Rat killers

It would be helpful to have the office of a rat killer look different so they don’t blend in with houses so easily. Waste time looking for them to change their territory.


I’ll always click on one that I can find really easily- the others will highlight with a white border so I can find them and click on them pretty easily.
That little V-shaped building is filled with all the saved rat bones, for when the villagers figure out how to make bone broth. :wink:


I think the rat catchers sell the meat to the market as poultry… Lovely ‘chicken’ broth… not rat broth at all… no… not at all…

lol lol lol

I think they should add an upgrade option to have cats! Cats are great rat catchers, imagine it adding a small group of barn cats :slight_smile:


And then we end up like Australia with an out of control cat population that kills all the birds.

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I got round this by always placing the rat catcher in the exact same corner slot in every housing area, so at least I always know where to look for them…but yes might be nice if they had a bright red roof or something visible from a distance…or if we get different banners and flags for different professions (as barber shops used to get striped poles etc)

Yes i agree find they tend to blend in. some of the other production building could be tweaked as well. Or maybe by pressing a certain key on the keyboard would help highlight them

Luckily for us, neither birds nor feathers are commodities in FF, so Avian Ecological Disaster is of no importance in-game.
More to the point, though, like most games FF has one solution to each problem they offer, and the Rat Catcher is their solution to ‘Rats’ as a problem. Cats would be a far more efficient solution to that problem, but then having horses and mules as faster wagon/cart draft animals or goats, sheep, domestic pigs and chickens as meat and product (wool!) sources would also be neat, but redundant the way the game is presented now.

Cats would be a solitution that creates another problem… just like RL :sweat_smile:

Cats could also provide entertainment.

Dev stream of 8th July 2022:

"DarkenedSpear: Another question, are things like pets or animal companions a thing that could happen, either in the game’s current state or in the future?

Zantai: I think it would be pretty cool to have dogs and cats running around town. It’s not currently a feature. And that might be something to consider in the future though. Maybe, we’ll see.

Medierra: WHAT?! you totally shot down my cat system

Zantai: I did totally shoot down your cat system, but that was a mistake. I did tell you that. I was wrong. I was wrong to shoot down the cat system."

:crossed_fingers: it may get added to the game yet. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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