Revert Main Menu to AoM?

Been poking around trying to figure this out, and i’ve come up with precisely nothing. How do we get rid of the FG character selection screen and put back the AoM one? Perhaps a mod tool exists which could accomplish this? This would please me greatly, as i much prefer the Aetherial green to the Korvan sand.

Thank you for any suggestions, guidance or general info.

Don’t know if this’ll help you sort it out or not.

Thanks for the reply, but i’ve already removed the FG loading screen, and am now curious if it’s possible for a simpleton like me to remove the FG Main Menu environment. Character Selection is not somewhere i spend a lot of time, so it’s really not a huge deal, especially if it involves extracting game files and whatnot. I’m super tech dumb so that is likely beyond my skillset. Would be really cool if we could have a tool for dummies that could do it.

I attempted to make custom main menu when I was working with the loading screen, and I figured it out the main menu required a lot of layers and complicated files to work. So, I gave up messing with it. In your case, you can try another way like extracting the pre FG install file and compare it to current install file to figure out what to change. The worst case is if it involves in core game file, then you can’t do anything with it.