Rebuilding Cairn

Came here to look for this, found Rebuild Burrwitch from over a year ago.
Picking this up here again:

This might actually pull some new people to the game, because it speaks to a different audience wich has partial overlap. The fabric-quest was the one wich hooked me to the game.
Carving habitable order out of calamity is at the core of all heroic stories as well as our everday lives (or so I’ve read).
Whenever I read that a game was “strangely motivating” in spite of straight simple plots and bulky mechanics, I find starting out into a collapsed world and having loads to do to significantly improve things was what you did. NWN1 and gothic come to mind.
Same reason home depots advertise your ghostly face inside those new staircase you build.

Arguing for market-data based financial feasability here.
Also, I would put up expansion money right know Kickstarter style if you work on this.

To make this mod interesting for everyone, enabling higher tiers of crafting, maybe needing MUCH more an tiered materials, by rebuilding workshops, should pull the powerseeking, competitive completionists we all are :wink:


maybe this is actually what their city building game is gonna be :thinking:

One can only hope. :crate:

Welcome to the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

Well, since the game is effectively finished, apart from some additions Crate plan to add like the new sets coming and the 5th rogue, I can’t see them adding anything that to the game. It’s been asked for over the years, but they decided to concentrate on new content rather than adding to old content.

And the town builder has nothing to do with the GD universe.

To be honest, I’d love to see a mod where you could rebuild the whole Cairn world. The idea sounds super nice, but it kind of doesn’t fit, at least in my opinion, as an official addition to the game.

As Medea said, chances for expanding this are probably slim. We can only hope that Crate will one day make GD2 and remember all the positive feedback about this. Building on this feature and tying it into to the story should attract a lot of players given the popularity of other games that have used this.

Yeah, I should think Crate have a long list of things players would like to see included in a GD2.

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Oh, I would love this so much! And while they’re at it, they should add player hideouts with craftable interior and everything!
High hopes for GD2 :upside_down_face:

I very much like the idea, but it’s not gonna happen anytime soon. Hopefully the new upcoming town builder game will satisfy our needs.

Also on that note: Total War:Cairn and Civilization:Cairn when??

I still would like some minor repair and fetch quests for the New Harbor area. That place has potential I wish they tap into it at some point.