Replant -or- relocate option for gatherers' plants?

Or what’s the reasoning to let us only plant blueberries at a new spot?

I can’t tell if some Greens on the ground would be destroyed when building a road,
they sure do with new buildings.
Like in “Banished” and how civilization can displace nature.
Or some stuff only growing in particular areas (shrooms and herbs for sure).
But then it’s often just 1 grid tile to the left or right that could save them.

Think it was one of the first mods on nexus that implemented this and I was 1 click away from starting on mods.
Does the relaxed game mode allow for relocating all small plants for gatherers?

No, there’s no change in that. All it does it provide more of all the resources.

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Wouldn’t mind a couple new patch of herbs cropping up randomly over the years here or there.
Since they can be scarce, hard to find or have been destroyed when expanding the town.

Herbs have to be the most RNG of the 3 ingredients needed for making soap.
It’s getting serious providing soap for a pop of 400 on my map.
Need to be lucky and have traders bring some.

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Willow must be one of the most easiest plants to replant (IRL). I tend to have a lack of this within baskerweaving. Not that much around. Would be great to be able to enmess a stretch of it around a lake edge.

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Maybe “herb garden” could be a build-able thing in the future, and just require a few herbs and some planks/bricks or something.
Then you use the herbs from the herb garden to make more herb gardens :stuck_out_tongue:
Does sound like an exploit but most herbs IRL are extremely easy to transplant and propagate lol

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right now if you have medicinal plants you have to build around them.

I think it would be a nice thing IF it was done so that it wasn’t quite as easy as blueberries. Blueberries are too fast and easy to move. It should take more labor. If you want to set up a garden of greens or hazelnut bushes, I think that’s fine, but it should come at the expense of tying up builders for more than just 5 labor. Creating an entire farm of these plants should be possible but should take quite a bit of effort. I’d even be ok with a reduction in the amount that spawn on a map if they were moveable.

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Relocating berries (any variety) 5 - 10 labor. Reason: berries spoil fast

Relocating birds nests: 100 labor (you’re basically INVITING the birds in)

Relocating nuts: 25-50 labor (or how about instead we get nut trees for the arborist?)

Relocating medicinal plants: 200 labor (They’re freaking valuable)

relocating willow/reeds: 25 labor

I don’t like the idea being able to relocate everything. But I do like more than blue berries. I don’t think bird nests, hawthorn, or sumac should be movable. Definitely not birds’ nests. It doesn’t make sense at all. No bird would go to a moved nest. Hawthorns are giant trees. Not something that could be done in the past with primative equipment. I’m leaning no on mushrooms as well.

Hazelnut Bushes, herbs, and greens should be allowed. Willow… maybe, but definitely more than 25 labor, that’s nothing. And I’m talking relocation should be far more than 25 or 50 labor. It should have a cost otherwise it just makes food too easy. You are getting a permanent food supply, it should be a costly project to decide to make a “farm” of gatherables.

“moving nests” would really be “building new things attractive to them”. To account for that give it a chance of failure. (50/50?)

leaving sumac and hawthorn non-mobile is fine. How about we add a strawberries and watermelons to the farms? :slight_smile:

how much labor can be tuned based on what the devs think is appropriate.

Guess it’s mostly about patch of herbs (for me at least).
My town is lacking soap after year 35-ish, which needs herbs.
Must have killed them while expanding the city.

Something I would suggest is an upgraded Gatherer who can grow a few herbs in their garden.
Or have new herbs cropping up on the map every now and then.
Or the replant/relocate option, obviously.

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I played on a map with no willow and no medicinal roots. I had to buy baskets if I wanted any

Wait. Is it able to be moved? How do you do that?
Ive seen once in a tip in the guidelines where it said that we could move them, but in game it is not clear HOW.:thinking:

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Same way you move buildings.



Omg i totally missed that! Thank you a lot

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