Request for more information wanted during game play

I have a boar sighted area but there is no information on how to get rid of this infernal pest. Thus my peps keep getting hurt.
I have soap but that does not stop the disease, can we get an explanation as why a group of peps do not get soap. Is the problem there is not enough for the town, the market does not sell it, or what. This is true with wells as well.
What is the radius of x building. For example rat catchers, waste management, and so on. This will tell us if we need more buildings or not.

The supply of food and other things inside houses generally is done when one or more of its inhabitants get down time and start doing nothing (idle). Just so theyll bring these things into the houses. That also can be done by childs if they live in that house.
When you have a people busy 100% that dont come home with some frequency, that takes a long time to either upgrade them or get these things at markets.

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