Reaper build questions (Devotions)

So I made a reaper recently wasn’t planning to start one but found some drops more centered around that so started one. Now my question is this I’m confused on what to do with my devotions…As reaper seems to focus on both cold and vitality not sure which way to take them. I was planning on going 2h for Soulrend but besides that unsure of what to do with it devotion wise. Should I focus on only vitality or cold devotions? Mix and match the two or what? (Ironically on my reaper I had a lot of Aether build stuff drop which was what I was leveling before I started this due to mixture of vitality and cold drops.)

Focus on either Vitality or Cold.

Cold can have some Vitality devotions because it usually has Vit -> conversion.
Also Cold is pretty flexible - you can go for Scales or Whirlpool or Ultos or Yugol - there are a lot of setups.

Here you have 3 Soulrend Reapers for inspiration:

(GDStashed tweaked for performance in Crucible,
may not be friendly for casual gameplay)

Of focusing on Vitality or Cold which would be easier? I am tempted to go cold as many of the Nightblade’s abilities have some cold. So I could take scales and still go cold? I admit scales is a favorite of mine.

I think at the leveling stage, cold or vitality is really depend on what gears you have. Vitality devo is very powerful both at damage (Rattosh + Dying god) and healing (Bat, Scale, Wendigo). Cold has some unique flavor, and has wide pools of devo for you to chose (Ultos, Leviathan, Yugol, Amatok). Personally i dont think devotion is the main reason for you to chose type of damage while leveling.

Well I am at 70 already so I figured I needed to start thinking what to do about devotions and such. Both seem good to me mind you I have little experience with Nightblade. Update-Would something like this work? (Keep in mind gear is best I’ve found so far) I mostly went with Cold but added a few Vitality devo’s/nodes to keep the damage respectable reason I have cold now is some of the abilities I want to use would benefit from that (Blade spirit,Ring of steel/ring of frost,etc.)

That’s what I’m using at the moment.

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Looking at your devotions being Cold focus I would focus on Cold and you could do something like that (just my take on it as I like item skills):

  • Winter King’s Might main damage ability

  • You need to use more skill to proc your devotions, for example 1p Blade Spirits to proc Twin Fangs, Omen to proc Blizzard, Winter King’s Might going to be Rumor super procer due to procing it with each of 3 projectiles

  • also then Veil of Shadow maxed out to support Cold damage

  • you could reset farm Vinelton for a Cold skill Winter King’s Might that scales with Casting Speed and Cold damage (Arcane Spark component if more Energy is needed)

  • Vitality to Cold conversion gear such as, need to get ASAP

  • also need Reduced Target Resistanced devotion, I chose Skeletons

  • here’s how I would imagine your character could look like very roughly (didn’t armor, pants, boots, rings to those with more appropriate stats, i.e. with Cold damage although while leveling you might want rather best resistances on those though but I changed devotions)

Grim Tools link sketch:

  • I found a gorgeous Faction cold 2h weapon from Death Vigil
  • as I said Cold devos are kinda flexible, I chose some different ones

Now I remembered that I have pretty unusual Dual Wield Cold Bone Harvest Reaper character that has a different approach to devotions because it has Scales of Ulcama (converted to Cold)