Retaliations Apex

Retaliations Apex - Powerfull Warlord Build - High damge and defence



Grimtools for SR and crucible:

Can easily kill just about anything but the big divine bosses.

I wanted to make a build with as high an output of retalitaion dmg as possible.

The current build ads 44% retaliation dmg to each attack.

Given most builds get their high damage from a mix of high offensive ability
and many dmg sources, this build on sheet doesn’t seem like it has a lot of
damage, but it most certainly does.

while the offensive ability is so low that you wont be able to crit bosses, the damage from a normal attacks range from 100k to 300k.

Mixed with a decent attackspeed and the passive retaliation damage, it makes for high dmg build with above average defence.

A few feats
Alkamos - 4sec killtime
Mad Queen - 5sec killtime
Grava’Thul - 6 sec killtime

Can easily kill just about anything but the big divine bosses.


  1. Righteous Fervor - with a lot of added retaliation damage
  2. Shattering Smash - for reduced physical res and even more retaliation damage
  3. Markovian’s Advantage - for a small reduction to enemy defensive ability
  4. Summon Guardian of Empyrion - for the auras reduction to enemy physical resistance


  1. 3000 defensive ability
  2. 6000 armor
  3. high resistances
  4. 39% damage reduction to enemies
  5. 16% + a possible 1136 damage arbsorbtion
  6. 1800 regen
  7. 40% physical resistance
  8. 75% block chance - 6186 damage blocked - 160% block recorvery
  9. high CC resistance

Just jump in and wreck shit.

on bosses pop Absolution, Overguard and Ascention.

The current devotion setup is balanced with a learn towards offence.
The retaliation devotions have a natural learn towards defence, so grapping some constallations purely for offensive ability is important in order to keep the hitchance above 90%.

  1. Scarap
  2. Hound
  3. Panther
  4. Assasin’s Blade
  5. Lizard
  6. Messenger of War
  7. Targo the Builder (missing 1 leg)
  8. Shieldmaiden
  9. Obelisk of Menhir
  10. Light of Empyrion
  11. Tree of Life (straight to the skill)

Is there any of the gear thats optional
almost all of the gear is BIS, but you can change the gloves and rings without too much backlash if you have something you like using.

Feel free to reply with any questions, comments and sugestions you might have

I Strongly recommend you use Crushing verdict for reliable AoE DA debuff instead of MA which is kinda bad for this build

Put a couple of points in Smite. The % retal from RF will go to three targets.

I’d use different shields but that’s your pick:)

Please do add your Crucible results and Shattered Realm results. Build looks obviously broken, but curious how fast it can go and how far it can go.

You can put points into warcry for 25% more reduction for total 64%
:slight_smile: no, it doesn’t work this way

Hi, can you show me the DPS sheet of Righteous fervor with all permabuff and Ascension + absolution at least?

For what it 's worth it can do SR 85-90 with relative comfort

RF DPS is 240K or over, depending on how much AS you stack

Thank you for your build and for you vid.

I’ll make a little comparison, usingone of the most powerful 1071 caster build, runebinder, mainly used RoK with RoH support. He had great shotgun dmg, and was effective vs big-size model enemies. I remind, Crate consider this build to powerful, and RoK dmg mod on the hat was reduced and RoH lost her shotgun dmg.

Oh no, my most powerful caster lost almost everyrhere, how did it happen?

Nice job, Crate.
Fuck that balance.

Hah Who let this monster out? No one playtest this thing? :rolleyes:

My God i feel like i’m speaking into a vacuum. I wrote like 20 times already all over the forum that right before release all pierce dmg was turned to phys. This was noted during testing but further balance will be done community wise now

If you played this build 2 months ago it would have been as fun as a colonoscopy

I wouldn`t call that build “fun” even in current form. This shit is retarded even if it loss 80% of dmg output.


Lady Hagarrad wants her tiara back - she needs to be queen again.

I want to ask Z. Why was it released as it was despite OP being understood, and when will retribution be Nerf?:rolleyes:

Superfluff is gonna blow a gasket soon and end up in the hospital

No it wouldn’t be retarderd if it lost 80% dmg output it would just be undesirable

If you want to destroy the build with bombastic statements instead of better understanding it and giving actual feedback by all means have at it, it’s easy to do.

If you wanna get an idea of how it played before conversions and then don’t take an of the retal devotions, maybe menhir at most, leave retribution at lvl12 and don’t take gildor and thorns pants. That should give you a vague idea of how it played before the conversion took us all by surprise. In fact you’d need a weaker version of Zolhan as well cause it had half of the phys retal and the 7K pierce proc still

This is off the top of my head but for a more exact reference, before pierce retal started turning into phys, %retal to attack mods were improved I could barely do SR 65 with RF phys retal warlord. In I tried really hard, like, i made it a mission to try phys retal when everyone else was enjoying other dmg type retal that were a joy to play. It was not pleasant

That;s not what needs to be nerfed, as it would affect other builds that are NOT op. Take hellborne

It;s the flat phys retal, and perhaps some set mods. Or other sources of retal to attack like Honor has 33%x5 per cast, just an example

It is my understanding that in this age where games can be balanced pretty quickly, some things can be shipped while still being very strong and just let the community add some feedback on what is needed to do. Yes, there’s testing and there are Praetorians but they don’t represent the overall community.

This actually happened to a degree with AoM, where Rune of Hagarrad (which received multiple nerfs, btw) was just so strong, but it wasn’t discovered this early (and IIRC, playtesting started late unlike FG where praets had months of testing). The difference between now and then is that rune wasn’t the most obvious build people did due to all the DW ranged hype. There were also less people theorycrafting back then and GDstashing wasn’t as prevalent. Today, all these things are being accelerated since the most obvious builds are the strongest(Octavius Warlord was teased even before Oathkeeper reveal. Retal added to attack was the main thing Crate hyped next to Oathkeeper), Praets had much more time testing, and grimtools preview was out early (we had around a month of theorycrafting compared to AoM’s 11 days IIRC)

Not saying that the old OP builds were as strong as today’s OP builds. Just saying that these things happen from time to time.

the highest i’ve seen it reach is 460k ^^

i did make a more SR freindly version yesterday, while grim tools was down.

and thats true. and as to the crushing verdict vs MA ^^ this build is struggling to keep above 90% hitchance on bosses. the 1 point in MA lets us reduce enemies DA with 40 more than crushing verdict. hance my choice to go with MA.

my reasoning for the shield is the 12% retal added to Righteous Fervor ^^

no it gives exponentially deminishing returns, but i couldn’t be bothered calculating it yesterday ^^ its no more than a couple of % off

This thread is not a comprehensive thread on retaliation, so I will not reply to this on this topic any more.

I will send Japanese green tea to heal as soon as he is

For example, like this?I do not know because I am not familiar with the theory, but it looks like an OP.
But perhaps this doesn’t work deep in SR. Dot may work well.
I don’t want to spread much of Nelf, but the problem with WL is that it combines firepower and defense at a high level.

Yes, I understand. I do not intend to blame Crate and testers. I only enjoy the environment given.