[Retaliation Battlemage] Avenger - Retaliation, Reflect, "Counter-Hit" Build with fast killing speed

Firstly i want say i wouldn’t have ever made a retaliation build if not for Squib’s build. Experimenting with his warder made me arrive at some conclusions that laid the foundations for this build many months ago. So thank you Squib for the great build you gave us.

Now to the build,

What this build offers-

1. Fast Kill Speed-

We know retaliation is effective against melee builds and usually dead slow vs the non-melee guys. But this build doesn’t suffer from this limitation. You can kill them quickly.

2. Not a lazy man’s build-

You can die when facing hard hitting bosses, mind you. I mean i increased the kill speed where do you think i took the points from? Bingo! Survivability is lower compared to conventional retaliation builds. So keep your eyes on your health bar. Don’t spam Mirror when you panic learn to move a little. Mirror isn’t your life saver.

Build Concept-

1. High OA and DA-

DA is high, since i took points away from survivability i decided to put points into DA to make sure i don’t get shotgunned. Now one might wonder the entire point of retaliation is to get hit but for Crucible purposes high DA saves your ass.

OA doesn’t effect retaliation damage, but it does effect the conventional damage you deal and trust me you deal a lot of non-retaliation damage.

2. Counter-hit-

Now this is the main place where this build shines.
A counter-hit skill is any skill that procs when you get hit and deals conventional damage.
Since our conventional damage modifiers are lower we need powerful procs that work well with lower modifiers.

The relic Avenger and Soldier’s skill Counter-Strike are our Counter-hit skills.
Targo’s Hammer is a strong counter-hit skill with high %weapon damage. So strong we prefer it over Wolverine (a retaliation constellation).

Now again our high DA reduces this feature’s potential but i really like a high DA, i’m not a fan of getting shotgunned :slight_smile:

3. Resistance Reduction-

You deal conventional damage through your Counter-Hits and Cadence but since your modifiers are weaker you need a way for them to really hurt your enemy so RR is the way to go.

4. Reflection-

Our total reflection is 377% with all the buffs up. It helps somewhat against the summoners and casters who refuses to do melee damage.

6. Increasing kill speed even more-

Pretty straightforward thing, you just need to take points out of DA and your kill speed will increase phenomenally. Why don’t i do it? Cause occasionally this Arcane Battletank serves to help my friends in the Crucible


1. Almost full faceroll

You can faceroll most stuff (with this setup) and go through Challenger Crucible (in a more defensive setup mind you) without buffs or Banners. Gladiator is a different ball game, you’ll need buffs but can do it w/o banners.

2. How to reflect-

Shield Wall is attached to Blitz and has a 85% chance to proc. You use it with Mirror to get the max out of reflection. Reflection important versus enemies like Valdaran and Assholes of Valbury

3. Time your heals-

Don’t spam Tonic and Overguard when health drops be patient and move a little first then act. Tonic is very useful so don’t waste it, last thing you want is it to be on CD when you need it.

4. Nullification-

This isn’t a spell just used to debuff your enemies it also reduces their elemental damage. So it’s basically a War Cry for Elemental Damage. This is better than War Cry as Nullification debuffs the queen’s aura. War Cry isn’t needed here cause the non-Elemental enemies deal some form of physical damage which in-turn kills them

This is the Level 100 Grimtools link. Please refer to this from now on, the rest of the guide will be updated at some later point.

1. Battlemage - https://www.grimtools.com/calc/YNnapAwZ

2. Commando - https://www.grimtools.com/calc/YZe1pXXZ

-I can’t compare the two setups. Personally I like both of them.
-Unlike most retaliation builds, you are not just supposed to stand there but rather need to attack your enemy as well with Oleron’s Might bound to LMB.
-Ulzuin’s Helm is usable on the Battlemage as well
-The Commando devotion uses Ulo instead of Anvil to get Cleansing Waters. Of course it’s not needed and one can go for ANvil. The battlemage already has nullification so it can use Anvil.
-Retaliation has gotten some more gearing options so it’d be easy to gear both builds now
-I won’t recommend leveling as Retaliation characters as it’s slow so just get to 75 as quickly as possible and spec into Retaliation playstyle. Leveling tips in this guide.

Credits to Superfluff, as his AoM build helped me with a lot of things.


LMB- Blitz (w/ Cleansing Waters)
RMB- Oleron’s Might (w/ Shield Wall)
Keyboard 1- Final Stop
Keyboard 2- Overguard
Keyboard 3- Mirror of Ereoctes
Keyboard 4- Nullification



One could go for Stone Form by completing Obelisk of Menhir but i found the overall skill to be pretty underwhelming. Healing rain was accessible and had a much more reliable proc so i went for that. If one decides to go for stone form i’d recommend spending the remaining points into more OA. I explained above why wolverine isn’t needed here.

Crucible Setup-

Shield needs to be switched to Siegebreaker - http://www.grimtools.com/calc/O2GmLLZd

Leveling Tips-

  1. Pick Soldier and start off with Cadence using a two handed weapon for quick leveling. Max out Military Conditioning first and put one point into Menhir’s Will
  2. When you start having issues with spirit requirements invest into Arcanist and get the passive Inner Focus
  3. Till Level 50 you’ll have to play as a regular Melee Battlemage. After that you can get a Shield and start focusing on Retaliation. Early levels might be struggling but later on it gets smoother to the point you can faceroll stuff




You might see a lot of Green gear, don’t worry the point is to cap resistances. So use whatever you get.

