Resources on slopes

So i built near a clay pit but it was on a hill side and it wouldn’t let me place it because it was to steep. Also a mini map would be nice. thanks

I’d really like to see more precise control over ground height. We can ‘flatten’ the ground right now, which will slowly level off extreme heights if a large section of the area you select is the level you want it to be.

Instead, having the ability to say add/remove dirt would be pretty fantastic. It would make a pretty easy jump to have dirt be a construction resource and give the players some more interesting options for town/fortress design.

So use the “Flatten Tool” to flatten it.

That’s pretty much exactly what you can do with the flatten tool. You can take land down or take it up (if you have a high point to start). You can’t just grow upwards though like in Cities: Skylines.

You only sort of can do it. It’s not intuitive as it seems to take an average of sorts for the height of the selected area and flattens the selected area to or closer to that and it would be nice to instead have the ability to select the desired height for leveling.

It’s actually that… so yeah pretty intuitive as you hit it exactly on the head. It’s just not a quick thing to do, if it were easy and fast then people would make ridiculous land formations.

This took me about 8 hours, and most of the hill was already there:

If I could quickly change land by typing in a number then I could have made “walls” of earth surrounding my entire city other than one entrance.

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