[Ranged Lightning] Crit Striker - Thunderous Strike Rifle Vindicator

Thunderous Strike is finally good now thanks to a recent update and so I decided to build around the MI Rifle that gives it Crit damage.
Since my focus was crit damage I use Hungering Void inspired by jajaja’s old build.

Screenshot (with Inquisitor Seal, Deadly Aim and Hungering Void)-


My setup - https://www.grimtools.com/calc/YZe1kKvZ (My setup isn’t BiS as I lack gear but it’s pretty close)

Newbie Friendly setup - https://www.grimtools.com/calc/RZRRLgrZ (Boots are craftable. Can’t get rid of the rifle as it’s the core of the build :D)

BiS Setup (By PrinceXavier)
- https://www.grimtools.com/calc/JVlk8wR2

Screenshot (with Wayward Soul, Battle Cry, Inquisitor Seal, Deadly Aim and Hungering Void)-

Xavier vs Mad Queen

Xavier (MoD Medal) vs Lokarr

Xavier vs Kuba


How do I level this?

Follow tips from this thread- http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?t=56243
If you still have doubts then post in the build thread and I’ll respond to them here.

Where do I get this MI Rifle?

While Ugdenbog Golems can drop it, I’d recommend running Ancient Grove to check on the MI Vendor (it’s a Carnivorous Plant). The Vendor will sell Ugdenbog MIs including this rifle

Does the MI need specific rolls?

Yes, to be precise you need a Lightning Prefix on the MI i.e a prefix that grants you Physical To Lightning Conversion. Anything else is a DPS loss as you’d be unable to make use of the flat Physical damage on Primal Strike and Steel Resolve
Anything else is a bonus tbh

“Skyfallen” Prefix is BiS and I don’t have it yet and “of Alacrity” or “of Fury” are BiS suffix.

Don’t get too greedy, just focus on getting a prefix with Physical damage converted Lightning stat

Spear of the Heavens vs Tempest vs Hungering Void?

Among the three I went with Dying God for the Hungering Void proc. Of course SoTH/Tempest are a much safer option as you won’t have to deal with the HP drain. Whatever you do just don’t drop Shepherd of Storms devotion, it’s BiS for 99% Lightning builds.

For those who are not interested in the Crit Damage route I’d suggest you to go with Tempest instead of SoTH. While it’s true SoTH is an excellent constellation but the route to get both it and Ultos isn’t worth it on this particular build. Since Ultos is necessary the only option is to drop SoTH in favor of Tempest. The extra points you save from not going for SoTH should be spent on Chariot or Behemoth for the extra heal skill

Why not max Wendigo Totem?

Wendigo Totem is used only when I need to stand still which is very rare. Even in boss fights I have doubts regarding putting more points into on a ranged build
Of course one might have similar arguments regarding Inquisitor Seal but Seal has a higher summon limit meaning more than 1 can be active at a time and therefore augmenting your kiting abilities. Not to mention its flat damage absorption is very useful against Damage Over Time effects which AoM has plenty.

Raka’jax vs Sparkthrower vs Evoker of Elgoloth?

For Raka’jax, no idea tbh. I distinctly remember throwing away my Mythical Raka’Jax at some point as it was taking up inventory space. As at the time I thought they’d never buff Primal Strike so, yeah…bad call.
But as observed in the comments in this thread from experience players such as Norzan, Superfluff and Ceno it seems Raka’jax is inferior (don’t let sheet dps fool you).
Lastly, PrinceXavier has confirmed that Raka’jax is inferior to Sparkthrower.

Evoker of Elgoloth is a straight up DPS loss, the weapon itself is suited for Ranged Savagery Vindicators and wouldn’t fit here.

Are Arcane Tempest Rings BiS?

The purpose of the ring slot on this particular build is to help cap resistances and for OA, so use whatever you can find. I could’ve used MIs and gotten better performance but I went with the Arcane Tempest rings cause this set is very good and very underrated on these forums.
Glyph Rings are BiS on all auto-attack lightning builds but they cannot be equipped w/o using MIs to cap resistances and other stats.

Why not overcap Mogdrogen’s Pact?

If you have “Skyfallen” Rifle you should consider capping the skill as you have much higher physical to lightning conversion. I personally can’t test how effective it would be as I lack the appropriate rifle to test it. On a “Charged” Rifle, it’s just not worth it

Why not use Light’s Defender’s Gauntlets?

My current gloves give me more DA but more importantly they allow me to equip my rifle.

If I remove them then I need to remove points from Physique to pump up cunning thereby loosing DA in the process. Of course I can avoid this if I use Really Great Pants but ADCtH from Solael’s pants is too good to give up imo

In Closing:

Shout out to jajaja, hope you get over your WoW addiction :stuck_out_tongue:

Credits to PrinceXavier for taking the time to do videos of the build

I personally enjoyed this build, it’s everything I wanted it to be - it has good clear speed, impressive visuals and very convenient to play. I hope you guys do as well

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that additional 8% crit damage from skyfallen makes it bis indeed!

I guess I should remove my hatred for primal strike! :rolleyes:

another good build! :smiley:

Skyfallen of Fury makes Ugdenbog Sparkthrower insane. Like, 200 flat OA at least. Just Charged of Alacrity Sparkthrower beats Raka’Jax in my opinion, mainly because the lack of attack speed increase in Raka just makes it inferior.

I have a very similar build but with Hand of Ultos instead. Pretty solid.

