[Ranged Cold] DW-Pistols Pure Cold ABB Spellbreaker

A Dual Pistol Cold ABB concept and a Cold Savagery concept. Each concept has two builds.

Grimtools -

Spellbreaker - https://www.grimtools.com/calc/0V0PbeEV

*Screenshot with Pneumatic Burst and Lethal Assault

Infiltrator - https://www.grimtools.com/calc/bVAR9boZ

*Screenshot with Inquisitor Seal, Word of Renewal, Pneumatic Burst, Lethal Assault and Deadly Aim

Trickster - https://www.grimtools.com/calc/YZeORAr2

*Screenshot with Savagery Charges, Lethal Assault and Pneumatic Burst

Vindicator - https://www.grimtools.com/calc/vNQzkXj2

*Screenshot with Inquisitor Seal, Deadly Aim and Savagery Charges


Which is the best one?

I prefer the spellbreaker the most but each one has its own strengths so try them all out.

Is the Vindicator good despite the low sheet DPS?

The Inquisitor WPS are a fair bit of damage boost.

Why not use Eye of the Storm on Vindicator?

It lacked RR so from an effective performance POV, Ignaffar was much better.

In Closing-

I made this build back when ABB had its weapon restriction removed, it has come a long way since then. The Cold Savagery mod that got added in AoM is also pretty awesome. Overall had a good time playing these builds, hope you guys enjoy them as well.


Reserved for later

Hey nice build! Your builds are always creative.

I had considered trying a cold spellbreaker, but never even thought of a ranged version. Thanks for showing how its done.

Also, I just have to praise the game and Crate for the amazing build diversity in this game. There is such a variety of ultimate viable builds, as evidenced by this forum and builds such as yours. I have not seen any other ARPG with such build diversity.

Thanks mate.

Also agreed on the point about Crate, the build diversity is really great in this one. I love it.
I mean you can even make a build around a skill granted by an item,
make unusual yet viable builds,
bitch freeze bosses,
and break the taboo of having to focus on a single damage type.
This new patch also brings some nice changes

Very interesting. I also tried to make an sharpshooter via the cold damage, but I could not get anything good. Then it was transformed into auromancer, but that’s another story.

Definitely an interesting build. I’ve wanted to try an ranged cold but couldn’t work stuff out. Any chance at listed the skills without the gear bonuses?

is it possible to get a list over where u did put your attributes points also?

You invest it all into Physique since Nightblade has good cunning returns and scales with cunning i didn’t invest a point in it. Spirit is also not an issue since Inner Focus scales with spirit

Based on a theory I’m working on, can you try getting either 140% or 177% attack speed? I think those two speeds would work with ABB better, assuming you’re keeping your 26% cooldown reduction. Here is the equation I used:

S = floor(100/(1.8*(1-C)/H)/2-10) [%]

S = attack speed
C = cooldown reduction
H = how many hits to proc ABB. In this case it can be 4 or 5

I could help you in the testing part but i need better rolls on AS on my items. And 177% AS is kinda hard since ranged speed penalty is high and one of the classes is arcanist so stacking AS is kinda hard. I’ll let you know if i can get the extra 2% AS :slight_smile:

I’m honestly shocked that you made this work, every time I try to make a Blade Burst build I fail miserably. I guess being ranged makes all the difference?

Really well done Cthon :slight_smile: Like the devotion setup a lot, I use the same on my cold witch hunter

How long did it take you to get those fucking pistols xD

How would you suggest leveling this? Just as a pure arcanist? Or is there a way to level a dual pistol cold Spellbreaker?

Sorry, not trying to hijack the thread but this seems very interesting… Any chance of a guide or some more info on your WH?

Lol thanks mate.

I honestly didn’t know these rolls even exist and was running around with DW Marauder’s Cold pistols. I guess you could say they were a blessing from Chthon :wink:

I’d suggest running PRM till 50. Then go 2h ranged with Silverbolt and ABB and farm the shit out of BoC and then switch at 75. Sorry for the half-ass answer but i have played this game so much that i have no shortage of levelling gear, which is why i never add levelling guides in any build

I am not familiar with Melee ABB. But i think something similar can be pulled off with a melee build i am sure of this cause i killed the Iron Maiden in close quarters as one simply doesn’t kite the Maiden.
So Melee Pure Cold ABB is viable. I can make one, i don’t think i have the MIs to support it though.

You’re talking about Loxmere daggers? Shard of Asterkarn would be a good substitute in the meantime. It’s not really optimised for ABB though.

I think melee ABB would work just fine, especially as a 1H + Focus build. In fact I think it could be even stronger than your DW pistol build because you can use Ring of Frost and SS in cycles.

Suppose you got 50% CDR. According to my equation, the only optimal attack speed would be 156%, which would trigger ABB every 3 hits. Ring of Frost has slightly less than twice the cooldown of ABB and SS can have exactly twice the cooldown thru 1 point in NJE. So you can do the following cycle:

Normal attack
Normal attack

The only trouble is Shard of Asterkarn doesn’t have any attack speed, so you might need to farm Loxmere daggers afterall. Also, Ring of Frost is based on cast speed, so you’ll also need to get around 156% cast speed as well (I think, I don’t know how fast the animation is).

-Well of course melee would be better than ranged. The AS penalties are lower. Using Daggers allows me to capitalize on the AS bonuses even more.

-I never considered Shard of Asterkarn a good cold dagger so i do need Lox’s daggers. He did drop daggers of Voracity a while back but i think i threw them away when i realized “of Shattering” would be much better.

-As for focusing on CDR, i considered it when making this build but the sources are spread too much to consider stacking it. Which is why CDR was never my focus.