[Tool] Map decompiler

Updated for Grim Dawn Forgotten Gods

Hello folks!

Based on the work from p0a (thanks a lot, guy!) from the old Titanquest-Forum
I’ve made a map decompiler for Grim Dawn.

See the included readme.txt how to use it!

Kudos to Chris, who showed me how to save the Mini-Map images! :smiley:


MapDecomp.zip (12.1 KB)

I eagerly hope I can use this tool as soon as possible!:wink:

Hi GlockenGerda,
Thank you for working on this tool it will allow a lot of possibilities when released !
So we will be able to edit the main game world, add a new quest, new NPC and re-build it, great !
From what I understand, this tool will allow us to extract the levels files, which was the only thing missing for editing the main game.

Also if you just do a small modification of the game world, like when you add the 3 golem, does your final mod weigts >600 Mo because the map file will still need to compile eveything or is there a way to make is smaller ?
So you will release it when you can decompile Minimaps?

This will become an essential tool; edging Grim Dawn a little closer to full modding capability. Its great that Titan Quest’s old third party tools can serve as a starting point.

I’ve decided to rewrite the whole tool from scratch,
because I want use some functions in the engine.dll
that could make additional extensions of the map decompiler
more efficient (converting TQ:IT maps or whatever ^^)

so you don’t have to wait even longer until the new tool is finish,
here is what I’ve coded so far.

Extract the zip file anywhere you want and look at the readme.txt

edit: I moved the attached zip-file to my first post!


Awesome! Thanks for sharing the original version you’ve been working on. Very much appreciated. I referenced a couple relating threads to this one.

Very very grateful answers and you with the tools, and look forward to your updates.:slight_smile:

Very very grateful answers and you with the tools, and look forward to your updates.:slight_smile:

The map images where changes from 24 bit tga to 32 bit tga and p0a’s tool just assumes the format when making the smaller versions of those images that are embeded in the wrl file that the editor uses.

The only thing that I can see that decompiler does not reconstruct is areas
on the map that have been set to impassable or invisible. Now I don’t think invisible has been used as that leaves black areas on the map images and I don’t see any. But that lack of impassable does mean that you may get different results if you rebuild the path mesh.

I’ve attached a copy of what I managed to do.

Thank you for the info regarding the map images, Chris!
That helped me a lot!
Just tested your mapdecomp version and it works without any flaws!
I recommend to use it instead of my outdated version!

edit: I’ve updated my first post with the new mapdecomp version!

Regarding the impassable areas:
I can see those areas in the editor after I do “Pathing->First Pass”
So for me it looks all ok.

Really helpful Tool, thank you :slight_smile:

updated first post!

[REL] GUI for pOa’s Map Decompiler

There is such a version, I do not know whether transplantation GD version.

This GUI has a TQ:IT version of the mapdecomp included.
It doesn’t work.

nice work! i tested and looked interesting me things

You’re welcome.

“Pathing->First Pass” just marks those area that would not be included in the pathing mesh anyway as impassable. If you enable “View->Path Mesh Preview” and then “Region->Rebuild Path Mesh” you’ll see areas that were previously not included in the path mesh get added. Mostly it’s just areas you can’t get to but I would like it to not do that.

The only way I can see to the make the impassable map that won’t do that if by making one from the path mesh. But I currently don’t even know where in the lvl file that is stored let alone how to read it.

And I was wrong about the invisible areas. Those are saved with the ground texture layers and that works. It is just that they are painted with the same UI in the editor as impasssable.

Hmm… my english knowledge is not so good that I could understand everything you said. Sorry about that :confused:
But changing the impassable/passable data works very well for me.
Here in the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FPiqoTuS4ro&feature=youtu.be
I removed some obstacles, added passable waypoints and I can walk this way as intended.

Anyway, I’ll will take a peep where the impassable data is stored in the .lvl (.map) files…

Thanks, Chris!

I was wondering if the decompiler could be made to work with the mainmenu.map aswell. It would be great for…editors. :smiley:

I’ve updated the decompiler.

Once again, nice job.