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Level 12 Haruspex and enjoying it…breath of fresh air for Grim Dawn…thanks for this mod…looking forward for more content…

Hey Asylum, what are the chances I could coerce you into making a Soulvizier version (the skill tree changes at least)?

That would be gnarly.

Love, powbam

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It would be really amazing if you (or someone) would update these masteries to take advantage of bigger, 50 point, mastery bar.

Like adding more skills and/or expanding on existing ones. Then these masteries could be added together with the GD masteries for even more awesomeness.

awesome job asylum101 thanks

Thank you for this mods
It would be possible to up the file tags_mod_need.txt plz.Comme I play french is to incorporate a translation community
thank you in advance

SV I don’t think I will be doing any time soon, that’s a little too much to put on my plate. Once I get balance issues sorted, itemization additions (staves, spears, mastery-based affixes), and more, I might consider it but I have other plans still. If I did this it would have to be a separate mod because you know, some people want SV, some people want classic TQ, some people want GD reworks on TQ skills, some people want more enemies, some want less enemies, etc etc.

Well I’m sure you’ve already seen but there already is 50 points for the mastery, but there are no skills at the higher tiers and some of the middle tiers are left blank because I put the skills on the exact mastery #s rather than tiers.

Currently I do want to do this, add more skills and expand current ones but I have no plans at the moment. It’s just something I’d like to do if I have time. I’d probably take some stuff from SV, as powbam suggested above, but like I said, too much for me to handle at the moment so it won’t be for a while.

As for your last question - can’t. :frowning: Max masteries is 9, hardcap set by the engine until Crate removes it.

Good point, I will upload my txt file to the original post for translators.

No rush, no rush. Just wanted to throw it out there. I figured doing what you plan so far would be a bit of work yet so I’m content to wait and watch. It would probably be alot easier to do SV after you get your current plans done anyway.

The main reason I like SV is for the skeletal summons. Cool stuff.

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I was excited to try this mod, but when I click on the download link it doesn’t load anything up. My browser tab displays moddb.com, but nothing loads up.

Edit: Never mind - the site is just chugging along insanely slow.

Holy crap, that was fast. Nice work Asylum.

Great work thanks just one thing with the flame surge since u took away the recharge why is the cool down still 6 seconds ?
also disarm says damage to constructs, is there constructs in the game ?

The cooldown is still being reduced by the Barrage modifier, it’s a text bug you just found! :slight_smile:

No really, try it yourself. Put 1 point into barrage, you will see the tooltip say nothing about cooldown reduction but if you hover over the tooltip of flamesurge, the cooldown goes down.

Thanks, now I have to figure out how to tag this in the tags…if its even possible…

Disarm was supposed to be DEVICES, but I changed it because there is no device race anymore (similarly, Dream has damage to Chthonics instead of demons). I really don’t think there are many constructs either, probably none that you can kill. Sooo yea there probably will be a change there. Speaking of racial things, I guess I should bring that up now as a poll or something?

Rogue’s Disarm Poll:

Spirit’s Spirit Ward Poll:

Note - if I do the changes to encompass TWO races, I will probably have to nerf the benefits because Spirit Ward is extremely strong.

Poor golem he broken :frowning:

That’s actually a common visual bug with GD. I think it (might) depend on your video settings. The golem boss thingy at the end of Forgotten Passage can display this bug sometimes.

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Even the player does it sometimes, not really something i can fix

Yeah. I think it is related to the bug when you are holding a gun with certain chest armors equipped and your hand/arm shows detached from the body at lower visual qualities.

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The “lay trap” spawns to close to u. it should be like the demo traps u throw if u can.

Are the bow animation working for the ranger class? I will try the mod out when I get a chance.

No bows :o

Hunter class uses rifles/pistols/crossbows and 1h/2h swords for the time being. Until I can get some kind of spear workaround, that’s what we’re stuck with. Bows probably will not happen. I can only make staves and spears, or spears and bows, I feel like staves are more important…

was just just thinking this possibility earlier. Many thx Asylum:p

not enough different weapon types available (much like masteries are restricted) ?

couldn’t you just lump them together with 2h ranged ?

So you are intending to add the TQ items for this ? No need to add a weapon class if you do not also add weapons :wink:

Will this include the uniques (even if maybe the are is a reskinned GD unique) ?