[Ranged Aether] Disciple of Agrivix - WPS based Ranged Apostate

Was pretty surprised that we had no guide (didn’t notice it in the compendium) for this concept.

In this guide I will present two WPS Apostate concepts, one is a lame gunslinger and the other one uses the Vortex of Souls Rifle. As the name implies, literally every attack triggers a WPS.

Grimtools -

Rifle - https://www.grimtools.com/calc/vNQzKKM2

*Screenshot with Hungering Void, Deadly Aim, Soul Harvest, Inquisitor Seal, Mortality and Word of Renewal

Gunslinger - https://www.grimtools.com/calc/8NKWee8N

*Screenshot with Hungering Void, Deadly Aim, Soul Harvest, Inquisitor Seal, Mortality and Word of Renewal

Purifier - https://www.grimtools.com/calc/DV9QXXlV

*Screenshot with Hungering Void, Inquisitor Seal, Word of Renewal and Fire and Brimstone

Videos -




Why is the stat distribution odd in the screenshot?

I never bothered changing it since the testing phase. The current stat respec system is too frustrating for my taste. The grimtools uses the correct stat distribution while the screens of my own build use the incorrect one.

Which is better among the Apostate and the Purifier?

The Purifier has slightly better performance, the apostate has a much more colorful playstyle. I prefer the latter

Why is the gunslinger referred to as “lame”?

Well, the original concept to use 2 pc Dagallon for the 100% Pass Through feature.
Unfortunately Agrivix’s +skills, %Spirit bonus and %Damage bonus made it better in almost every way so I ended up using this pistol.
Since I don’t have the 100% Pass Through feature anymore unlike the Rifle Variant I call the gunslinger lame.

So is the Gunslinger variant weak?

It is stronger than Vortex of Souls variant in terms of single target but it naturally has lesser AoE potential in comparison. That being said it’s AoE potential is still pretty monstrous.
I prefer Vortex of Souls cause I like the screen to be filled with procs.

Why not use Diviner Helm?

The 2pc Diviner bonus is a surprisingly good DPS boost and then there’s the RR on Reap Spirit. But I prefer defensive playstyle so the Mark of Torment mod on Necrolord is much more valuable to me.

Why use Mortality over Uroboruuk’s Reaping?

Well the OA w/o Deadly Aim is a little on the low end and I hate using Runes for debuffs so I prefer Mortality. The uptime of the relic’s granted skill kinda evens things out. Feel free to switch if you’d want to.

Why use Aetherfire over Flame Torrent?

Again a personal preference thing. I’ve been wanting to try out Aetherfire ever since learning it uses Leviathan’s template.
If you want you can get Flame Torrent and Aetherfire together.

Is Deathbringer Raiment usable here?

Usable - definitely so but it’s not BiS.

In Closing-

Credits to Ptirodaktill and Superfluff for helping out with the Apostate and the Purifier respectively.

I found these builds to be fun to play with, the vortex apostate is my favorite one.



There is a 50% chance I’m a complete idiot and a 50% chance you forgot the actual grimtools links. Would you roll the dice for me, please? :wink:

Yeah I forgot.

Thanks. Looks fun.

You made me want to try my Desolator purifier as a dreadscorcher. Fuuuu I have no time to test this

Your Primal Strike question yesterday made me think that you wanted to try aether PS with conduit and when it turned out negative then you had this instead :stuck_out_tongue: Vortex of souls is always fun, anyway.

I tried tinkering with both Defiler and Purifier but this one was ready to be posted so went with this one. The biggest challenge was to get past lack of skill points

Nope, was testing 3 Ranged Aether concepts side by side - PS, Dreadscorcher and this one. This one got lucky in the draw

Hah, I have almost same setup with dual Sigillis, wanted to post it months ago but was not satisfied Beronath’s Fury damage output. It’s very cool trash cleaner, but sluggish single target.
About Dreadscorcher, it’s skill modifiers looks strong, but due to low basic weapon damage performance in general isn’t so impressive.

And this sums why I prefer Vortex setup

Beronath is indeed a little slow indeed at times. I observed RNG fucks up boss fights a lot. In a battle against Favbius, I didn’t get a single Storm Spread proc. Since every WPS has an equal proc chance it fucks shit up

Well it’s still better than Aether based Runic Bolts Apostate test I ran so I am willing to give it a chance. Besides the weapon looks way to appealing to not even try :smiley:

Another aether build by chaos god. Know thy enemy.

Chthon, nice builds. Now we need at least 2 more Rifle builds - ather PS Ritualist and Druid. :wink:

P.S: BTW, what is the maximum damage dealt by 2h Apostate?

Looks devastatingly strong. I can’t say I haven’t thought about this concept, but I have like 7 grimtools drafts in my saved links that I don’t have time for almost any of them.

As per usual, video would be nice :slight_smile:

Sarcasm?? It’s nice and fun concept but not even close to “strong”.

Pretty low was around 170k


I’ll look into the problem after I post a few more builds

Well, to me it looks strong on paper. 5 wps, 17-20k Aether Damage, full penetration (sic!), double RR from masteries, full elemental to aether conversion, high attack speed and crit damage and oa. If it’s not ripping holes thru main campaign then Grim tools and my whole life have been a lie.

I think its a good idea to drop Soul siphon from this build and invest in WPS. You can also drop HoS to 12/12 . All WPS exept chilling rounds scale nicely.
Or max MoT and Il omen for better defenses.

But the life steal :(:frowning:

I am surprised you said no to maxing Chilling Rounds cause the moment I read your suggestion I immediately thought of investing more into Chilling Rounds, Storm Spread and Reaping Strike

Why though? The Life Steal is actually good from that skill

I think Ptirodaktill is right here, you already have 14% ADCtH on an auto-attacking build with full WPS (plus Word of Renewal), I doubt Siphon Souls adds anything in terms of healing for you (another extra button press too).

Plus, relic is an interesting but an odd choice, imo. Since you are converting all elemental to aether, you could make use of Bane or Ignaffar Combustion here. Bane’s proc should be pretty strong and Combustion’s attack speed would definitely come in handy.