Random question of the day - What do you reckon are the roses and thorns of patch


  • The new rings
  • Improved drop rates
  • New dungeon
  • FoI
  • Acid belt for necro


  • blue beronath
  • SBoE
  • AAR
  • Some of the OP rare affixes which now make blue items obsolete
  • Manticore - If my testing proves true, it’s still a garbage constellation
  • The buffs to vitality damage…WHY???


  • Formation of Enemies in Boss Shards (SR)
  • New Dungeon
  • Raven Constellation
  • Easier Leveling (Drop Rates)
  • Affix/MI Changes


  • Really, another Cold/Vitality-Set?
  • No changes to Necromancer/Oathkeeper for more Bleeding Support (had hoped for Necromancer…)

Agree with every point in Thorns section.
And with Roses too :stuck_out_tongue:

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what’s wrong with aar. You mean you want more nerf?

It’s not that there’s anything wrong with AAR, moreso than how it fares in comparison to other things.

Nerfs to skills like SBoE for example seems excessively harsh when you compare the 2.

EDIT: Then there’s my whole personal issue with how AAR is still a gazillion times better than FOI

I think storm box nerf is pretty alright considering it shouldn’t have the capability to melt the way it did

I think both of them are still very powerful.

Some aAr dmg types need more support acutally. Like cold AAR

According to Z, not all skill mods are meant to be top tier. They are just there just for the occasional funky build.

Aether stormbox has always been a shit show imo. Why take the proverbial shit on an already dying skill?

^In case you missed my ninja edit

5: 30 FoI is pretty sweet imo for FoI

I’d argue that some dmg types AAR might need a slight toning down to do 5 min at best on a good run. Especially on full purple

It is. I’ve done a 5:25 run myself. But the energy management is horrible.

QoL is bad because of the range.

I agree. IMO, no build should do a sub 5:30 unless you get perfect mutator combos.

But that’s just me.

One can be case by case fixed since i assume yours was non arcanist.

as for Range…I think you want FoI to merge with AAR and just Gamma ray crucible :smiley:

It was solael’s devourer too :stuck_out_tongue:

Regardless, I would happily trade some of the DA shred on intensify for better energy. It would certainly open up FoI to a lot more specs than just magehunters.

I don’t follow mate. Help me udnerstand?

Two more Thorns:
It´s nice to have such things like Scarab Shell and Groble Sand Effigy but before I start thinking about SnB-Trickster or Caster-Bleeding Build, I need some Pre-/Affixes which support this. Not the generic ones…

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it was a joke :boom:

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you about a bleed PB/ BS with bloodborer and scarab

So we’ll be seeing builds labeled as attainable and including greens in the compendium? The impact of greens only goes as far as their use and discussion. If it is deemed that worthwhile greens are now farmable for the average player (nothing much has changed on weapons) I doubt we’ll see a drastic turn in the theorycrafting community to drive a narrative of MIs being easy to get with usable rolls and not something of the gdstashing dreamland.

According to valinov, it’s possible to rather reliably get double rares now, what with their improved drop rates.

About 1 double rare per session, assuming you are efficient at farming

Without thorns there are no roses and vice versa!

I like almost all of the thing in new patch:

  • new dungeon, more reason to play campaign
  • SR changes. Waystone opens new possibilities for deep SR runs
  • new rings
  • new mace&off hand
  • improvement of low level greens and blues. That will make leveling much more fun and unique experience.
  • devotions changes

What I don’t like it’s small number of changes, that don’t’make sense to me like:

  • Beronath amulet, number 1, also
  • Mortars amulet
  • Storm Box nerf, especially aether.

But seriously not big problems. No need for new drama threads, I hope…

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I’ll get the mats together for another 1k batch of boots to see if anything changed on that front. A lot of my double rares (boot wise) saw few changes and remain pretty lackluster, if anything I believe the discussion should hinge on individual affixes rather than double rares because the generic double rare will be somewhat meh (bundle of res isn’t king unless you’re getting the prized cc res) whereas just asking for a boot that grants slow res and two more useful resistances will be a comparatively common occurrence. Double rares have the potential to get absolutely nutty (my thunderstruck of amarasta boots) but in this day and age of plentiful res, generic double rares don’t look supremely likely to be blessed with cc res. I’m waiting on grimtools update to review the affixes in detail so these are just initial impressions.

I’ll highlight again nothing has changed for mi weapons as they require hyper niche rolls. So is this really just about boot/pants(ring medal)?

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I like some of the blue improvements a lot. Very big variety of strong generic items. New Anguish belt is awesome. Also lots of new conversions!

No more +1 to all skills from blue amulets is saddening but at least we have Kaisan amulet with new rare affix rates. What bum me out more is absence of more skill and legendary rework. Some of the purples are still weak, and many of purple 1h weapons are just garbage compared to the competition they get from the best items.

Most blues that were actually somewhat useful are now trash like the beronath ammy. Out of around 50+ blues found so far both on a fresh 1-50 and level 100 characters, not a single one I’d consider usable. At least not more usable than before the patch.