Request: More Bridge Repair/Roadblock Clearing

I’d like to see more reparable bridges and roadblocks that can be cleared in Act 2. These ways would of course be cleared from the opposite side so that you still travel the intended pathways the first time through.

  1. Old stone bridge connecting Arkovian Foothills and Broken Hills. Use a hefty amount of scrap to repair the bridge from the Broken Hills side.

  2. Pathway connecting Old Arkovia to Twin Falls. Clear the roadblock with dynamite from the Twin Falls side.

  3. Pathway from Twin Falls to Broken Hills. Clear the roadblock with dynamite from the Broken Hills Side.

  4. Bridge from Twin Falls to Shaded Basin/Tyrant’s Hold. Repair the bridge from the northern side using lots of scrap. Maybe an additional roadblock that has to be cleared with dynamite.

The idea here is to still make the player still travel the expected paths the first time through, but then be able to connect the pathways to make travel easier when revisiting the areas.

This may be a possible mod project if the devs are not interested. I’d even be willing to undertake it myself if the mod tools allow.

I absolutely agree with 1 & 4. 3 isn’t really necessary. And I’d move 2 down to that protrusion in the path between the rocky coast shrine and old arkovia wp so the old arkovia wp and twin falls wp aren’t so close. Also maybe move that old arkovia shrine to the western edge of that undead area so those two shrines aren’t so close.

Now that the mod tools have been out for a while, I think I’m ready to try undertaking this project myself. I was also thinking of repairing that bridge between Fort Haron and Darkvale.

Before I dive into it, can anyone well-versed in the Grim Dawn mod tools tell me if this is actually possible?

I would need to be able to add detonation and bridge repair sites, and be able to add new traversable ground to the map. I just need to know if this could be done before I try to spend a lot of time on it.

4 makes the most sense to me, all others are not really needed as riftgates already allow that travel.

1 and 4 would be great and make Tyrant’s Hold/Steps of Torment runs much more convenient. 2 and 3 seem unnecessary though.

Thanks guys. None of the connections are strictly necessary of course. But then again I’m more of an explorer than a guy who wants to get to farming spots faster (that’s just a perk). :slight_smile:

I like open worlds, so I’d just like the overworld to be a bit more interconnected and open like it was in earlier builds. I like the idea of being able to walk continuously from Burrwitch Estates all the way to Darkvale.

Another idea I had was removing the random obstructions that block off routes on the maps. I appreciate how it makes the same maps feel a little different each time, but I think I’d prefer the maps to be more open and less linear.

I’ll start reading through tutorials and guides, and start a thread in the modding section if it seems like it can be done.

Great minds think alike, In the project that I am working on I have made a lot of these shortcuts in game. However not by making my own bridges etc, I tried to figure that out but in the end gave up lol. A TuT for this would be sweet

Oh, cool! So what did you do instead? Did you just connect the land masses together? Is there any other info about your mod? I couldn’t find anything on that Steam page but some screenshots.

Yeah, it’s not out yet and for what its worth it will be some time, ( I really want to iron out a bunch of stuff and take my time ) I just ended up restoring the broken bridges and leaving it up to my testers to see if they wanted to use them or not. Tho I would rather have it set up the way your saying.

One of the things I thought about was just " Making Clones " of the current Bridges in the game so that when you repair one once type it ends up repairing all the other " clones " you have made of it but that seems a bit…meh.