[REL] Grimarillion v90d

Mob density shouldn’t affect npcs.

I tried to modify grimmest to add more density options but I’m no good with Lua so I had no success. Until jiaco has time to add it, there is no eta, just assume it isn’t coming.

Hello! I noticed a problem with the skill “Fetish Army” from the With Doctor class. The summoned fetish Warriors are frozen in place. I’ve just made a video so you guys can take a look and come up with a solution in future updates =)
Fetish Army - Frozen warriors bug

Hey Asylum!
Continuing to love the mod and the recently added TQ items supporting the added masteries.
I’m wondering if there are any other updates or class re-designs pending?

Major class overhauls are done, I might do some tweaks here and there but the big updates are finished. ATM I’m focused fully on updating GQ itemization. Speaking of which, next update will contain a ton of melee weapons for GQ classes, so far sitting on 56 new mythical items, not including the low level variants.

Here are a couple of teasers to tickle your curiosities:


That’s awesome! Will there be any end-game GQ sets similar to the sets the D3 mod adds?

Eventually, not for the next update I’m working on though.

Man why you do teasers now we can’t sleep till new updates out :grin:

The summoned fetish Warriors are frozen in place.

I don’t find this issue with the Diablo 3 Mod.

I’ve tried to use the same character in D3 Mod and it fixed the problem. Including the problem I was having in Grimarillion. Now everething is working as intended :smiley:

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You’re gonna have to take some medication for sleep then, cause the update is not due probably for another week, lol

My first time playing Grim Dawn with grimarillion mod. Downloaded v68, followed instruction, installed the mods into proper folder in steam.

D:\Steam\steamapps\common\Grim Dawn\mods\grimarillion

Some troubles I’ve encountered so far…

  1. I keep on seeing many tag not found hero/boss npc where they will be just a star on the screen. I can reduce their HP to the minimum and they won’t die?
  2. I could not get Wightmire rift. From main campaign, I noticed at the Wightmire rift, I would encounter an event with a bunch of mobs. On custom map, I did not encounter anything. Later in the game, I could not enter the Devil’s crossing prison even though I could talk to Rook and he said welcome and would let me enter the prison.

Please help!


Do you have the correct game version for v68? (ie. both expansions)

Considering you can’t see certain enemies, I’m guessing you probably don’t have the expansions. They are required for grimarillion to work properly.

I am having the same issue, cannot see all the masteries only the Crate ones. Played this mod to death a
year or so ago and loved it. Reinstalled the game on 7/3 this year so I should have the latest version…no?


Make sure you got both expansions and that your grimarillion folder is called “grimarillion” and not “release” (inside the mods-folder in GD core directory).

sounds like I need to create a new folder then because when you click on release it takes you to “database” and “resources”…correct?

I am familiar with the mod folder inside the folder situation but there is no grimarillion folder under the release folder which has me confused.

rename the release folder to grimarillion

Yes, I bought both expansions, crucible and AOM?

Yes, I did that. I delete the grimarillion folder, download again, move them into mods folder again. Started the game, not sure if I can get into the prison yet, I haven’t got to that part yet.