Reduce mortar trap/storm totem cd

with immortal pets lifetime getting their cooldown completely removed the 4.5s CD on mortar trap and storm totem stand out like a sore thumb in terms of quality of life. No reason to have a cooldown this long as it just makes levelling/SR clear speed take a lot longer for no reason and feels like pulling teeth to play. For storm totem/wind devil it’s somewhat understandable as these skills have shorter lifespan entirely and the CD is used to limit the amount you can have active at a time without appropiate gear. With mortar trap being built with its long lifespawn in mind its CD instead serves no purpose other than to make your game even more shitty. Anderos + either green tome or codex of truths is the only real answer to this but this severely limits your choices in itemization; despite its appearances anderos is an awful weapon for mortar trap builds. Heres some tips to make your game suck less:
-reduce default CD of mortar trap to ~3 seconds
-remove the -2s CD on anderos
-possibly do the same with wind devil and storm totem but reduce -Xs CD on relevant items as well as shorten lifespan slightly

inb4 retarded faggot zantai cries about needing a grimtools link again since he never learned how to read and does not want to learn

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Well, that’ll make him take you seriously. :laughing:

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That and to limit outgoing burst dps, since the damage potential of multiple mortars is exponentially greater than that of Guardians/Blade Spirits.

In any event,

In b4 lock.

There is nothing burst about mortar traps, its a continous dps over a long period of time, and one that only stops tickling and starts doing damage at max mortars. You’re thinking of storm totem/wind devils for a “burst dps” player scale pet, which is strange because nobody thinks of lightning builds in this game anymore lol

If you could set 3-6 down one-after-another in sequence, then it would be burst, and extremely high at that with conversion.

In any event, modding tools are that way. Make all your dreams come true.

You can read minds too?!? Incredible!

Nope. I meant what I said.

If Mortars had no CD (or one smaller than your CS), the capability for outgoing damage would be immense…if with a significant energy/second cost.

Except that already exists in the form of anderos + arcane tome, you can try a <0.5s CD mortar trap setup for yourself and see how “”“immense”"" its dps is lol

Mortars have enough devastating potential, especially combined with other skills.
And you can reduce their CD via certain items.

and this seems like rushing a dragon being only in pants. we may not love Z but let’s respect each other’s efforts.

That’s the point of those items. You dedicate parts of your character to Mortar Trap by taking the items that buff Mortar Trap. That’s how player choice and character building interact with one another.

Then what’s the point of this thread?


that anderos amplifier is dogshit and I’m constantly annoyed that I have to use it unless I want my game to be slow for no reason? Regardless of CD time you are going to hit max traps in an engagement eventually, difference is one wastes 10 seconds of my time and the other requires a bad item.

Then make a suggestion to change its situation.

I’ve never seen a thread going places this quickly.


What Ceno said. This is not helpful feedback.

If I did it would probably break kalastor builds or some stupid shit, but for mortar traps it lacks + to demo skills (purifier mortar traps is a meme nowadays with shieldbreaker) its flat to mortar trap isn’t enough to justify its poor +% damage compared to daggers meant for actual fire casters like grim fate, really it’s only useful parts are the CDR and the damage added to mortars which is counteracted by its lower % anyways. Giving it any of those would just put it out of line with other pistols which are meant for attack builds.

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Lmao, dude, banter aside, let’s get real here.

I would get instabanned for like half of what that dude did :rofl:


Doesn’t seem like it to me. For example, omnitrio’s Purifier looks solid.

If you want to make claims that Mortar Purifier is bad, back up your words with evidence.

First post - allowed a little leeway. But only a little.

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