I like how you made it. I tried PS vindicator (from my Savagery Vindicator) and it was weak and unfun. Main problem is moderately ok damage but weak surivivability, cuz no Feral Hunger and less attack speed. You just went and capitilzed on the build potential strength - its ability to stack Critical damage, and you stacked shit ton. So full blown cannon, killing mobs before they get to you I imagine, great for Campaign.

Also, nice sneaky gloves slot :slight_smile:

If only a video of the carnage :slight_smile:

The Sparkthrowers are damn good nowadays, nice to see someone make a build around it.
I’d bind Elemental Storm or Arcane Bomb to Storm Box though—it’s a proccing machine and you don’t always want to have to drop a Wendigo Totem.

Also: inb4 PS needs buff.

Harbinger’s Grasp :cool::):cool:
Isn’t Biting cold would be better then SBoF??

Too many imo suggestions from me for these damn cool builds :rolleyes:

As Inquisitor seal.

build upload

how do i insert a picture? <.<

pm me please

u could use storm totem for arcane bomb
it has a higher range then wendigo

winddevil - elemental storm

So you got over your hatred towards the Hungering Void? Impressive! But I do hope you’re just warming up.

So you don’t max Wendigo totem, but you do max Inq seal - surely that needs you to stand still too for the benefits…?

(although I suppose Wendigo totem’s effectiveness is further limited by the fact that it needs to be close to both enemies and yourself).

I really wanted to try a primal strike build for once, but i got so many lighnting builds already that I got sick of it! :eek: unless if green lightning is used! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d rather finish my 2 hand tactician- inspired by JoV using a sinister ugdenboltthrower, converting all physical to pierce to cadence. Hope it turns out well! :undecided:

Have you considered using Myth Raka’Jax + 2 Glyphs ?

Raka’jax = 18-22% Crit on it + 2 to Shaman Skills
2 Glyphs = 2-6% Crit in them (from gaius) + more lightning dmg + 4 to Stormcaller’s Pact

Max Stormcaller’s Pact = 70% Crit + 18-22% from Raka’Jax

Ugdenbog Sparkthrower only gives 40% crit, which is lower than rakajax +2glyphs.

The best thing on the rifle is that u can get attack speed which is very good for build.

With this i have 150k sheet dmg and reach up to 175% crit : https://www.grimtools.com/calc/mN4woqrZ

Nice build:D

as far as Raka vs MI.

I had this conversation with jajaja long ago, he wanted to do this build.

Raka is 100% hands down for non transmuted PS for Electrical DOT. Problem is getting duration.

Mi wins for PS spam with decent affix any day

Edit:also what Boo said below about rings…what’s %crit dmg if you don’t have the OA to support it?

175% crit damage means nothing if you don’t have the OA to support it which your setup kinda lacks, you’d be completely dependant on having Deadly Aim up 100% of the time. Besides that the good thing about the Sparkthrower is that you can roll attack speed on it. There’s a difference of 0.6 attacks per second between your setup and Cthon’s setup which is quite a significant difference.

While Glyphs are nice they feel rather wasted without the OA to support the crit increase and the attack speed to support the flat damage increase.

Additional crit damage
More OA
More physical to Lightning conversion

Ah yes, the lack of AS is a big hit on that weapon
Btw, I am using Ultos devotion. I just didn’t pick Tempest/SoTH and instead of those I went with Dying God

Exactly, the lack of ADCtH based WPS is a big hit which is why crit route is the best route imo.

As for video, hmm…nope :stuck_out_tongue: (sorry)

Lastly, for the gloves…hehe :smiley:

Devotion binding is a flexible, I went with what suited my playstyle on this particular build.

Yup, PS too weak. Need buff /s

Don’t mind suggestions :smiley:
Remember how I said in Vitality Melee build that I dislike Ravenous Earth? Well Runes is the second skill I dislike which is why I never use them for debuffing. It just doesn’t suit my playstyle at all

RE, AAR and Runes are the player skills I dislike in the game.

I never tried binding things to Seal. Is it really effective?

ST is an extra button click just for a proc which is an effective DPS loss.
I won’t recommend using that rifle, try to get a prefix with Physical> Lightning conversion

Nope, still hate that stupid proc. How does it make sense that when Solael descends upon thee (Possession) there is not HP/Mana drain but when I (the benevolent one) descend upon someone they loose a crap ton of HP?

On a serious note I don’t like how we can’t use Constitution when HP draining skills are in effect so I don’t think I’ll ever like it

Read the guide. I mentioned something about Raka’jax
Also your setup cannot equip the rifle you lack cunning
You have too much invested into spirit for no reason
I can stack more crit damage at the expense of OA and DA but that’s not optimal

Summon limit is the thing you are forgetting. While Totem anchors me down to one spot. Seal does provide me some room for kiting. Not to mention Seal is a key source of Crit damage

Ah okay thanks for the info
I considered Raka might be good cause of %OA, plus skills and 22% crit damage

Bingo :smiley:

Btw I ran out of space in the previous post

EDIT: Storm Spread doesn’t work with Thunderous Strike

holy mother of edits and posts

Yep, missed that one, thnx ! Did this now : https://www.grimtools.com/calc/mN4woyrZ

Imo as ranged u dont really need max out stun res, u mostly kite.
And if u look in inv2, i have +3000% light and almost 20K weapon attack, and raka’jax and rings win a lot of skill points.

All im missing, cause the play is very nice and not that squishy, is attack speed, and maybe 4% more life steal from solael pants, or easier a seal of blades.

and why not light defender gloves ?

not that squishy with 11k hp and 2.1K DA ? :rolleyes:
all those +skills are worthless if you dont even invest them in the right skills dude :confused:
you lacked bit cunning for weap and now you have 57 points in cunning ? wtf !