Modding the Main Cairn Map

I’m interested in making alterations to the main campaign map. I’ve been researching the basics and have read the Official Modding Guide pdf as well as the following topics:

Are there any other resources I should be aware of if attempting this endeavor? It seems theoretically possible to do this and yet it doesn’t seem like anyone has, so before I potentially waste days/weeks, is there any technical reason why I shouldn’t be able to make edits to the main Cairn map (terrain and pathing, for example), then re-export the result and play with it?

Just want to tap the experienced modders to gauge the basic feasibility. The kind of thing I’m interested in doing I have described here:

This is entirely possible. Though being as Crate is allegedly making some more such bridges, you may want to wait to see what they do.

In any case, in addition to editing the map world, you’ll also need to implement some scripts, so study up on Lua and the game’s scripting codebase if you really want to (re)build bridges!

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Thanks. I’ll probably start with something simple that I know they won’t do, like restoring pathing to some of the old roads in Act 2.

Just adding in some hidden spoils would be an awesome add on. I love searching for things like that but after 4 years I think I know where most of them are.

Adding basements to houses like in Diablo 3 would be an amazing mod.