulzaad’s to war cry, it gets %100 on hit, so its much more controllable than ring of steel) (about resists: elementals are +30 over cap, poison %23, pierce, vitality, aether and chaos are %11-14 overcapped, bleed is %75 overcapped lol) :

BTW dont worry about confuse, the ones that can be confused are get grinded like ground meat before they can run away at crucible or SR, the ones that matter got immune to confuse. Most bosses and heroes are also immune to knockdown.


I take 40% less dmg from aether (capped at 88%), and 20% less dmg from everything else (84% capped) than you, got also higher DA by 53 and 9% more armor (my absorption is 98%), also a bit higher Petrify, Freeze and Stun resistances… And also got 8% dodge and 4% deflect chance more.

Seems I am a lot tanker at the cost of a lot of dmg. Your dps stat is literally ~20-25% higher than mine, and I assume skills hit even higher than that difference as they scale more. But I found myself to be very easy to kill without 20% all dmg reduction from Avenger of Cairn and lower DA & resistances, so I placed my Will of the Blade in stash for now.

All my resistances are overcapped by at the very least 30% over 84% (so would be 34% over cap with will of the blade) but most are 35-50% overcapped. It’s mostly thanks to Prismatic Ugdenbog Girdle of Supremacy:

And by being able to overcap so much all resistances, I used 4x 30 defensive ability augmentation on armor that seems slightly unproportionally better than resistances (for example item’s stat is 15-35% resistance or ~~30-50 DA, and 12-18% resistance on Augmentation vs 30 DA on augmentation), which also resulted in noticeably higher DA than I’d have without the belt. I did try Bladebreaker Sash and have a pretty decent one, but these resistances (which results also in higher DA cos of augmentations), +10% to armor were too much for me to pass on, since I was dying like insane with Will of the Blade and Breaker Sash.

To contrast it: 3 deaths on Shard 65 with Will+Sash, easily without any death from 65-70 with Girdle+Avenger.

It might be that I am just bad player, or luck as well (some Gravathul demon boss obliterates me almost solo, let alone if another boss is next to him) but for now until I roll maybe better Breaker Sash, better Will of the Blade, better Windshear Greaves (everything else is pretty good) I think I will remain tanky like this, too scared and want slightly safer Shard farm.

As for Redeemer, it adds 5% to crit dmg, which at 3439 OA is pretty good, it adds me exactly 19 (sort of insane boost) skill points more than 2nd Belgo Slicer, and it adds pretty decent 30% crit dmg to Shears… When I try to replace it by 2nd Belgo or Reaver’s Claw I get noticeably less stats (even including sheer dps), every single skill hits for less (total of 19 skill points - all in nightblade tree), less aether resistance, less crit dmg… So idk if I should change it (yet at least). Maybe if I used Will of the Blade & Sash 2nd Belgo Slicer would scale much better with Pierce instead of Physical dmg that Redeemer has?

Here are my current stats:

And I will try 2nd Belgo’s Sigil instead of Blackwatch Seal as soon as I get it… I was stupid enough to believe it’s not the best to use two, so I salvaged from my weaker Belgo’s Seal component and destroyed it, but actively farming now so I will get it sooner or later :slight_smile:

Oh and I see you don’t use that Skull component in chest which adds 8% dmg vs Chtonic and Undead, as well as good resistances. Is that DA boost from Hallowed Ground worth it in your opinion? Tbh never even noticed Hallowed Ground until now… seems pretty good!

If redeemer gets %5-10 boost in armor piercing, I’d definately use it. It’s stats are far more superior. But w/o WotB you’re using %75 of it’s damage (30+30x1.5) so

Might be true. :slight_smile:

Well that’s why i stopped pushing SR because of her. I got a post on suggestions section about her. with exactly this build I oblitarate every other setup (I tanked mad queen and reaper of the lost + some other jerk at the same time), I handle 169 with defensive banners and consumables (I didn’t know how powerful is those blessings are :slight_smile: ) First I encounter her at 68 or 69 and after so many tries, I stopped pushing. Also with moving some points on masteries I killed avatar of mordrogen and ravager of flesh with ease, but when she is not alone, she is pain in the ass, when she is alone I kill her without even casting her nasty purging projectile.

Well sanctified bone’s racial bonuses are not as good as they look, there are 7-8 different races and it roughly gives %20x%8 = %1,6 overall dps boost, and I don’t need other resistances. Btw I always use consumables. I hardly got bored from farming and they bring good boost over things you get from gear, masteries etc.

Yea, Hallowed Ground and Chains of Oleron are really underrated. you should try. :slight_smile:

For me hallowed gives 80 DA, plus nice elemental res and 30 hp regen. I got 250ish hp regen too, hp regen is underrated too, imho.