[MOD] Darkest Dawn - 2 new classes and more

Download, a few screenshots and more text: http://www.nexusmods.com/grimdawn/mods/14/?

The important parts:

What does this mod offer?

Two new classes, each with 31+ new skills, as well as tweaks and extensions to existing classes.
New classes are integrated to blend in with the existing game as good as I can; I don’t want this mod to “feel” like a mod. That means that everything has custom art and effects. By “custom”, I mean that 98% of the skill icons and other art you see are handdrawn on my Galaxy Note (lol); the rest uses abandoned files from the developers. I also made it a point to integrate the classes into itemization; you’ll find affixes, as well as certain epic and legendary items, that carry bonuses to the individual new skills and skill trees.

What are the new classes all about?

New class 1 is the Necromancer. You can argue that this is not the most creative of choices, but it fits the game well - since we do have the Order of Death’s Vigil as joinable faction in place, and some lore on Uroboruuk to hook into.
Necromancers excel at summoning, and have the highest pet count - three skills that summon, and two of those skills can spawn more than one ally. The summons follow a classical RPG scheme (melee attacker, ranged physical attacker, mage). Additionally, he has spells that deal physical damage and do some crowd control, and a few abilities that dynamically boost pets at the expense of the caster, as well as the most defensive exclusive skill in the game.

New class 2 is the Illusionist. This one has no lore in Grim Dawn, so I made it up. Illusionist focus on manipulative magic such as mind control, sleep and petrification. Their skills have a few nods to the Nightblade tree as well as Titan Quest’s Dream mastery, but are a lot different from most things you’ve seen in Grim Dawn so far. Expect to work with crowd control, damage-over-time, suicide bomber summons who leech energy and debuff, and teleportation.

If you want to contribute, give me feedback on higher level gameplay. Especially curious on how the Illusionist does on Ultimate with his crowd control debuffs.

Hello !

Thank you for your work :slight_smile:
I will try it as soon as i can, i am HUGE fan of new classes, as gameplay is what i prefer in any video game.

My only remark so far is that another modder created a class called necromancer

I don’t want to create a conflict or any thing! Any contribution to this awesome game is welcome.
But this might be confusing. Is there a way to differientiate them maybe ?

Good job already

Every modder for some reason thinks they need to make their own version of a necromancer. There’s a third and I think fourth one made by yet more people out there as well.

I called dibs though, so mine’s technically the original one. :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh man this looks super sweet! Thankyou for all your hard work! I also loved your skyrim mods and got hours of enjoyment from them!

Any plans of merging this with grimmest mod? I’ve gotten somewhat accustomed to fighting a metric ton of enemies at once haha.

Looking forward to all the future goodness you create!

Hate to break it to you but the first one released would be the original, but that is nit picking still great looking mod may need to check it out!

As far as calling dibs does not exist in the internet just play 10 games of League of legends and you will find out that your dibs means nothing.

10 games of mid schoolers yelling “fcku u nigr I’ll fck ur mom fgt”? No thanks. I come from a culture where we respect manners and dibs.

At some point, maybe. After 1.0. Not sure if you remember, but I did m4ssboss3s for Titan Quest, so fighting billions of enemies and bosses is up my alley.

Great! Looking forward to all your upcoming work, shall be playing the hell out of it :smiley:

KIR4, not sure why people are choosing to be critical instead of elated with joy for more mods . Options are nice and more is always better! Thanks for Sharing!

Looks really exciting, I can tell you put a TON of TLC into this mod, can’t wait to give it a spin. Nexus Mods is telling me that it’s uploading the latest version.

New classes are not that interesting without merging with other mods… Will you post a source? If you don’t want to - I can do it for you instead.

I think that means nothing…:p. everyone have right to name his new mastery any word, while nec is a really common name. Different contents means different necromancers
You can just distinct one NEC from another by the mod name. while you never get confused from NEC in d2 and NEC in gw2,not it?

I just downloaded and tried it a little bit.
Really interesting concept so far but I just just noticed one little problem at the beginning : enemy that’s affected by mind control didn’t draw enough aggro to make the skill effective :wink:

Decellerate is toggled skill? just not mentioned in tooltip.

would you merge it with grimmer and grimmest please? maybe its just me but the normal game version became boring for me with those 2-3 monsters per screen :wink:

I’ll include sources once the mod hits version 1.0.
Due to how the AssetManager detects “edited” records, the mod contains more “false edits” than needed right now, which could result in more merging conflicts than needed.

Yup, toggled.

Just want to say thank for sharing your effort and creativity with the community. This looks interesting but with the update coming soon(?) it may have to wait a while before trying this mod out.

Updated mod and added a “Grimmest”-merge on the nexus page.

I really appreciate how much hard work and effort has been put into creating this mod especially due to

98% of the skill icons and other art you see are handdrawn on my Galaxy Note
I’ll give it a try, thank you!
P.S. Could you elaborate a bit on ‘tweaks and extensions to existing classes’?

this please!