Return 5% crit to Dying God or RIOT

So guys riot continues

I had to clarify something before, but I didn’t it. Excuse me, I’m an inexperienced riot-starter.

Let’s find out why DG was real top-tier devo before FG and why it is very situational now. What changed? I would speak about non vit/choas builds. It’s obvious, that vit/chaos builds was hurted hard by CD reduced. This little +% changes nothing, vit/chaos build always have a lot of %dmg.

In one of ya’s topic I showed, that with good OA DG gives ~same dmg, as usual T3 devos, same dmg boost like +200% to all dmg. But only with good OA, and not 100% uptime, and eats your health.

Why it was overpowered before FG? Because: 1) in many situations there was no choice 2) SR didn’t exist, in crucible we could ignore some defence for faster cleartime

It eats your health EVEN THROUGHT MoT, Mirror of Ereoctes, cluster, Inq’s seal etc IN FULL. It interferes with work of constitution while kiting/runnig. I’m not saying that to take DG in SR prohibited or impossible. But very situtional.

SECOND THESIS. In the new condition DG is not needed for most of builds
Let’s get a look on some builds, that used (or could use) DG before FG.
Veretragna’s Deathmarked BM. grimtools
Beautiful devo map with Yugol, Ultos and Amatok.
MadLee’s Harra infil. grimtools
Ultos+full Amatok+ nodes of DG without active. Even with amazing LL from PB he didn’t take full DG.

Melee aether wasn’t oupie before. No need to nerf them.
Valinov’s bonemonger apostate. grimtools
No god, he used Phoenix.
My,John_Smith, Allagast apostate. Could be used with Phoenixfor more safety or with Korvaakfor better dmg.
Aether CT spellbinders still could use DG with Aeon and SoH, but they wasn’t hurted by duration nerf. They aren’t so strong now, so could use Korvaak or Phoenix for safety.

Yes, phys builds used DG sometimesbefore FG, because Oleron is too weak.
Now they use combinations of Azraaka, Empirion, Ulzaad. For example:
MadLee’s Warborn DK grimtools or Sir Spanksalot’s warborn EoR warlord grimtools.
No DG there.

In general use combo of SoH+Ultos, or Tempest+Ultos.

Fire, Pierce, Poison, Bleeding
Don’t use DG in general

Excluding chaos/vit. 2H BUILDS sometimes, very rarely
Dmt’s classical stormreaver vindi. grimtools Topic was deleted unfortunately.
And my Avenger build, using combo of Aeon, DG and Ulzaad grimtools
2h builds have profit from DG, because AS is difficult to get. BUT 2H BUILDS VERY WEAK NOW!!! Absolutly no need to nerf them even more.

Let’s sum up
Main DG users(who really need it):

  • vitality builds: normal, but not overpowered
  • chaos builds: weak
  • 2h builds: weak

I hope I explained why DG should be returned to pre FG condition.
40% crit, 10% total speed, 20 sec duration, 30 sec cd, +289% to vit/chaos dmg(or more).

Hungering Void: duration is now static at all ranks at 16s, reduced baseline chance of activation to 33% (scaling with skill cooldown/duration). Reduced % Crit damage to 30% by max rank and increased % Chaos/Vitality damgage bonuses to 375% by max rank.

I warned you, but you did not listen to me and did not support me.
And what do we have now?
No void in our devotion maps.
Only void in our hearts.

Hello, Mr. Z.

When you killed our N+O builds, I took it.
When you nerfed Maelstrom damage, I took it too.
I guess you’re going to nerf Rune of Kalastor, I don’t care about it.

But Dying God is a sacred thing. You made many interesting thematic constellations to not pick Dying God as an only viable alternative.
Vitality and chaos builds are surely not imbalanced due to that 40% crit damage.

Dying God already took its place in our hearts for its 10% total speed and 40% crit damage. Not 35%, but 40%.
Maybe I’ll not even pick it once in FG.

BUT RETURN 40% or RIOT! :furious:

Hear, hear! And no cd to Flame Torrent!

Why? They work really well as is. You like well rounded numbers? :smiley:

Can I have 1 sec CD Blades of Wrath back? I know i can’t

Or drop it to 29%.

Oh wait, flame torrent has CD now?

Now I want to start a riot!!

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Hasn’t Flame Torrent had 0.5s CD for a while now? I can’t even remember, tbh. :rolleyes:

The fact that people keep taking Dying God even on non-vitality or chaos builds shows how OP it is. Anything that drives people to use constellations appropriate for their builds is fine by me.

It had 0.3 sec CD. You couldn`t proc more that 3 torrents per second. Now its reduced to 2 torrents.

Ah, alright. Well, I’m sure it’ll still be a pretty darn solid Tier 1.

I like this 40%. This game contains a lot of numbers, do much players know how much flat damage gives to us Leviathan or how much dmg meteor shower has.

But everyone should know that DG gives 10% TS and 40% crit. This is the first thing you should know starting to play GD. :mad:


Instead of nerfing Dying God - buff Leviathan and Seru appropriately (or change devotion pathes to them.

Levi got nerf to his flat dmg, and Ultos wasn’t nerfed. Mister Z. stopped trying to balance it and says “Use Ultos+Amatok+Yugol, guys, don’t make a mistake with Levi”.

Leviathan got nerfed by 6 damage in last top node, but gained 6 damage in the first node (unless I remember wrong, which I doubt) and Whirlpool CD got reduced from 3 to 2. Also, I am totally not sure about it, but I think the node with cold res got additional 20 pierce res.

The pierce resistance was there for aeons.


On both reversing nerf to DG and buff/devotion path to Leviathan and Seru

I might not remember it because I always had an overdose of pierce res on any cold character.

Exactly what is so impressive about Yugol? :furious:

both flat dmg nods were nerfed. First 8=>6 and last 12-16=>8-10
Cd was improved, missed this.

I think attak seru need a mechanic change more than buff.
I suggest to increase its radius to 3/4 of sigil of consumption, and make it deals damage like SoC.

I never like Leviathan proc though.

BTW, I agree that there’s no need to Nerf DG. But I have a hunch that this will only be a prelude to more Nerf to DG in the next patch. Just like they continuously nerf my lovely flame torrent.

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You want Seru to work like SoC yet you don’t like Whirlpool which works like SoC? :rolleyes: