[Retaliation Battlemage] Avenger - Retaliation, Reflect, "Counter-Hit" Build with fast killing speed

Interesting i had a similar thought and never put it to the test (not on the warder i made). Tell me how do you do against Valdaran and Van Aldritch? They die slowly or quickly? And against Rashalga?
Btw your setup looks good regardless of patch, they don’t do much for us retaliation users you know :stuck_out_tongue:
Change that helm though and move a few points to get Anvil. The proc is really effective.

I had a similar setup in mind except i didn’t go Vulture and went full OA. You do realize the Spear has to connect right? If you’re dropping Targo then i recommend going Warder. Reflect has its moments but overall the only reason it’s in the setup is because Targo’s HP nodes are important

Thanks for the reply, meanwhile I had decided to go with Warder because of Savagery (instead of cadence) because of the lightning and tenacity of the boar.

Those are some insane rares/MIs.

Hmm, yeah that’s what i did when i went Warder. Personally i found the OA to be low but hey that’s just me.

Also, reflect is worth it but you need to pay attention to what you reflect and when you reflect

I’ve seen a build somewhere where they explain reflection, and how it reflects certain debuffs too, it’s nice, but I suppose 100% would be enough for that. And you also need to toy with low DA to get hit harder and reflect harder too: dangerous.
Also, it seems monsters have much more HP than DPS and player characters seem to be the other way around. I think my characters could kill themselves extremely fast, so why go for the worst DPS?
Maybe if we could get like 5000% reflection.

Rashalga’s Shotgun, Valdaran’s Shotgun, Log’s Shotgun, Zantarin’s Shotgun, Anasteria’s Aether Rain. It’s nice when the damage of these skills is returned back to their casters 3x.

Also, there’s one fucker who can only die using reflect. Reflect is a debatable feature but i’d say Targo is pretty valuable even w/o the skill. Though if anyone wants i can provide an alternative devo setup

Targo the builder is very good, but completion bonus is only 1 yellow, it’s a tough decision.

Hmm you’d get more if you complete tree of life you know? Cause if you pay close attention then Targo is in an incomplete state so those Skill points are free to be used in any way you see fit.

Personally i feel there many way this build can be made. Including SoTH is one of them. Going with lower DA is another.

I like the current setup as it suits my playstyle, to anyone else i suggest find yours and making necessary adjustments.

Feeling stuck, then post here :slight_smile:

If I find the will to go ahead with a new build and it’s any good I will post it.

Did you try the crucible with your build?

My game crashed on wave 139 aspirant you can imagine how frustrated i must’ve been. I have shit PC which is why i avoid stuff like challenge dungeons and crucible.

Hey Chthon! I’ve been reading a lot of your builds lately (You’re certainly a prodigious theory-crafter, it seems) and I took a specific interest in this one.

I haven’t really played a shield character before, period. So i’m feeling somewhat lost when it comes to some more minute details. I tried to walk your gear backwards with the skill tree you provided, but I’m not quite getting what appear to be the intended results, since Overguard is still 14/12. Could you mayhaps post a skill build with all gear off? ^^;

Also, as far as devotion path goes, was there anything you prioritised over everything else initially? Do you just go literally all physique with your stat points?

All these questions and more, next time on Elidyr pesters someone in their own thread! :stuck_out_tongue:

(But seriously, hope you’re having a great day and keep up what you’re doing! Lovin it.)

Thank you.

Hmm, i think it has something to do with minor deviations in the values the gears. As for the grimcalc, it seems i’ve noticed everyone does ask for a no-gear GrimCalc on all my builds. Give me some time (it’s a small task, but i’m lazy :p), i will update this and all the other builds while i’m at it.

No it depends on the gear you get, i had to put a point or two in cunning to equip this dagger. Spirit and Physique aren’t an issue because how well both masteries scale with the respective stats.

As for devotion, i have tons of tonic of clarity so i just levelled as a Physical BM and respeced to retaliation. But if you want to prioritize with something then i’d say get Anvil’s skill Targo’s Hammer

I am really impressed! now you gave me ideas to make my battlemage great again! thanks Chthon! :cool:



How does the reflection damage really work? Does it depends on the damage you received after reducing all the damages from resists?

Which is why reflection is so hard to work with, our high reflect percentage (with both buffs) helps us deal some significant reflect damage.

Quick question .

Never played one of these before , what sort of gear are you looking for while levelling , is it all retaliation ? So is there enough to get by before your end game gear ?

Cheers .

-Nah man, level as Cadence Battlemage till about level 50 and then respec

-Perdition/Empowered Perdition and faction gear are pretty strong for retaliation

Brilliant thanks , second char I ever made was a battlemage , got to lvl 18 and stopped , got him out of mothballs to try this , did a bit of crucible with him to get me some devotion points .

I’ll see how it goes :slight_smile:

Speaking of Crucible this one can probably do challenger w/o buffs. Never tried it due to crashes.

But you would have to watch out for your HP bar and especially the Mad Queen

No idea about Gladiator

Battlemages are fine, their nerf came before final release (unlike blademasters) so it’s fine whatever happened. I have some other battlemage builds posted here (Shield Caster and DW-Pistols using Cadence)

I hated this class-combination first since i couldn’t make it work but now i love playing battlemages