Grim Misadventure #162 - Riggs' Request

We’re here with another Grim Misadventure!

Last time, we previewed all that was released in our major free content update v1.1.3.0.

We inserted a Surprise Attack dev update since then to take an in-depth look at all of the major improvements we have in store for you with the upcoming v1.1.4.0 update. We then hopped on our livestream and showed them to you in action, including an unexpected surprise at the end!

You’ll be pleased to know that, barring a catastrophic discovery as we wrap up testing, we expect this flood of quality of life improvements to make their way to you later this week!

As we mentioned in the preview, this update may or may not be coming with the new Deferred Rendering tech, which is expected to boost performance for everyone significantly. I am now pleased to report that this major upgrade to the engine is in fact coming with v1.1.4.0! For those of your that can crank the game up to Very High video settings, we highly recommend you try the new renderer with Very High particles. It’s going to give combat a bit more…flair…

Ok…maybe more like this…

Today, we’re going to dig a little deeper into what’s in store for you with v1.1.5.0 later this year. As you may have heard from an earlier update, Riggs will want a return on his investment, and the price is steep.

There are secrets still buried within the Korvan sands that have not been unearthed for centuries, with good reason. Following the defeat of the Eldritch Sun, Riggs will be willing to wipe your debt clean, assuming you recover something valuable for him. Deny his offer though and you may find yourself dealing with those more eager to be free of their debts than you.

Should you make the wise decision to assist Riggs, you will be required to head into some…less than pleasant destinations. You’re not just seeking any old tomb. The way has been sealed and the key thrown away into the one place none would dare go: the belly of the beast.

Should you survive the Maw of Enaht and successfully recover what you seek, that marks only the beginning of your journey.

We won’t spoil the details here of course, that is for you to discover on your own. What we can tell you, however, is that your adventure will culminate in magnificent sights of a lush valley untouched by thieves or graverobbers. Within it lies Grim Dawn’s fifth Roguelike Dungeon!

Vast wealth and dangers await within, and of course Riggs’ prize. How far are you willing to go to settle a debt? You’ll find out in v1.1.5.0!

Like knowing what is coming up next for Grim Dawn? Grim Misadventures are posted less frequently as we focus on supporting the expansion and its upcoming content updates. Check back on 08/26/2019 for the next Grim Misadventure.


Can’t wait 1 month… Or perhaps 1.1.4 will help a little… Thanks for that !

Rave Dawn is looking… lit! :ok_hand::grava:

come on today is the patch day :stuck_out_tongue:

Hnnnnnnnnnnnnnnngh! I’m loving all these updates. I love the content updates, but I think I love all these improvement updates even more.

Nice. If I understood correctly, if i play on very high particles, not only I’ll be get better performance thanks to deferred rendering, but also better graphics?:astonished:

Zantai said ‘later this week’. No patch today or tomorrow.

Nice! What’s better than Grim Dawn? More Grim Dawn, of course.

Nice! Can’t wait to try the new rendering option.

Good job, Crate.

Ps.: Please add dark patterns version to the Wizard illusion from the Loyalist #2. It would look SICK.


yeah yeah we got silver knight and black knight, why not Dark Wizard too :slight_smile:


Fantastic news! Exciting new dungeon, also game visuals never stop improving. Looking forward to future patches!

Oow yes love the new tech and really curiously about the new roguelike dungeon.


Everything looks amazing! :crate:

No patch? Lazy deeevs!


Deferred rendering I welcome, rest of the content looking pretty slick, and for one I’m glad you do more with the howling chasm aesthetic. It felt like such a waste of effort when I ran through it and never saw anything that would make me return.


This sounds really awesome! Thanks Crate!

exactly, where is my buffed Arcanist?!?!

Thank you for enquiring about our latest patch. For each query on “when” we’ll delay the patch by one day. Thank you for your interest. :rofl:

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Patch V1.1.4.0 changelog be like…


Feels nostalgic, doesn’t it? Which patch was it?