Raider Feedback

Had an excellent time fending off raiders from raider camps, in a pleasantly slow but still challenging escalation of forces. Encouraged me to send out my own raiding parties to destroy the camps.

Everything was going pretty well, until I actually destroyed all the camps on the map.

Once all the camps were destroyed, the next raid that spawned was absolutely insane, broken, and destroyed any interest in continuing the playthrough.

First, the number of raiders that spawned was twice the size of the previous raid, and they also suddenly had siege weapons.

Second, one of the raiding groups that spawned, spawned DIRECTLY NEXT TO MY TOWN, practically inside the town itself. The other raiding group spawned at the edge of the map, but it was the one edge of the map that I had never needed to defend against since there were no raiding camps.

The incomprehensibility of teleporting double strength siege-equipped raiders after the last raider camp was destroyed, successfully destroyed my interest in continuing my playthrough.

It was fun up until that point. A lot of fun.

My feedback suggestion is to fix raiders post-last-camp destruction.