Returning player, about to buy forgotten gods

Hi all.
It’s been a while since I played this game and I have hundreds of hours sinked in to this on Steam. I want to get straight down to business and play the new content so…
Questions I have :

  1. I have 3 fully equipped characters for endgame all lvl 100 and I want to play the new content. Should start over with a new one or keep pushing the existing ones ? Is there a level cap increase ? I have a Cabalist, a Krieg Death Knight S&B and a 2H Warder. Are these still good choices or are there now new top tier builds with the new class introduced ? I am overwhelmed on this forums with all the topics. I enjoyed the Cabalist the most from all the toons as it was a laid back chill gameplay after work where the minions did all the job :slight_smile: Any good summoner builds with the new class ?
  2. Must have addons please ? I recall using just one, which auto picked up my money and components in a huge radius , the enemies actually had their names and hp bars visible and also my minions. Have no idea what was this addon’s name. Except this, any others ?
  3. Reviews of the new expansion are mixed, some say that the neverending dungeon is just a copy of Diablo rifts and that the main story is very very short. Still, worth it ? Malmouth was a superb addition and worth the money.
  4. I remember that this community was always very friendly and active, so I hope this doesn’t changed ? :slight_smile:

Welcome back. :slightly_smiling_face:

  1. There are no increases to either level or devotion caps from AoM. Have a look at the Build Compendium for FG to see what’s possible.

There are new constellations which could affect your builds and of course a few changes to old constellations as well.

  1. Grim Internals is what you’re thinking of. It’s still around if you want to use it, but some of its features are now included ingame
    V1.1.4.0 Preview

  2. Well, it depends if that sort of thing is something you like. The Shattered Realm is endless, but it’s optiional so you don’t have to play it if you don’t want to.

Yes, the story is somewhat shorter because it’s a side story and not a continuation of the main storyline. That said the content is about 75% the size of AoM and that’s not including SR. Plus there’s a 5th rogue-like dungeon on the way later this year which will also add to the content and there’s still a few more updates after that to come.

Plus Zantai’s doing a major overhaul of rare and epic items in the game, he’s gone through thousands of records to update and make them more attractive midgame.

There’s a new GM due next Monday, 4th November so keep an eye out for that.

Worth it. It may not be as long as AoM but they didn’t put any less time and effort into it.

I dunno what you mean by mixed tho. Looks like it’s doing better than mixed.

GOG user rating:

Simply put - if you’re a fan of the game it’s worth.

Hi and welcome back!

Forgotten Gods expansion is definitely shorter than AoM. Also no increasing of the level or devotion cap. But at same time you have new items, features like set transmutation, new enemies/factions. Also endless mode called Shattered realm and new dungeon in the next patch.

So if you have the money to spare and like Grim Dawn, you can buy the expansion, doubt that will disappoint you.

I consider Ashes of Malmouth a masterpiece from start to finish. The enviroments, the music, the new enemies, the atmosphere, everything.

Comparing to the above, Forgoten Gods is a totally different experiance. Super sunny and lush environments with questionable enemy designes(mummies, velociraptors, Mecha-looking possessed armors etc). It simple strays away too much from the gritty hopeless feeling of the base game and AoM.

Still deserves the money though, just for different reasons than presentation or art style.

I agree that AoM is just a little better at everything except for

FG’s music is way better than AoM’s music imo. All in all FG is certainly an excellent xpac and worth its price.

The biggest thing for me is that FG doesn’t make the game feel mutated or out of theme. It feels in place and blends well into the existing campaign. There’s also no annoying power crawling like in other games. But there’s a lot more diversity in terms of builds, items, side quests. Shattered Realm, new heroes, bosses, even a celestial. It adds quite a bit to the overall experience IMO.