[Poison Caster] 10th Plague of Dreeg - Bloody Pox Poison Witch Hunter

A poison based Blood Pox build concept along with a Soiled Trousers + Cauldron of Excitement build. Since the Blood Pox build is based on DoTs and its BiS gearing uses an easily farmable legendary set. This makes the Blood Pox build very newbie friendly.

GrimTools -

Blood Pox Witch Hunter - https://www.grimtools.com/calc/gZwgOQbZ

*Screenshot with Blood Pox on RMB with Blood of Dreeg and Pneumatic Burst active

Soiled Witch Hunter - https://www.grimtools.com/calc/w26wWeeV

*Screenshot with Blood of Dreeg and Pneumatic Burst


How newbie friendly is the Blood Pox build?

DoT casters have the liberty of doing damage while kiting. These builds are notorious for being able to farm the toughest content when in the right hands.This makes them the best build type for new players.
This build in particular uses Dark One set for end game gearing. Since the set itself is easily obtainable and since you can virtually spec this build into almost every Poison/Acid Witch Hunter concept this makes this build a very good starter build.

Any leveling tips?

Get Dreeg’s Evil Eye early on and use Shadow Strike for mobility. Don’t try to tank too much, your DoTs will kill your enemies.

Any alternatives to gearing?

Nothing specific, just focus on capping resistances and getting health until you get Dark One Set. Your gearing is less important than you think. The best part about a DoT build is its ability to work well w/o gear dependency.

Where do I obtain Dark One Set pieces?

From the Edge of Reality. You need to follow this guidehttp://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?t=65456 to get in.

Which is better among the two setups?

The Dark One Set is better but the Soiled Hunter is much more fun.

How good is Dark One Set on a Poison build?

The set has ample Poison support on it and the granted skill buffs our poison potential even further during a fight.

Is Blood Pox doing actually anything here?

The sheet DPS you see is that of Blood Pox. While not top tier at all, it’s still pretty strong. Combine this with its OA debuff it’s an amazing skill

Why not use Wretched Tome?

I loose dual wield benefits of having a lower CD on Pneumatic Burst. I also will end up pumping unnecessary points into spirit.

In Closing -

The Blood Pox build is the most newbie friendly build I have posted on the forums. Even more so than the Commando/Death Knight and the Tactician/Blademaster. My first build ever successful build was a DEE Witch Hunter, to this day that build remains my primary farming character (although now it has some competition :p).
I had fun with these builds. Hope you guys do as well.



Take Huntress and you will get -125 more OA debaff)

So you focused on Wasting and Black Death, huh. Dreeg set? Hollowed Fang on LMB?
And won’t Mark of Dreeg’s ability do more damage than pox?


I am going to sleep (it’s 4 in the morning here )

Posted in 10 pm, meaning it’s the +6 time zone. Where do you live, Chthon? :smiley:

He is using it, slot 4 on quick bar and probably it does more dmg together with Dreeg afflicted spines.
So pox is more a debuff here than main atc skill.

Precisely, and that’s why I asked. If that’s the case then I assume it’s his main single target dps while BP is more for AOE and debuff.

Bloody Pox/Solael witchfire and second rite are onepointers?
Why not pick DEE with focusing gase? A %phyz dmg debuff and some extra DoT wont hurt anyone.

Updated the guide to answer most of your queries (even the ones posted here).

Let me know if there are more

Don’t need it

Kinda, sorta. Yes :stuck_out_tongue:

Blood pox, yes
Second Rtie i hit the soft cap to get resistance

Don’t need it

Kinda, sorta. Yes :stuck_out_tongue:

Blood pox / witchfire, yes
Second Rtie i hit the soft cap to get resistance

Stop saying Blood Pox, you heretic.

Very interesting build though, a nice spin on the skill. Glad to see someone has put thought and effort into making it work in some way. 3

Not the way I liked but it’s probably the best we’re going to get until Crate decide to buff in some meaningful way this line of skill, which takes a whole lot of space in the tree. From what I’ve seen it wasn’t supposed to be a support skill from the get go, but for whatever reason it has been for a while (how long?). Hopefully the new classes (probably Necromancer) will make it meaningful.

Lol :smiley:

It’s like that time i called a build Physical Caster and posted a Forcewave build :rolleyes:


Unfortunately I still can’t make Throw Feces work (w/o DIG and DAS) :cry:

Nah, the skill is fine as a support skill imo

If they buff it then they’d have to change the transmuter which would gimp retaliation builds

Necromancer has one skill which deals (weak amounts of) Poison damage, it’s called Ravenous Earth

Added GrimTools for a Bleed based BP Witch Hunter - http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?p=478629#post478629

a build centered around bloody pox without bloody grim tools link

Poison has no GT link, Bleed version only has a GT link:p

I love DoT builds so thank you for sharing it. But how do I level this build please? I do not have a existing Witch-Hunter and there is no good skill until later levels, as far as I can tell.

Level it like any other Poison Build using Dreeg’s Evil Eye, you slowly spec out of DEE as you progress.

Will do. Thanks for the fast reply!

Nice build .I m working on it and the new mythical offhand turns all vitality damage to acid damage.It will be cool i think.After that I will try this pox way with cabalist.There are lots of items support the builds Pox with Ravenous Earth.Hope that you will update this build also:)