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Note that non-English versions must also contain these 6 dialogue texts.
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Thanks, I had overlooked the conversations.arc. I’ll add this point to the explanation for translators.

Okay, I solved it myself, and also fixed the warehouse switching button.

A bit daft for this to have +2 to Reckless Offense when that skill is melee only. :confounded:


For some reason “Moneybags” Martin isn’t showing an icon on the mini-map.

Alright so I’m just gonna upload this now, to give you all a week to test it and make sure it’s playable, after this week I’ll be out of commission for some time.

This is gonna be a different changelog. My previous one got lost, not really sure what happened it’s just gone so I’m gonna fill this out by memory and with very little, vague detail. Sorry!

v87c Changelog


*Removed Active Energy Cost from a few skills that shouldn’t have had it anymore.
*Added Energy Reserve to a few skills that were missing it.
*IDK if these changes made in the last update (87b) but fixed a UI issue in the character sheet 2 and 3.
*Like above, fixed an issue with epic and legendary set transumations not having access to all modded sets.
*Repaired the gate at Devil’s Crossing. (It should still auto-open when you approach)

*Updated to 4.8 (posted on 12-11-2023)

Shattered Affixes:
*Adjusted capitalization of a few item names.
*Removed attribute potion from possible drops.
*Purged some older stuff that SA didn’t use anymore.
*Re-added chance for Corrupt Affixes and item destruction. Also added a chance for Shattered Items to be crafted with 1 or 0 affixes.

*Fixed a bug with grimmest enemies scaling too high on the higher difficulties when the player is a low level.

*Reskill Runes that granted auras or passive benefits have had their skills restricted to the slot they normally occur on. Debuff auras are not affected by this.

*Reskill Runes that granted auras or passive benefits have had their skills dumbed down, due to the fact that they are now competing for components, they should not be BIS. Let me know if these feel TOO weak now and we can figure something out.

Grim Armory:
*Updated and properly added some missing files. Try Steps of Torment!

Grim Quest:
*Updated Relic formulas to be similar to the updated Grim Dawn relic formulas. If you don’t know what that means… recipes now only require up to ONE relic instead of 3 or more for the high tier ones. In addition the crafting material costs and iron costs have been increased. Furthermore, the GQ relics will now specifically use Electrum Coins instead of any other GD crafting materials.

*Updated several GQ Relics. Many relic level requirements were adjusted. Level 18 relics were bumped up to 25, 50 relics to 60, 70 relics probably bumped to 90.

*Dvalinn’s Simulacrum got the biggest changes, becoming a permanent summon but reducing it’s summon limit to 1. The skills available to the variants have been updated, now all Simulacrums have relevant RR and Auras, in addition to having 1 basic attack, 1 minor AOE, 1 big AOE, and a strong single target attack.

*Fixed some animation issues with the Liche when you had an item that would give you a Liche Variant.

*Reverted the textures of the base Liche to the ‘classic’ TQ look. Currently (v87b) he is red and that’s not what he should be unless he has a model swap.

*Updated the AI of the Thorn Sprites, they will now be tethered a little closer to the player.

*Thorn Sprites are no longer invulnerable.

*Attack Range of Thorn Sprites basic attack was reduced

*Nightmare pet had some adjustments, increased damage and range for Hypnotic Gaze, reduced range for Psionic Beam, increased health and physique.

*Lots of behind the scenes stuff, cleanup. You shouldn’t notice this but if you see weird stuff, report it please. (Thanks to Crate and the newly added console log for allowing some of this cleanup stuff to have even been noticed)

*Changed 1h Ranged Rune Affix “Reckless”, now grants +2 to Magical Charge, a modifier to Rune Weapon.

*New script that will allow Forgotten Souls and Electrum Coins to have a chance to drop any time a hero or boss drops a constitution item. If a Vital Essence drops, there is a 20% chance to get one of these materias. If it’s a normal food ration, only 10% chance.

I’m sure I missed a lot but … there you go. Hunt down the hidden changes if you want!


Full download only for this one.

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Updated the Rainbow File for v87c.

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Found a wierd component:

Edit: all saphires are like that.

Thanks for the report, I’ll have this fixed soon.

v88 Changelog

Fixed an issue with missing bitmaps for Sapphires.
Fixed an issue where the summons from Razor Claw, Spirit Blight, and Summoner’s Totem relics were only being summoned when you targeted an enemy.
Fixed an issue where the Electrum Coins and Forgotten Souls were dropping too frequently. (Breaking in the new script!)
Added Priest Mastery (Thanks to Grimer)
Added Illusionist Mastery (Thanks to T3ndo and Bane)
Added Reanimator Mastery (Thanks to T3ndo and Bane)
Shattered Affixes - reduced failure rate to 10%, decreased corruption rate (15%), increased double affix success rate (40%). Single Affix rate is ~25%, and no affixes is 10% chance. (nothing happens)
Shattered Affixes - added a chance for helmets, gloves, and boots to become Corrupt.
Shattered Affixes - legendary weapons that drop from shrines at the end of SR (above wave 110) can drop with affixes, but have a chance to be corrupted.


A small hotfix for minor things but I decided to squeeze some goodies in there since I finished it faster than I expected to. 3 new classes! Merry Christmas! :stuck_out_tongue:


Merry christmas :smiley:


Hello, Can add another download link?
For example:

Oh wow! 3 more masteries to play with. My altoholism is going to get even worse now. :upside_down_face:


Guess we need some new class names

Yeah get to work.

Is there MI item for these 3 classes? Where can I find it?

Check the Darkest Dawn Reborn thread.

Priest has some MI and set items, you’ll have to figure out which ones though, I have no idea.

Thanks I found it

The words “Critical Damage” and the pop-up are not showing up in the Pets section of the II tab on the Character Sheet.

Here’s the fixed file, in an attempt to return the favor. :grinning:

ui.zip (2.7 KB)