Rat catcher micromanagement. Is not fun

I can’t micro the rat catcher. It’s not fun. They need to be treated like the compost yard in that they cover everything but if there’s too much to handle it will go unattended. Seeing this will notify me to build another rat catcher to cover whats being unattended.
Love it so far guys. No bugs, no crashes yet.
Im playing on a msi gt72 2QE corei7 laptop, ram?, nvidia gtx980x. It’s a few years old but still handling most of the new stuff.


I would concur in that. For the small area they cover, the infrequency of rats (because I have several compost yards and am making lots of soap, etc.), and the exorbitant fee they charge, I think the rat catcher should cover the entire area, and if rats appear a little more often, then I would build another who would also cover the entire area. Any possibility, for the little they really have to do if you’re careful. of their fee being reduced. Like by HALF? Four gold ought to be enough, as infrequently as they have to do anything. On the opposite paw, those who end up with lots of rats and having to build more ratcatchers, don’t really deserve to end up shelling out a hundred gold or more for their ratcatchers.


I agree with this… They should function the same as compost collectors.

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Maybe upgrading the building for a larger range would solve this issue.

It’s still a work in progress and a lot of things needs to be balanced.

A good example is the theater, we need to pay upkeep and when you get in debt it stops operating (this is weird.) Shouldn’t it be giving us money than rather losing on it (for tier 1: 20 and tier 2: 40 for example?) It is still weird than a theater can’t make any profit, certainly without any other form (lack) of amusement around.


If you build right and have enough compost yards… you really shouldn’t need more than 2-3 rat catchers… depending on how spread out your stockhouses, root cellars, and markets are… Rats don’t give houses trouble unless your having compost collection issues

Yeah. I was thinking of relocating those granaries and root cellars but my city right now is beginning to sprawl and I have a number of root cellars all over the place. I try to keep those building in between their collecting sources and the market so they’re spread all over. Seemed efficient that way until the rat thing. I also have some outposts outside the city to collect certain things.
So if I didn’t want to deal with moving the rat catcher work area I could carpet bomb all my areas with maybe 6 rat catchers. It’ll be expensive but may be worth it to me. My economy may be able to handle it.
I really do think they should just change the rat catcher method. Or someone in this thread brought up a building upgrade to solve or mitigate the problem. That could be interesting.

I wouldn’t worry about putting them in any middle point from the sources and the market… at least not atm… grocers(the market workers) spend so much of their time idling that honestly that can afford to walk more… Personally I’d clump the root cellars up into 1 or 2 areas so you only need a few rat catchers


And since we can change their area of effect, why not have them available for the whole city ?

If you want to save gold and micromanage them, go ahead, but you are intended to have more than one to cover your city’s needs.

If you think they idle too long, I suppose we could always bump up the rat spawn rates. :wink:

Well, I must say that I don’t have mice at home since I have cats … well not until they bring it as a present.
But then, I don’t know how they would fare against rats (I don’t live in town).

Border terriers can also do the job! My one mousing barn dog (though not a terrier) was faster than the cats. The bad news: she sometimes brought me possums as “presents”.

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Nah just the market workers are lazy SOBs! lol unless they stocking all 1 food source aka beans/root veggies when your sittin on 1000+ meat and 500+ fruits and don’t get me started on the luxary items whether they stock or not or you uncheck the box to tell them not too… cough glass cough

If the intent was to have multiplles, then I’d at least lower the cost down a little. or teir 2 rat catchers to where it costs less and covers more. As some cities I build are spread out and it’s expensive to keep plopping down ratcatchers. Also expand the radius a little bit. I’m having a hard time having a rat catcher cover a whole tier 2 market radius of houses. Like BARELY. 3 or 4 houses are out of the radius.

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I completely disagree. I wish the compost yard worked like the rat catcher. Once you get a city large enough it’s difficult to get the compost yards to keep up because they are running all over the place.

The only change I would ask is to allow upgrades to the rat catcher that make the area the same as the market area circles.

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