Rat Catchers, Rivers/Streams/Bridges, Hover Tool Tips, and a few more

First off, love this game. Wonderful mix of game play elements from Civilization style games, city builders (Sim City, Pharoah, etc) and just a dash of RTS combat elements. I’ve been playing for about 40 hours now and I have a few ideas I’d like to share for your consideration:

Rat catchers could maybe work like the waste collector who makes compost. Instead of having to place a “work here” circle. There is also a ‘feature’ (bug?) that if one clicks retarget building work area and moves the circle over a rat infestation but don’t place it, i.e. don’t place the circle in a new spot, the rat catcher will head over to whack the rats even if its outside of the original work area.

(expansion idea?) Rivers and streams with bridges would be really cool. Also, what about canals / irrigation for fields. And once flowing water exists, water power: water wheels for milling flour, cutting lumber. Also canal / river based transport of goods for larger maps with livestock towed rafts / barges / boats.

The ability to enable / disable hover tool tips (if these are buried in menu/settings, sorry I missed it). Especially for buildings. Being zoomed out it is sometimes difficult to discern what building is what easily.

Ability to split barracks soldiers into smaller groups / squads and independently deploy.

Maybe add a mini map. Not really sure this is necessary though.

Maybe a day counter / date display for the timeline progression. This was something I thought of early on when I wanted to track how long a traveling merchant was gonna stick around. but definitely a maybe after more time spent in game.

Thanks for creating this game and keep up the good work.

F2 should show building names, but it’s disabled atm due to some problems.

As for a day counter, something like this has been suggested, but day pass by so quickly in the game even on slow speed not really sure it would help.

As for water stuff

Day counter… click the season/year section at the top-middle of the UI. Hovering over it tells you when in which year you are plus the weather: click it and the overlay text stays.

Even just bridges over narrow bits of lake would be great. I’ve often had maps with long, snakey lakes where there’s been good land just a short distance over water, but to get there my villagers have to walk halfway across the map and back. You could make a length limit of 1/2 or even 1/3 of the maximum length of a piece of road, to keep it realistic.

As Medea pointed to: the devs say that the water in the current codebase is somewhat tricky to deal with and anything acting upon/reacting to it requires substantial coding, and thus will only likely come once the main game is released.

(unless you want to try modding it of course…)

LUA is not in my repertoire of languages I can write… :\

Assuming LUA is used for modding this game engine?

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