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Hi guys, I’m having an issue where the mastery bar and the bottom row of passive skills aren’t hoverable or clickable. I have the latest GD update and the latest Grimarillion version. Is there any settings I can change to fix this?

Remove your UI mod

Hello, after reinstalling game, downloading grimarillionv83 and updating database in Item Assistant I got this picture - 215 obsolete items. Is this a bug on my side or those items were removed\reworked in last update?
Another question - problem with Titan Quest items in Item Assistant - they have no class shown on skills. Diablo 3 items are okay.

They may be reworked ones. There’s a mechanism in the latest version of the mod where you take it to the salt ring by Hangman Jarvis and drop the item there to get its stats updated.

Obsolete items will eventually be removed, but for now you can trade them in as medea said. Obsolete items were moved around and renamed internally to make my life easier, but the old ones still exist so you guys don’t lose them (if you have them). If you’re just giving yourself the items, don’t use obsolete items.

v84 Changelog

*Updated D3 mod to 4.2
*Diablo fight adjusted, Diablo can no longer nullify the player, tweaked various stats including HP and damage of skills. Added new voice lines. (Lots of changes here, this is a Grimarillion only change.)

*Updated some global monster vehavior and view distance stuff to the latest GD values.
*The Emissary will now spawn immediately after talking to John Bourbon in Devil’s Crossing and accepting the quest to kill the Reanimator. This will allow you to go to the Coven at level 1.
*Upon completing the Emissary’s first quest, if you are level 1 and playing on normal, you will become level 15. If you are higher than level 1 or playing on any other difficulty, you will gain the normal amount of XP.
*Added new dialog options to Mazaan, the Keeper of Portals. You can now choose between vanilla SR or the Boss-Rush SR that Grimarillion has offered for a while now. In addition, you can choose an option to enable drops while in SR as well.

*The Great Black Pearl - Fixed an issue with missing skill modifiers.
*The Black Pearl Pendant - Fixed an issue with missing skill modifiers.
*Djed of Osiris - removed All Damage and Crit Dmg to Skeletal Soldiers. Added -2 second recharge to Skeletal Soldiers. Added +2 skill bonus to Skeletal Soldiers and reduced Outsider skill bonus to +2.
*Silence - removed damage modifier to Skeletal Soldiers. Added -1 second recharge.
*Ymir’s Permafrost - removed the Divine quality tag from the level 65 variant
*Blessing of the Gods - removed the huge flat spirit from Lesser variant. Reduced DA and Elemental resistance on all variants.
*Thorny Maul - replaced Warfare mastery bonus on Greater variant with Nature mastery bonus as intended.
*Dwarven Bone Fetish - reduced Acid Damage to Poison Gas Bomb modifier.
*Chthonian Needler - reduced Vitality Damage to Poison Gas Bomb modifier.
*Mantikhoras - reduced Acid Damage to Poison Gas Bomb modifier.
*Archer’s Prowess - now autocasts the granted buff on attack.
*Cobra’s Venom - now autocasts the granted spell on attack.
*Jin Chan’s Pride - now autocasts the granted spell when hit.
*Qilin’s Favor - now autocasts the granted buff on attack.
*Shai’s Whim - now autocasts the granted debuff on attack.
*Wen Shen’s Gift - now autocasts the granted buff on attack.
*Yellow Emperor’s Mindfulness - now autocasts the granted buff on attack.
*Ring of Shang - reduced damage values slightly, reworked skill bonuses.
*Prostasia - reduced health and regen values slightly, reworked skill bonuses and added defensive pet bonus.
*Ring of Gaia - removed all traces of elemental damage bonuses, added ele to acid conversion for pets, reworked skill bonuses, and replaced all damage on granted skills with acid/poison.
*Band of Domination - added % bleeding, slightly reduced elemental resistance, added chaos resistance, removed flat HP, reworked skill bonuses, reworked pet bonuses to be phys/bleed focused.
*Signet of Hope - removed block damage modifier, added phys/bleed modifiers, reworked skill bonuses, added pet bonuses.
*Eye of Reveries - removed cold damage modifiers, added flat chaos damage, added vitality/fire conversion to chaos, reworked skill bonuses, replaced all damage modifier from pet bonus and granted skill with % chaos damage.
*Wellspring - replaced thorn spray skill bonus with Rally, removed cooldown reduction, swapped elemental resist with aether, swapped DA with OA, reworked pet bonuses.
*Fervor of Leucetius - lots of tweaks. Trying to find the sweet spot for this hybrid axe.

