Returning player questions

Hey all, I’m coming back into the game. I haven’t played for a while. For starters, I never made it to the main city/town in AoM expansion if there was one, and never played a single second of FG content.

So, I have some questions.

  1. If I miss a devotion shrine in normal, can I still get it in elite/ultimate? I know some shrines only appear in elite/ultimate but wasn’t sure if it meant the ones in normal would be removed.

  2. I’m looking for an AoE build. I used to play a build called 10th Plague of Dreeg. Here is the link, [Poison Caster] 10th Plague of Dreeg - Bloody Pox Poison Witch Hunter anyone know of any build similar? I looked through the current build compendium but didn’t see much close to it. Any other builds you suggest that’s AoE? (fyi, I mistakenly deleted this character, which is why I am asking for a similar build. RIP Ajora)

  3. When should I move into the next difficulty? Should I beat the entire game on normal before moving on to elite/before moving on to ultimate? Seems like that will really drag and I wouldn’t make it through elite.

Welcome back. The good news is that with Forgotten Gods the number of shrines was greatly increased; there are now 157 in total: 59 on Ultimate, 51 on Elite and 47 on Normal. So missing one isn’t a big problem. If you don’t cleanse a shrine it’ll still be there no matter what.

Smoothest progression is GD - AoM - FG. Both expansions are optional though so you could do that on Normal then just do the base game on Elite and then move up to Ultimater after that if you want to. If you find yourself struggling you can always go back to a lower difficulty and do the expansions or farm for gear/faction rep.

So, I can miss it on normal, but still get it on ultimate?

Beginner friendly or do you have all the loot already? Be more specific, not sure what you mean by “similar”, there are hundreds of builds that have good AoE.

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I would start with some ravenous earth caster like oppressor or cabalist there are tons of guides for it as well

I have nothing loot wise. Everything I had got deleted when I mistakenly deleted it. I had loot in the “not shared stash” that is now gone. Similar as in uses the same abilities. Similar as in does the AoE/poison bleed. Similar build path…etc. Doesn’t even have to be like the one listed. Idk what spells are AoE. Build compendium rarely, if at all, mentions AoE if I recall correctly. I thought beginner friendly meant like new to the game, not new character.

I am currently playing [] Beginner's Apex Death Knight

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If you are new to the game you have no good items, and grim dawn is game where items is what make builds

returning player. Still have all my shared loot, which only consists of thing like dynamite, scrap, all them purple drops that are not gear idk what they’re called, and components.

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For new player I usually recommend to do the full playthrough on normal and elite, but since you’re a returning one then you can do vanilla normal and then switch to elite. Main problem is you’d be behind in reputation and crafting reagents, so that’s where you’d just have to grind a little bit more.

Dreeg Evil Eye builds aren’t popular nowadays, so nothing comes to mind.
As for AoE builds in general there is plentiful, check Blackwater Cocktail builds for example.

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No, here beginner friendly means no loot :wink:
What you’re saying is noob/casual friendly

How about this? Sigil + AAR seems like enough AoE to me, not sure about you (long-ass laser + circle on the ground)


Lightning caster comes to mind as well, like wind devils and storm totems. And primal strike also can be considered aoe.


Yes, or even go back to Normal and get it if you find it on another difficulty. As said Ultimate now has the most shrines with Forgotten Gods so all the ones on lower difficulties will be on Ultimate plus extra ones.

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here is all I got lol. nothing much

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Now that I am thinking more about it, I guess I meant that I am looking for an “All Content Viable” type of AoE build, if that exists in this game? I’m coming off a binge in Path of Exile and maybe that is why my thinking is the way it is, as I am expecting a similar thing here and it doesn’t exist. I see the CR and SR tags.

Some kind of burn build then comes to mind.

all content is also hard to define in grim dawn since shatter realm is basically infinite

people usually play and measure builds in crucible and shatter realm because they require broad range of defenses. Celestial bosses like ravager you can tweak character just for that kill and then change.

Look in the Builds for Beginners section here

They have levelling guides, gear suggestions, devotion pathing, etc. You can always respec into an endgame build later on.


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