-Core gear-

The Spellblade is the core item since it gives you high RR capabilities and helps you deal shit tons of damage


Fast killing speed, need to move a little and engage your enemies but overall you can kill pretty much everyone.

Valbury Boss

-You need to alter setup for them by using Screams of Aether Rings and two Purified Salt in your Weapon/Shield.

-You need to kill them in the following order:

  1. Van Aldritch
  2. Garl
  3. The third guy (what’s his name again?)

The order is extremely important as the last person to survive gets some buffs through the death of the other two.

-To kill them you need to pick one of them and keep targeting that specific one. No matter what happens not switch targets. When their barrier activates don’t switch the targets. Keep hitting your target. You’ll notice you can actually damage them through the barrier. You’ll need to keep engaging your target and after 2 or 3 barriers your target will be dead.
Now you have to repeat this for the other two.

-The method might be tedious but since you faceroll most content it’s fair imo.

In Conclusion-

I would like to thank TomoDak for trading the spellblade with me that completed this build. I was stuck with Agony before this.
This is a pretty fun build and i hope this improves people’s opinion about retaliation and battlemage.

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Nice and spiky I like:D

You can also try with dawnbreaker amulet and shield for more reflect act the cost of some retaliation. It can be good in some circumstances.

Nah, the only reason i invested into reflect is because i saw i could max that stat. I don’t see how effective it is. Since this is more of a Counter-Hit build than a retaliation/reflect build.

I don’t like loosing +skills from the shield and amulet. The plus skills from dawnbreaker items suck. Check the grimcalc you’ll see what i mean


To anyone visiting the thread i’ll update the items section and make the guide more presentable in a short while. I am kinda lazy

Updated the guide, sorry just noticed i had forgotten the GrimCalc

Nah, the only reason i invested into reflect is because i saw i could max that stat. I don’t see how effective it is. Since this is more of a Counter-Hit build than a retaliation/reflect build.

I don’t like loosing +skills from the shield and amulet. The plus skills from dawnbreaker items suck. Check the grimcalc you’ll see what i mean


Updated the guide, sorry just noticed i had forgotten the GrimCalc

Have you ever thought to make video to your builds??

Oh yeah many times. But then i realize my game crashes when i have it running in parallel with chrome. So i’m sure you get the picture

Actually yes, one avenger of Cairn alone is better then the whole dawnbreaker set (even if main idea of build is lighting retaliation then avenger are still better choice).

Pretty much my thoughts. Glad to see someone else agreeing. I find Dawnbreaker isn’t as good as it appears to be. One can and probably will have better results using an assembled setup

Why dont you try with some empowered perdition parts ie. gloves, helm, chests?
Wolverine devotion is also very nice for this type of build.

And yes AoC is by far better than DG set retaliation dmg vise.

Nice retaliation build Chthon :wink:

-I skipped Wolverine cause Solemn Watcher gave much more benefits.
-My retaliation is already strong enough w/o Wolverine, Targo’s Hammer is much more useful.
-This isn’t a pure retaliation build
-Perdition set falls behind DG as it seriously lacks plus skills.

Although it makes more sense to take Wolverine since my build is called The Avenger :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks :wink:

Try OBS then)

You seem to only use 2 Arcanist skills, the OA bonus is good and the mirror may be a nice panic button, but is there nothing on the other classes that would be more interesting?
Occultist would provide COF and blood of dreeg, or Shaman for totem and mogdrogen’s pact?
Is Arcanist a must choice?

Also, wouldn’t Spear of the heavens be an important constellation choice for “revenge” proc?

Thank you!

-Demo, Occultist, Shaman are great support for retaliation builds but here we deal a lot of non-retaliation damage to increase our kill speed against non-melee enemies. This is what i refer to as a Counter-Hit or as you put it a revenge proc. These skills are more effective when you have good OA.

-Actually Mirror isn’t a panic button. Tonic of Mending is my panic button. Mirror is there to max out reflection. With Mirror and Shield Wall activated the reflection is 377%

-Spear of heavens would be a great skill but its position on the devotion map doesn’t make it easily accessible, i’d have to drop some nice constellations that buff my defenses.I tried Light of Empyrion and it wasn’t the best of skills. But i can assure you the counter-hit skills already present here are enough to kill anyone quickly. The only one who refuses to die is Overlord his heal is a little too effective.

Thank you for your reply. I have been considering a similar build, but I will try to add Spear of heavens, it suits the physical + lightning retaliation/revenge theme.
I think reflection is not worth the investment (mirror), so I will drop Arcanist and get the OA somewhere else.

For constellations i’m planning:
Blue crossroad
Purple crossroad
Targo’s Hammer
Yellow crossroad
Messenger of War
Solemn Watcher
Ulo the Keeper of Waters
Tree of life (only 4 points for the heal)
Remove Yellow and Purple crossroad
Complete Spear of the Heavens

This is just a plan for now, have not tried it.

Compared to your selection it will loose:
Targo the builder
4 points obelisk of menhir

It will gain:
Spear of the Heavens.

I think this is it.

If you want lighting retaliation - then no (actually I made this build quite a long time now and would make some changes, at least the helmet changed).
If you want poison retaliation - Occultist is good for that.