[REL] Grimarillion v90d

You’re welcome :). Found strange issue with Depravities - he’s extremely large, so large that doesn’t even fit the screen, lol. And Kra’vall still dies after 1 phase :undecided:

I don’t understand how some of these things were updated and some weren’t. I’ll post an updated database today. (full db rebuild should do the trick…) Maybe on my lunch break in a few hours.

Trance of wrath I’ll have to look, it uses a different template than censure so it is not a simple change.

Ishtar was a combination of things that made it stupid strong. 7 summons obviously was overkill, but also I noticed it was not scaling properly. Instead of scaling with pet or player damage it was scaling with monster stats… Fixed that so now it might need a damage nerf.


Does the damage conversion (physical to cold/lightning) on the base skill effect pets? On skills like IEE the damage conversion applies only to the caster while the everything else is applied as an aura. Not sure if these work the same, and I’m not sure of an easy way to test that on my own.[/QUOTE]
I came up with a way to test this and was able to confirm that the damage conversion does NOT apply to pets (found another 40% conversion physical to elemental conversion, used both aura, and saw that physical RR still boosted my pet’s damage). It’d be nice to see that part of the pet bonus restored.

  • I killed the Fleshwarden Krieg, but can’t open the AEther Barriers.
  • Bryers Journex (or however it was called) has now Tag not found as its name

A small question: How do you get forgotten souls?

Mobs drop it.

Thanks for the Bryner’s report, its empowered and mythical versions are ok tho.

Small Update:



Installation Process:

*First you must already have Grimarillion OR Ungrim v61 installed.
*Then download 61a of whatever version you are using. If you are using Ungrim, download Ungrim 61a. If Grimarillion, download grimarillion 61a.
*To install, simply open the 7z file you downloaded, open it up, then drag and drop the folder into your mod folder (Grim Dawn/mods/). If you have done this properly, it will ask to overwrite some files, just say yes and you will be ready to go.

v61a Changelog

Tongue Of Flame:
*Fixed an issue where this wasn’t updated in 61 as intended.

Conqueror’s Mark:
*Fixed an issue where this wasn’t updated in 61 as intended.

Pale Moon:
*Fixed an issue where this wasn’t updated in 61 as intended.

Ethereal Veil:
*Fixed an issue where this wasn’t updated in 61 as intended.
*Increased the movement speed by 25%.
*Debuff amount increased to 18%.

Talisman of the Jade Emperor:
*Fixed an issue where this wasn’t updated in 61 as intended.
*Updated the description of the skill to reflect the changes made.

Star of Ishtar:
*Fixed an issue where there were conflicting tags causing Avatar of Bast and Isthar’s Scimitar Spirit to show the wrong name information on the tooltip.
*Reduced amount of summons down to 1 again.
*Increased cooldown to 30 seconds (otherwise it will constantly resummon and kill itself)
*Removed the pet widget and set the controllers to always be aggressive.
*Fixed the description so that the Scimitar Spirits were named as intended.

Sigil of Bast:
*Fixed an issue where there were conflicting tags causing Avatar of Bast and Isthar’s Scimitar Spirit to show the wrong name information on the tooltip.
*Removed the pet widget and set the controllers to always be aggressive.
*Set the proc activation to trigger on attack.
*Fixed an issue where the summon was not scaling with the player.

Heart of Earth:
*Fixed an issue where this wasn’t updated in 61 as intended.

Trance of Wrath:
*Changed the template.
*Removed Reduced target’s resistances stat.
*Now reduces physical, lightning, and vitality resistances.

Arctic Shell
*Added Phys to Cold damage conversion for pets.

Storm Nimbus:
*Added Phys to Lightning damage conversion for pets.

*Depravities “growth” adjusted…
*Fixed an issue that caused Kra’vall to die prematurely.

I appreciate the quick fixes.

I probably should have mentioned this before, but Earth Enchantment has the same issue damage conversion issue for pets. It’s less of a big deal since it’s not a regression, but if the intention is to have the conversion apply to pets you’ll need to add explicit conversion.

Everything works fine, except trance of wrath now applying -RR to my resists and flat IT bonus to my attacks :smiley:

Tried deleting the grimarillion/ungrim folders in both GOG Galaxy and in local saves as well, as well as deleting the old Grim Quest folders then reinstalled from v59 to v60b. Still just coming up with the base game. :frowning: Any ideas?

What does the Custom Game game select screen look like? First guess would be you have the mod a folder too deep or something. If not clear, what I am asking is do you select the mod and then just get the base game or do you not even have the option to select the mod?

Yes, selecting the mod isn’t a problem, it’s in the custom mods section of the main menu. It’s just when I actually set it and then launch that I end up with only the base game masteries.

Path for extraction of the files is:

D:\GOG Galaxy\Games\Grim Dawn\mods\grimarillion_ungrim

which is what I’ve always used and had no problems.

Extraction gives this:

D:\GOG Galaxy\Games\Grim Dawn\mods\grimarillion_ungrim\grimarillion_ungrim

to get to the database and resources and again always has as far as I know.

Screenshots again. This was with V61 supposedly installed, but I get the same now having reinstalled from v59 to v60b, i.e. without v61.

