Random question of the day - In your opinion, who are the Easiest/hardest end game enemies?

Arcane mobs will be excluded from this discussion. I don’t want to be spammed with dozens of facsimiles of - “0mg…of coz it’s Arc4ne m0bs n00b”

Celestials and Shattered enemies will also be excluded.



  • Kaisan
  • Mousie
  • Slathablah the aethertwat
  • Annie fucking annie…
  • Benny


  • Aleksander
  • Zantarin
  • Kuba
  • MQ (though she can be very annoying)

That’s difficult to say, depends on build or game mode. Usually I have to say:


  • Grava Tool, I hate his tools, almost like arcane her*

  • Ramsul or something like this. Horror both in campaign and SR.

  • Theodin in campaign. Cause I try it with every build leveling and he’s proper challenge, unlike Log.

  • Kaisan. Crystals&Doom Bolt.

  • Anasteria. I actually should’ve started with her. Say goodbye to your resistances. And your life.

  • Gargabol. Careful, careful.


  • Log aka what’s his full name. He’s end game boss before the existence of end game bosses. I actually like how easy is.

  • Zantarin. Except if he one shots you.

  • Moosi, can be annoying but still it’s easy.

  • Alkamos. Cause why not?

Ramzul is one of the few enemies i’ve ever complained about in the suggestions forums. Good lord, 700 DA shred is so overkill. In campaign he’s even worse with stun towers.

I’ve only ever fought him in the campaign, but yeah he’s a real beast. One of the few (the only?) side bosses I actively avoid.

I’m surprised to see Anasteria making the list of hardest. Once again, I’ve only fought her in campaign, but she really isn’t too bad there. I’m sure her resist shred is a massive PITA when other bosses are present though.

Garglebargle is a real bastard.

By far the easiest Nemesis for melee. The only two guys i never had any problem with. But i can see they are a pain for casters. And every single one you mentioned as easiest is a huge pain against a melee char with dmg it’s resistent to. Zantarin is less so in Cruci but only because he is so slow. In late shards he alone can be hard to handle because no leech.

Hence my opinion: there are no hardest and easiest bosses. Their threat highly depends on circumstances. Father is often a joke in Cruci. But in campaign he has flames and causes lots of “flames” on the forum. Standalone Annie is usually a walk in a park but in 169 she’s a nightmare, especially for melee. Similarly Aethersnek is a catalyst to other bosses in SR.

Imo only two guys really stand out: Grava and Kaisan. First one is a universal nemesis of melee and can give a hard time to casters outside of Cruci as well. Kaisan is just resistant to everything and if you have a monoRR class and get bad mutators - good luck with that.

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The hardest enemy in the game are the aether wind devils in valbury.

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I’ve often, to my considerable surprise, read posts in the forum where people complain about Ramzul. That’s the guy in Osyr, right? The lightning fellow?

I don’t know. He’s always been a complete pushover for me. I’ve even killed him many a time with my DEE Witch Hunter that has 2300 DA and not much more OA either. Never died once.
And with my Acid Dervish he just melts pretty much instantly.

Not trying to impress anyone here, this is just my personal experience. When it comes to Nemeses, by far the easiest for me are Kuba, Moosi (and Fabius comes next). I sort of find it hard to get killed by them at all as long as I’m at my wits, at my keyboard and reasonably sober.

And I’m speaking about the campaign versions.

When it comes to adversaries I abhor, I shall abstain from writing anything lest I be banned for coarse language. But I would like to have a long and serious conversation with the person ultimately responsible for Port Valbury and what lies therein.

How do you contend with mousie’s freeze and benny’s 40% damage reduction?

Also, benny is one of the few nems which you can’t outplay. His obsidian cage will even trap you in mid shadow strike

For glass cannons doing naked Cr, Kymon is harder that an exposed nipple in a winterstorm.

One misstep and he one-shots you

They are both slow and spawn way outside of usual Cruci path. Fast debuffers are much bigger problem.

Your analogy with exposed nipple in a winterstorm is correct. If you are doing naked Cruci in a glass cannon it’s all on you :smile: He oneshots only with his shotgun which registers after the shot so you can move away.


  • Grava’thul
  • Kuba


  • Everything else thats not listed in Hardest :laughing:

Do you mean the Super Bosses with that? Because Korvaak ain’t a Super Boss (if he’s a boss at all he feels too weak imho lol) but is a Celestial :thinking:

It´s all for SR Shards 70+.


  • Mad Queen (in SR)
  • Grava´thul
  • Valdaran (don´t know what he does…but it hurts)
  • Steward
  • Kaisan
  • Garbagol


  • Kuba
  • Reaper

Depends so much on the type of build. Some bosses give shit to some of my builds, but then other builds trash those same bosses with no effort.

I guess my answer doesn’t really answer the question, but that’s how bosses in GD are to me.

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  • MQ in SR
  • Grava (in SR)
  • Gargabol
  • Ramzul


  • Benn’jahr
  • Reaper
  • Grava while playing Rah’zin :smile:

It depends how deep SR you’re talking. Kaisan is the one that turns unbeatable the earliest imo.

MQ is the most dangerous non-celestial enemy in main game imo. If 163 had two nemeses it would be harder than 170 with 4 nemeses.

The big thing about ramzul is on top of that DA shred he also has a strong attack (and its not even really windup or anything either) that does an obscene amount of damage potentially but its a wide roll. If it crits it can one shot a lot of characters. And with that DA shred, well… crits ain’t uncommon.

1986 Physical Damage
1488 Cold Damage
12-38% Reduction to Enemy’s Health
And some frostburn on top and some other stuff too.

I was hit for like 12k by this in SR40 or something with primal bond + damage reduction on bloody pox from dark one’s gloves, but this wasn’t long after SR was released. Another char got hit for 10k in campaign and that one had maivens as well.

Grava is a little bitch. Just don’t play melee and use corners. He’s only hard if you insist on full facetank of everything.

Hard: Kyzogg the Animator Ultimate Token Encounter…

Hardest for real: None :smirk:

Easy: Crate of Entertainment ( easiest pass for me, will never want to get touched by a guy that looks like a Crate, disgusting :face_vomiting:)

Easiest for real: All enemies are easy :smiling_imp:

no celestials, ya doof :stuck_out_tongue:

i feel like mq is easy because all you need to do is not attack her when she’s red.

If you;re trying to do a speed run, and are willing to facetank her no matter what, then you should expect to die :stuck_out_tongue:

hardest (judged by kill-consistency)

  • Morgoneth

medium (they nearly never kill me, but I need 2B careful)

  • Grava Thul
  • Cubacabra

Easiest (judged by being killed (never))

  • Loghorrean
  • Theodin
  • Korvaak

This goes for single encounters - not the battlefield mess of crucible, where the bosses don´t actually kill you, but rather the debuff from some ass pain in some corner.

Any boss that has this type of Damage is to some Degree Dangerous since there is no direct Resistance type that covers this so the only way to weaken that is straight damage mitigation from effects like menhir’s Bulwark ( % absorption) oder Overguard (flat absorption) while still aiming for a bigger hp pool to cover up the the Damage from the other types that aren’t fully mitigated by resists.

Alot of Dodge may also help there Windshear Boots Proc for example :wink: