Returning player looking for a 2H Melee build (no caster hybrid), or help on how to build one

Returning player. Have not touched either expansions and looking to do a complete playthrough from scratch, deleted all my old stash and saves to start fresh.

Never played a 2H melee build since they were considered trash back when i first started playing, I think that has changed somewhat now?

The dream would be to play around Oathkeeper if possible (Open to other builds though) since I never tried her. Anyways, something that is 2H and does not rely too much on casting and still end game viable in all aspects (SR, CR etc).

I will have to farm all items myself solo. I don;t want to transition from x to 2H melee later, want to be able to smack stuff from the get go.

Searched the forum but I must be getting old, had a hard time making sense of the search function in this new Forum design (used the old one) and when I scrolled the compendium I didn’t find anything I was looking for, but then again I was nto sure if only builds were viable etc.

Sorry for asking people to help me like this but I feel pretty lost and want to start playing, already wasted a few hours >.<

Thanks a lot for any help, much appreciated!

Your best bet is to look at the beginner builds section in the compendium. There are a few 2-handers in there.

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Imo first decide what skill you’d like to use the most and then you can find a build for it

Some chosen examples of 2h melee (more flashy ones, random order):

  • Soldier Forcewave
  • Nightblade Amarasta’s Blade Burst/Shadow Strike/Ring of Steel
  • Shaman Primal Strike/Savagery
  • Oathkeeper Eye of Reckoning

All these can be made into various damages types/use various support classes

(all classes skill display)

What I mean is that there are so many builds here that you can find a build for everything.
Therefore maybe first decide what you wanna play.


Thanks a bunch for the advice, I decided to go for EoR and found this build: Acid Conversion 2H EoR I don;t think he has tried to do higher Crucible or SR runs yet but from what i can see it should be a pretty solid fresh start build? What do you think?

I did have a look in the compendium, I must be blind as a bat? Anyways, I did find a 2H EoR acid conv. build I am going to try out. 2H EoR conv. What do you think?

Maybe start with Fire/Physical EoR so that you don’t need specific gear to convert the damage to Acid.
I think you just needlessly make it harder for yourself, returning player.
Fire Paladin (Ok + Inq)?

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I am playing that build my self at the moment, and I enjoy it a lot. Like you, I wanted a build that I could play solo without stashed gear, and I wanted a 2H melee build. This build so far has ticked the boxes for me, and is really fun to play.

It feels really strong from the moment you pick up the EoR skill and start spinning any 2 handed weapon you can find. So far, I am at the end of the main campaign in Normal, and need to decide whether to press on with AOM and FG, or continue to Elite.

Sure, I had a couple of deaths so far, but they have all been my own fault, entirely. An experienced player with better gear could easily play this build Level 1-100 in HC as the guy clams, without any problems, I am quite sure.

Don’t worry about the Acid conversion until you get to the late game, and have got the sword that is suggested in the build.

So far I just use whatever gear I come by with good resistances, first and foremost. Second, I go for gear with +EoR, +Oathkeeper or +Nightblade. Third, I go for weapons or gear with Acid or Poison damage.

That’s it, so far it has worked like a charm, and has melted most content, really fun playstyle too.

Ok, I didn’t see Path of the Three exclusive skill has both Phy to Acid and Fire to Acid conversion (15% and 40% at 12/12).
That makes me change my opinion into “you can go for Acid EoR from the start”
It is the only class that has more than 15% conversion and it’s even freaking 40% (and goes to 60% at cap, :rofl:).
Haven’t played OK yet and didn’t know it actually goes up from the starting 15%

That’s good to hear, thanks for sharing your experience, I am pumped now :slight_smile: Take care man

Yeah, I was eyeing those rings as well, I will give it a go but if I struggle I will probably go fire/light until I get the items needed. Thanks for feedback

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Yeah pretty nuts with that much “free” conversion, I am going to give it a go and see how it feels.

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2H builds usually are gear dependent but still you can try yourself 2H Forcewave Warlord or Blade Arc and have a blast.

Other options include 2H lightning Primal Strike build like Vindicator. You have MI green weapon until you can farm some Ultos pieces. Leveling lightning PS also should be fun and relatively easy.