I am no expert, but… Either you wrote the wrong path, or you extracted it into a subfolder of the Mod folder.
As in, the path for the database should be
D:\GOG Galaxy\Games\Grim Dawn\mods\grimarillion_ungrim\database
And so on.

I didn’t write it, that’s how it was extracted by WinRAR when I gave it this path:

D:\GOG Galaxy\Games\Grim Dawn\mods\grimarillion_ungrim

so if it’s put it in a sub folder then I assume that’s what it’s meant to do. I have always used this path so I can’t see that’s what’s causing the problem.

I am not even sure how Asylum is packing this, but when I was packing it, there would be a nested folder and people would end up with stuff like:
D:\GOG Galaxy\Games\Grim Dawn\mods\grimarillion_ungrim\grimarillion_ungrim

where there are 2 folders with same name and thus the mod was too deep in the folder structure to be found by the game. you should just need to cut the grimarillion_ungrim folder (last part of path) and paste it into mods (overwriting the grimarillion_ungrim folder in the mods folder) so that you can rid of that extra folder.

But, iirc, they would not see world001.map in the custom game selection, so maybe your problem is not the same?

Yes, that’s what’s happening when the files are extracted even though the path doesn’t have the second part.

I’ll try uninstalling and reinstalling with just the bit up to the mods and see if that makes a difference. Weird though since as far as I know it’s always put that second folder in. :undecided:

Success! It was that second folder causing the problem. Just extracting to D:\GOG Galaxy\Games\Grim Dawn\mods\ has done the trick as it’s only putting the one folder in now for both versions. Did still have one of my Guardians of the Elements missing skills, but as I’d backed up all my characters before installing I was able to put that one back to normal as well. Whew!

Thanks jiaco, love the mods you guys made and would hate not to be able to play it.

Asylum101, while you’ve labellled the latest version as v61, ingame it shows up as v60d.

Thank you very much for the quick update and for the pet conversion fixes. I’ll apply the newest update later tonight once I get the last devotion shrine for 100/55.

A few points I wanted to bring up:

Storm class is focused on Cold and Lightning, and yet Freezing Blast reduces resistances for Physical and Vitality? It’s a skill with 3 second duration and 8 second cooldown, so you have to be very careful using it properly (and I’m hoping it’s not a OFF-type skill where it only works if you freeze the enemy, otherwise it’s even worse), but why does Storm reduce these resistances and not have any Elemental RR at all?

Same with Rogue Class - it’s known for converting Physical to Acid, but it has no Poison RR as well. What’s worse, Necromancers and Shamans - both of which have pets that do Poison damage- have no Poison RR, so it’d be very hard to use either of these classes with it. I know there are other pets that have pure Physical damage, which I can use with the Rogue class for Physical to Acid conversion, but it’d be nice for Rogue to provide a little more utility.

Hunting Class - Study Prey gives an absurd amount of -% DA (Blade Trap levels of it, but actually usable against bosses), and I’d personally recommend doing what TQIT did and add Bleeding RR to the skill.

I appreciate if anyone could give some info about this:

It seems Royal Gems are pretty rare now, right? As they are supposed to be…
Forgotten Souls has the same droprate of Royal Gems, but… are they dropping at all? They’re in the components loottable, maybe I’ll have to move it to crafting_materials loottable (tainted brain, ugdenbloom, etc) or something else.

Yes, royal gems are rare now, and i still haven’t got a single forgotten soul in my 5h session…
Edit: Scimitar spirit damage should be nerfed by 30-40%.

Good morning,

This is my first post on the forum as I have only recently purchased GD while it was on sale. I have not purchased AoM yet.

I’m enjoying the Grimarillion mod very much that I even purchased a second copy of the game for a friend of mine instead of buying TQAE for us.
However, I seem to have found an issue.
It concerns the Rogue class, I enjoy using Lay Trap and prior to the recent mod update (I was using 60d) the damage seems to be doing something strange.

In 60d, the damage from Lay Trap and it’s passive addon, Multishot, seemed to give the correct values from what I noticed, the higher end damage was deducted by 50% as well as the lower end.
In 61 and 61a, I see values in the expected range but I also see single digits, even though my current tooltip output states 60-100, give or take for both physical and piercing.

Tested with removing multishot and damage can still yield single digit numbers on occasion. I also have not spec points into anything further along Lay Trap passive as I have not gained the levels yet.

Also, with the D3 Necromancer class, I have noticed that all the summon skills such as Command Skeletons don’t seem to be working.
Their tooltips states under attributes, 0 health.
When I use the skill, the skeletons appear and disappear just as quickly.

I’m not sure if AoM is required for this mod as I have not read anything of the sort on the forum or even if having AoM will fix anything.

Thank you again for the great mod, looking forward to more updates.

AOM is absolutely required for the mod to work properly. There’s a number of skills that are guaranteed not to work without it.

As for Lay Trap… what items/devotions do you have? Maybe a proc or some weird bug with an item/devotion. I’ve noticed the trap has different FX on attacks based on the dmg you deal even though the trap itself gains no flat damage from you (it has no % weapon damage). It might help if you took a screenshot or something, but I am not sure this is a bug I can fix, if it even is a bug. I am not seeing what you are saying. During the entire duration of my traps I’ve tested in the past minute or so, at level 1 with no modifiers, there is no single digit damage dealt from the trap.

D3 Necro skeletons, works fine for me…

and no vanishing tricks either.