Request: notebook

Hello i think i had already requested this long ago but i am not sure, either way a problem that i have every time i comme back to grim dawn (ie: every year) is that i cannot remenber what my plan was for all my character(i tend to switch a lot).
I would love to have a notebook by save (character) so i can write what my next objective is before changing character.

sorry for my english

I make my own, each char I make has a microsoft word file :slight_smile: I also include grim tool links, screen shots etc

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yeah i do that too but the method has it’s limit, at least for me, enought time make all my .txt vanish.

Hm, maybe this would be of use?

how? :open_mouth: I have on my google drive account files that are basically from my first characters :sweat_smile: I do not dare to read them now… man I was noob (and still is LOL)

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Yeah gotta agree with Ulvar here - how? That’s not how operating systems work. Your shit doesn’t just vanish after a certain time frame. In order for that to happen you would need:

  1. A system crash that induces file corruption / loss or possibly a Windows update with a crappy bug
  2. Hard drive failure, which can go in hand with number one
  3. You reinstalled your OS and neglected to back up files you wanted to keep
  4. You manually deleted them

Files don’t just randomly disappear normally. And anyway you have a smorgasbord of methods available to backup your files elsewhere, ranging from various cloud services, thumb drives, or secondary hard drives or computers. Hell, you can even transfer files to your cell phone should you desire.

I guess OP meant he loses track of them or something like that =)

If so that’s weird too - put 'em where you’ll find 'em easy. A folder on your desktop for example.


Sure. But even then they can get lost - or forgotten rather. Like, I have a txt file on my desktop where I’m supposed to keep track of character death’s in game of NetHack. But the only record is from the day I created this exact file, which was 3 years ago XD

You know Ive wanted something like this myself a little notebook to store in my bank vault for each char. Because I play so many alts I forget things when I switch or hadnt played in awhile. Another reason is I play alot of different mods and forget what each mod does. It would be nice if I could write in my little notebook and could read it to remind myself. Instead alot of times I have to go to the forums and reread the mod info to remind myself, where I would prefer just jumping in and playing my char. (Alot of modders do not include a text file with their mod.) And before anyone makes comments please be kind i am an older person who does have memory issues.

I’ve actually been working on a save manager for GD that will allow you to keep your mods and mod characters all separate from each other - in other words, only one mod and any characters you associate to that mod will be viewable in the in-game menu at a time:

Eventually, I will be adding in “storyteller” functionality that will allow you to add both screenshots and text to a character (just in the app, of course). I am unsure at the moment tho how long until I have it release ready. Been on a little break from it after the initial coding frenzy getting the base functionality in a usable state.

Other than that @MikeHeydon 's tool - GDViewer - mentioned above allows you to add text/note’s to a character already and would enable you to do what you’re asking. Well, with the exception that this can’t be done “in-game”.

[Tool] GDViewer - Fast lightweight character viewer and note keeper

Wow that looks really nice. Hey something ive needed before because I never remember. When I do feel like starting a new alt just for kicks and giggles. I can never remember what classes make up what in a mod perfect example is your outrider there. What was it again demolists and what other class? lol Im always doing that. I usually go into each alt and double check what classes make up what before making a new alt. Last thing I want is a new alt with class combo that I have already going and forgot about. I know too many alts.
Totally cool looking cant wait. Now if you could only add some sort of description for mod info. This mod does what again?
O that gdviewer does do alot of what I want. I couldnt check it out before the link didnt go to the actual utility. Your link did so thank you for that. Im going to try it. When yours get out Ill probably try it too.

O no it only works for Vanilla? I dont play vanilla. Now hurry up and get yours done lol.