Return 5% crit to Dying God or RIOT

All popular cold sets have acid to cold conversion, so it looks interesting with good aoe proc, LL and anti-Kuba LL.

We have to start a riot right now :furious::mad:

Attak seru has a low CD and will potentially be proc beautifully by swarming the field and act like SoC.

Whirlpool proc already act like SoC but it has too long of CD and duration and the damage feels really lacking.

EDIT: Whoops, it has 2 sec CD now. Interesting. It might worth it to take it now. Purple devotion pathing is still not stellar though, especially for an elemental build

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Only deathmarked and silver sentinel, and only 25%.

and sabo’s N&O :undecided:
btw all that sets have great solo and near-solo target burst, so a bit of aoe support just everything they want.
I ofc would try to revive Levi in my casters builds, but Realm looks very agressive for fragile mages. And non-sheilded builds at all :confused:

Hungering Void: duration is now static at all ranks at 16s, reduced baseline chance of activation to 33% (scaling with skill cooldown/duration). Reduced % Crit damage to 30% by max rank and increased % Chaos/Vitality damgage bonuses to 375% by max rank.

I warned you, but you did not listen to me and did not support me.
And what do we have now?
No void in our devotion maps.
Only void in our hearts.

As i promised I will support my senpai in any threads

Those Dying God nerfs look like a Crusade against build diversity to me.

Reducing its crit damage again to 30% might still be ok and useable, but reducing its duration by 4s is quite sad.

Personally, I am still ok if they still give us 20s duration.

Or if crate still insist on the nerf, at least reduce that health degeneration effect.

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Oh,no:cry:!Crate rarely Nerf same thing in straight major patches.5% crit was not a big loss,but this is too much.DG is in excellent shape current patch,for some builds blend in naturally and improve them,for some is not possible ot not worth it.DG was not by any means overpowered or over picked.Too bad.

I don’t have a problem with this nerf. DG is very easy to get at 15 blue and 8 red. Arguably the easiest T3 to get in most any blue/red configuration.

The first few significant OA nodes are still there for the easy pickings. In fact, en route to the proc, there is only 1 node that is wasted if you are not a chaos/vit build.

Further, it is an active proc, which results in Time Dilation and other -time skills reducing the cd duration; there are not that many active devotion procs which benefit from this.

Those Dying God nerfs look like a Crusade against build diversity to me.

I’d argue DG had the opposite effect. It is in most every SotH build, Aeon, etc. And a large number only take the first 4 nodes purely for the OA -because it’s just so easy to qualify for DG.

Personally I stopped taking it on a lot of buids I test (that are non Vitality/Chaos). It’s not that great for Shattered Realm. And for every Lightning build there is a great route that uses Soth + Ultos.

I mean, I personally stopped caring about that, I am just saying what I am seeing - in my opinion, it will hit build diversity a bit, that’s all.

Chaos builds were overperforming! Just check this out
With 4 buffs, a banner a fevered rage Rah`Zin could barely finish in 7:36…
A naked buffless no banner Warborn Warlold can do it faster while sleeping on KB.
:eek: A well deserved nerf for overperforming dmg type.

Buff Rah’zin then?

Sorry, silly off-topic, but I just watched “The Smurfs” with my son and I think John_Smith is like this at the moment :):

(No pun intended; I hope you don´t mind).

Buff chaos. Oh wait, ppl asked for it for years. :eek:

Seriously this new DG nerf is completely unwarranted. Buff to chaos/vit dmg makes up for nothing. Even less crit AND less uptime? Weak non-caster chaos builds whose gear retardedness makes it hard to go for Aeon (read: Rah’Zin) are made even weaker.

It actually HURTS diversity. DG without Aeon is even less appealing due to this uptime nerf. As is going for full dmg glass cannon setups in general. There’s less and less reason not to go east on devo map for tankiness as the west is being nerfed in every patch.

PLEASE REVERT THIS. It makes no sense.

I’ll show you buff chaos when patch is public:p

But Rah maybe really needs a buff if it’s that bad

Dying god is really a dying god in terms of devotion. I vote for rioting. :stuck_out_tongue:

I used to ask for dying God nerf but this has for sure gone too far. At least non-vit/chaos will truly never use the DG proc now but there was 0 reason for vit/chaos to be nerfed that hard as well. The increased +% damage is pitiful compared to the duration and crit nerfs.