Astral Rift:
*Fixed an issue where the base aura was stuck at level 0 and resulted in an invisible pet with no fx.

Poison Gas Bomb:
*Slow removed.
*Fragment travel distance increased. slightly (this means the skill will have a slightly larger AOE, ~ 0.5 m)
*Reduced acid damage scaling.
*Reduced base energy cost and scaling.

Poison Gas Bomb - Shrapnel:
*Reduced energy cost scaling.
*Reduced flat pierce damage scaling.
*Increased bleed damage.

Poison Gas Bomb - Poison Mayhem:
*Removed resistance reduction.
*Added Slow.

*Added % Chaos damage.

Winter Winds:
*Reduced rank 26 weapon damage.
*Flat damage at low ranks increased.
*Minimum physical damage scaling reduced, maximum scaling increased slightly.
*Minimum cold damage scaling reduced, maximum scaling increased slightly.

Winter Winds - Hypothermia:
*Reduced base cold damage and scaling slightly.
*Increased base vitality damage and scaling slightly.

*Increased base flat damage.
*Reduced rank 26 weapon damage, reduced flat damage scaling.

Warwind - Lacerate:
*Reduced bleed damage slightly.

Summon Terracotta Warrior:
*Fixed an issue with the tooltip wrongly displaying something called “Tremor”.

As usual - back up your characters just in case, but there should be no reason for anything to become lost.
This is a fairly small update, mostly bug fixes, balance tweaks and a few new fun scripts.



Is this supposed to be for any TQ item that drops in the mod?

“Added a unique drop sound for Grim Quest items.”

Because I’ve picked up several and have yet to hear the sound. For example I got a Lesser Bonecrusher as a drop today; no sound for that at all.

It’s kind of particular how it triggers, I’m not sure why. It will work almost 100% of the time when you drop it manually from your inventory.


After updating to 0.84, I encounter this bug where my D3 skeleton archers would do T-pose, and it seems that the AI is dead. The Golem meanwhile would not come out of the ground.

in D3 4.2, Grimer did some changes to both of these summons, so I think the problem is that it is from one of the updates did not come through. Btw, melee skeletons are doing fine.

I did redownload the mod and make a new character, but encounter the same bug.

I tested it and it does make the sound, I guess when you have lots of items dropping the game just uses one sound and maybe has like a ‘sound cooldown’. Or maybe some item types have a better chance to make the sound than others, no idea, nothing I can really do about it. It’s definitely working though, check the link below, but lower your volume just in case…


Can’t say I’ve heard anything like that when a TQ item drops. :woman_shrugging:

I confirm the Archers and Golem bugs are happening on my end as well. There’s something about the change to D3 4.2 that’s killing these pets.

No - it was my mistake, I overlooked some files, I’ll reupload soon.

I’ve reuploaded Grimar v84, no changelog, it’s just fixes for D3 content.

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Thanks you so much. it is working now

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Updated to v84, started a new Outrider/Nature character. Grabbed stuff from my stash including a couple of Lesser Living Rings which are obsolete. Took both to the salt ring; one updated, the other didn’t. Tried several times, but second still wouldn’t update.

Allowing to choose between boss rush and vanilla SR is a huge improvement, I will look on how you did this.
From a balance perspective, Boss rush should earn less rewards since it’s faster to do, in m’y opinion.

Eh, balance wise, I’m not really concerned. Loot is hard enough to come by when you have the thousands of additional items from GQ and D3. You can play Level 11 or something to get insane amounts of loot from rogue-like dungeons, SR is unaffected by Grimmest so you can’t benefit the same way.

Regarding the method, it’s fairly simple imo, and that’s coming from someone who can barely read/understand lua script. The dialog with Maazan has a new option, if you select it you get a token. If you have the token, the SR rulesets are swapped.

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I started looking into it, have to finish checking later but it looks like some items are skipped/ignored on the script for whatever reason. Maybe they aren’t even in the script heh. I’ll finish checking later to get the complete list of ‘broken’ obsolete items.

Well, it’s just weird because they were exactly the same item. I could understand it if they were different ones, but I copied the item twice from GDStash into the transfer stash so no difference between them. :woman_shrugging: