Rotgheist set feedback (acid/poison part)

The build I tested
Don’t use Seal of Shadows, because Rotgheist Sentinel isn’t sturdy enough to stay the ground and use spam skill
Go for converted Scales to have a good lifeleech

The damage rotation includes:

  1. Converted Judgment
  2. Dreeg’s eye on steroids
  3. Fully converted second Vire’s nod
  4. Devotions

Gameplay is very pleasant, feels like an acid/poison brother of Infernal Shieldbreaker, though not without problems:

  1. Set starves on resists a lot as well as cc res (very important for DoT/kiting builds)
  2. The damage is much lower then Infernal. The highest poison tic I saw is 200k with good mutators and w/o souls buff in SR
  3. Heavily depends on Ascension as soon as all the c resists come from it.
  4. No cast speed on the dedicated poison gloves


  1. Dreeg’s eye needs more steroids in general, not only in this set
  2. The 3 pices bonus should buff poison damage as well
  3. Adding CDR on the amulet
  4. Slightly improve resists on the set

Interesting version with Dreeg Sword. I tried DEE build too, acid part of set is underwhelming though.

About gloves, for acid I usually settle for Dark One, cause of big OA and damage reduction to Pox, but dedicated acid gloves with cast speed is good proposal.

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That part is a worrying trend in a lot of items/sets design that are supposed to be used by casters. Somehow Crate feels that caster’s sets that are not meant for spam casters don’t need casting speed. And some caster sets don’t even have energy regen (looking at you, Ulzuin).

Agree about DEE, it’s a below mediocre skill that requires a shit tonn of points. Compare it to BWC that needs twice as less and is infinitely better on all fronts.


Rotgheist is one of the worst purple sets in the game. Even with two greens it’s full of holes. Even with full physique dump da is tragic. No phys res. No nothing.

I tried a cd PS with Vire (on Nightbringer). It was a tragedy. Best not bother with such crap.

That’s not full conversion. Fire and elemental conversions don’t stack but go one after the other. Or did it change?

I did something similar a long time ago… [] Avatar of Dreeg; Pestilence God - 2H Hybrid Acid DEE Sentinel (c+)(sr?)
The set has been buffed a ton since then (it also actually has %dr from yugol now) so if I updated it a bit I’m sure it would be fine.

I agree about the poison on the set bonus though.


Nope, not afaik

It sounds good, but in fact kind a useless bonus, since the build doesn’t facetank.
The problem, however, in CC res. The gameplay is very similar to IK shieldbreaker. IK doesn’t have CC res too, but has Aldanar for Ascension and Blastshield to fill up the gap

@ya1 @malawiglenn

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DEE works just fine with the Dreeg set, the problem is Rotgheist, not the skill I feel. This set is just not good enough.

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Bomb dee does in fact work just fine. Spam DEE still can use help

at home so i updated my old build a bit… probably would do something like this I might even test it tomorrow since I havent played it in awhile
Just had an interesting thought that would help it a bit, maybe chaos to acid somewhere on the set similar to what dreeg set has?

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Pretty sure Volcanic Stride damage doesn’t show on Vire’s Might’s damage breakdown. ya1 should be right then that there is still some Fire/Burn left on it as Elemental->Acid and Fire->Acid conversion don’t add together.

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No it wont show, it counts as a separate skill.

@Dmt Fire to acid and elemental to acid conversions are multiplicative.

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Took Seal of Shadow, the damage is obviously better, Bitting Blades have better damage output then Dreeg’s Eye :thinking:
2600% acid and poison w/o Ascension, and still the build has the least DPS among all of my characters
Absolutely no CC res (except some stun) w/o Ascension while delay between each use is almost 10 sec that makes Rotgheist very vulnerable to CC effects
Acid items need some CC res and cast speed, obviously. And the set needs a bit of res and damage injection.

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You talking about with rotgheist? Spam DEE is amazing with dreeg set I think - low 6’s with 3b1vb

It’s honestly not that bad, the version I made is a 5:30 build. Very awkward to play but the damage is there.

I think this was the GT

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It looks like it’s carried by op Morgo stick tho.

For sure, but I basically see the weapon as part of the set as it seems like it was tailor made for it.

It fits Dark One like a glove too. Weapon is clearly a bit too much. Not sure if any other legendary in the game even comes close to it atm.

Except Bane… the other 2h with all the stats it could ever need

Yep, totally forgot about Bane.

Means 7 min by a normal person :wink:

I think Wyrm can proudly join the club.