Grim Misadventure #159: Forgotten Forecast

(This is a repost on account of the forum getting rolled back)

Grim Misadventures is here!

Forgotten Gods, Grim Dawn’s second massive addition has been in your hands for several weeks. The reception has been heartwarming and we are glad to see players everywhere discovering Korvan secrets and vanquishing an ancient foe.

Now that you’ve peered beyond the veil and uncovered some of the mysteries of the Eldritch Realm and the new game, I’m sure you’re eager to see what still awaits beyond the veil…of development.

Today we’re going to give you exactly that, with a sneak peek at what’s still to come with the Forgotten Gods expansion!

Hot on the heels of the expansion’s release, we have for you its first balance update. It’s going into testing soon, so you can expect it to be in your hands posthaste.

Two highlights of the update can be broken down into two sections:

The Shattered Realm is receiving a balancing pass. First up, we are adjusting health scaling at Shards 1-60 so the progression starts a little lower and progresses more smoothly before reaching the hardest levels. In addition, we are shifting the loot curve in a similar fashion so that the loot rewards start considerably higher and progress smoothly before returning to their present values at Shard 60 and beyond.

The Boss distribution is getting some significant changes as well. First up, we’ve redefined some of our boss categories and added another so that the progression of boss difficulty feels smoother. For example, some tougher bosses will no longer appear at lower Shards at all. Most importantly for those tackling the hardest Shards, you will no longer encounter multiples of certain bosses at all (no more double Grava’Thul dispels). Overall, we think these changes will make the Shattered Realm feel smoother and more rewarding at all levels of play.

The second big change we are working on for this update is to take a long look at some of the game’s oldest sets. Some of them have aged well as our item design philosophy has evolved, while others have not. With that in mind, we are going to be updating the following four sets and their lower level versions.

[i]Bloodrager’s Endless Frenzy
The Bloodrager set is in a decent place, but it could use some love. First up, we are adding Nightblade support and turning it into one of the standard three-mastery sets.

In addition, we wanted to take some of the RNG of the set bonus out from relying so heavily on monster packs and adds during boss encounters. That aspect of enraging when slaying a foe remains as a core part of the set, but is moving to the Helmet and will even heal you. Meanwhile, the set bonus will instead trigger on Crits to throw you into an even deeper bloodrage!

[i] Iskandra’s Unification
Iskandra’s set has been in an unusual place for a long time. We’ve experimented with it in the past to make a bit of a hybrid playstyle of magic and melee, but in practice the results were found wanting and the set almost always played better as a caster with abilities that included % Weapon damage.

In v1.1.2.0, Iskandra’s Unification is getting a complete overhaul and will instead bring out the elemental mastery Iskandra was known for through the use of Trozan’s Sky Shard, nifty fx change on that skill included!

he Clairvoyant’s Focus
The Clairvoyant set’s niche never quite settled in and the set most often found its place in builds that used its generic bonuses to create (sometimes broken) results.

With v1.1.2.0, the Clairvoyant is going to be refocused from its general use to serving particular masteries well and filling a gap we feel was sorely left out of sets: Albrecht’s Aether Ray, with an emphasis on the Aether.

Now, before you rebel, you may find this upcoming balance change relevant to the new Clairvoyant set…

Ulzuin’s Infernal Avatar
Last on our list is the Ulzuin set. Long has it served as the awkward sibling to the Hellborne rifle, but no more! We thought about what it really means to represent Ulzuin…and the answer is of course fire…fire everywhere. If there isn’t fire raining from the heavens, covering the ground while you put explosions everywhere, are you Really living up to Ulzuin’s name?

With v1.1.2.0, the Ulzuin set will focus on Canister Bomb and, well, fire…everywhere. Besides, what sort of madness had us make an Ulzuin set before without a single bonus to Ulzuin’s Chosen?

V1.1.3.0 and beyond
Some of you may have been making bargains of which you do not yet know the consequences. In a future update, Riggs may just come cashing in on your deal…

While you can count on Riggs sending you to some unsavory places to recover whatever it is he seeks, we’ve heard your feedback loud and clear: the grand adventure with Riggs will culminate in our 5th Roguelike dungeon!

For those more into fashion and new playstyles, we are working on a number of new items to expand the loot hunt. You can look forward to a number of new sets and weapons as well!

And of course MOAR. There will be MOAR! Check in on our monthly development updates as we continue improving Grim Dawn!

Like knowing what is coming up next for Grim Dawn? Grim Misadventures are posted less frequently as we focus on supporting the expansion and its upcoming content updates. Check back on 05/13/2019 for the next Grim Misadventure.

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(This is a repost on account of the forum getting rolled back)

Community is here!

I don’t remember what I said back then, but I think it was something similar to calling this GM bad or shit or anything, so let’s say I say the same I said back then.

I think I said something along the lines of we need a new Elemental melee set with the loss of Iskandra’s for melee… or else we riot! :smiley:

I do remember! :stuck_out_tongue:

Can we still expect “posthaste”? Really looking forward to it.

I only recently realized that Ulzuin’s shoulderguards are those few items that look very different on male and female models… The male one only has the glowing orb on one shoulder, while the female one on both!

Looking forward to the new Roguelike dungeon.

Aww,so now i need to completely change my set for Purifier gunslinger after this update will come out.I understand that Ulzuin set will not be granting Fire Strike line bonuses,as well as Aura bonuses,and will become caster based?But there’s no proper legendary set for gunslinger type Demolitionist\Inqusitor build except Dagallon.But even Dagallon is inferior to 4-piece M.Ulzuin with akimbo M.Arcanum Sigilis in DPS and overall Elemental Damage.If only Destroyer and Annihilator would double their attack speed,that wouldn’t be much of a problem,as set bonuses of Dagallon are on par to mentioned Ulzuin Sigilis build.The only issue is DPS,since its mandatory for akimbo builds.Guess i’ll have to see and adapt accordingly.Maybe it won’t completely abandon those bonuses in Ulzuin set.

I desperately hope that the boss of the 5th Roguelike that concludes the Riggs deals is named Mur’Tah… :wink:

#160 coming up tomorrow. :slight_smile:

With Titan Quest epic third expansion comeback, I cant wait to see how Crate will respond tomorrow with their very own! :wink:

lol. 78b4n6e

Keep dreaming. :stuck_out_tongue: More likely to be about some new sets.

I’d prefer if it was about the upcoming areas - Maw and Roguelike.

We want news of the dungeon for sure or update if we will have expansion or no. And gods forbid I hope its not about a recap of the visual fx changes:eek:

Crate should use all its power to lure back many players lost players to titan quest such as myself.

This is the time to unleash some good hyping misadventure:cool:

they should not allow an older game beat them in any aspect at all cost:p

Agree multiple times over and adding on top!

Crate - teasing XP3 would help keep the momentum going.

Also for new sets - honestly we have more than enough sets as-is.
Instead why not re-work/re-design in full how certain sets are working - base them around new gameplay dynamics.

Tons of sets arent seeing almost any usage because they are outshone by others or just dont work well (Covenant, Dreeg etc.).

In addition we have quite enough damage conversions on items/conduits by now. Lets try to introduce new mechanics instead - like block/dodge/retaliation to auras. Or a modifier which changes completely how a skill works (instead of just changing its damage type). LIke an item which can change Blitz to a gigantic Leap resulting in huge aoe dmg (just on prima vista).

Since the new dungeon isn’t coming until some time later this year I doubt there’ll be any news on that or an expansion.

I think El Critico meant he wants news on how is Crate doing. :stuck_out_tongue: